Finally Found You

Best friends as children only to be broken up and split apart. This was tough for Mia, the only thing tougher then losing your best friend is re connecting after some time. Because thats when you see the changes and learn all the secrets they've been keeping from you, their families, the world and surprisingly themselves as well.


3. CHAPTER 3- A new place to call home

School came and went today quite fast. I looked for Grace after school but couldn't find her. I started walking back to the orphanage when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned to see Grace. 

"Oh hey." I said, I wasn't in the mood to talk but for Grace I would.

"Don't be said. I already talked to those people interested I you. I advise you to start packing once you get home." She said with an wink. We continued to talk the rest of the way back to the orphanage about random things. Once I got to the door she winked reminding me to pack before hurrying off to the cafe across the street.

"What's that all about?" I thought as I raced up to my room and noticed that Sara still wasn't here. I still did what I was told. I was in the middle of packing when I stared to find things that me and Harold would collect over the years like seashells when we would go to the beach to those foot loop necklaces we would make in school. I decided to just keep the necklace and his clothes he's given over the years that still fit like his sweater.  Was just about done packing when I heard master Julie call me to her office. I finished packing before I raced down to her office.

I walked in and almost had a heart attack. The people sitting in the chair was Grace with her parents! The people wanting to adopt me was Grace's parents! Who would of ever thought! 

"Mia meet mister and mrs Williams. They would like to adopt you. Pack your bags. It was nice knowing you Mya."

"You too master Julie." I said not caring that she said my name wrong. I was just happy I got a family.

I ran back upstairs and saw Sara sitting on her bed. "I got adopted!!" We both jumped up and down and she helped my make sure I had everything. It turned out to be two suitcases.
One consisted of Harold's clothes and stuffed animals he's gotten and found over the years. I looked one last time in my drawer and found an envelope titled 'Never far away'.
I knew that was his writing. I carefully put it in a secret pocket of my suitcase and headed down stairs.

Grace's dad helped me with my suit cases. Once they were all settled I walked over to Sara gave her a big hug and walked towards the car. I started talking to Grace about how happy we were to be each others sisters! I look over one last time at a place I've called home all my life and saw a sad Sara standing there. I rolled down my window and yelled "Remember, someday it'll be you!" I gave a her a smile and she smiled back. She too had those adorable dimples.

"Alright off to your new home Mia. By the way you can me Margie, and you can call him Al. Or mom and dad." Margie said with an wink.


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