Finally Found You

Best friends as children only to be broken up and split apart. This was tough for Mia, the only thing tougher then losing your best friend is re connecting after some time. Because thats when you see the changes and learn all the secrets they've been keeping from you, their families, the world and surprisingly themselves as well.


4. Chapter 4- The letter

By the time we got all settled it was Graces and mine bedtime. I told Grace that I was going to the bathroom. She said she was going to grab a cup of tea. Once she left the room I hurried over to my suitcase and carefully pulled out the envelope without tearing it and ran straight for the bathroom. I closed the door so even of Grace came in the room she wouldn't be able to see what I was doing. 

I dug around for some scissors and carefully opened the envelope. Once I fully opened it I realized it was a letter. I opened the letter and Recognized that handwriting from anywhere, it was Obviously written by Dimples. I opened the letter taking a deep breath before I started reading it.

"My beautiful Mia,

We both know this day is bound to come. I just hope it will be you who goes before me so that way you won't have to suffer with the loneliness and pain. But if not then you found this letter in your drawer where I last left it. I'm guessing you found this then if you got adopted! 

Anyways, I want you to know how much of a blessing and how much you've changed my life. Both of our storied of how we ended up in that horrible place.  Your story is one that I will never forget, along with that face of yours. When you smile you bring hope to the room your in. You've never let me down over all these years. You've become more than a sister to me Mia, your my best friend and I love you.

Now that we have parted I know I cannot watch over you as I wish I could Especially in a crazy world like this! Who knows where we'll end up? What if whoever adopted me moved to America or even Russia! Or what if we're next door neighbours and we don't even know? 

No matter what happens I want you to know that I'll be with you every step of the way. I'll be looking over you and I know you will be doing the same. Remember that one day when we were looking at the stars that day at the beach? And you told me that you never know which stars are burned out and which ones still shine bright. Well every night since then I would look out my window during the night thinking of you even though I knew you were just a few room away.

Now that we might be miles away I still look out every day. I want you to know that I'll love you till each star dies... I'll love you forever. I hope you had a chance to look at the back of your necklace. I know you have but if you haven't read those words, and know I mean them.. 

No matter what happens I'll think of your brown eyes and that long brown hair flowing in the wind. That day on the beach, that day I'll never forget. You looked beautiful in the sunlight. You just glowed and that's when I knew that "man I really think I like this girl" but I never said anything thinking it would affect our friendship.

That day when I stepped on the beach a boy and left a man. That was because of you. You fought everything about love and everything about trust. And because of this I know I'll never find no one like you. If you ever find, see or hear that I'm with another girl, that's because I'm trying to forget you. But don't worry, I know that your forever in my heart like a tattoo. 

Your mine and I'm yours. We're never far away, we're closer that you think. I love you Mia.

I promise, in the future well met again.

I promise.


I finished the letter crying. I've never seen this side of Harold before. I looked at the back of necklace and read ' I love you forever -Harry'

"Oh P.S- if your wondering about why it says Harry is because Dimples isn't a real name and Harold was out of stock so Harry it was! But Harry or Eugene, the meaning is what I was going for...."

"Harry?  I thought. He's never called him this before? I fixed myself. Hiding the letter and jumped into bed. I hid the letter in my suitcase before I rolled over and dreamed the same dream about him running from me. 

Each time I dream about him something gets added each time. Now right now after he turns around after I call him Dimples he turns and walks towards me. He plants a kiss on my forehead like the last time before he got into that taxi. Before I know it he's running again. He says something almost short of a whisper. "Never far away Mia." Is what I manage to make out.



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