Finally Found You

Best friends as children only to be broken up and split apart. This was tough for Mia, the only thing tougher then losing your best friend is re connecting after some time. Because thats when you see the changes and learn all the secrets they've been keeping from you, their families, the world and surprisingly themselves as well.


2. CHAPTER 2- The boy of my dreams

I saw him. His face, his dimples, his walk, the way his curls bounced as he ran. He was running... But it wasn't towards me. He was running away from me. "Dimples! Don't run." My words affecting his decision as he stuttered as I was the only one who called him that. He turned for a split second allowing me to see those sparking green eyes prettier than the ocean in the Bahamas. "Don't go... I love you." He studied me and took off again.

No matter what I said it didn't help any more he would just keep running. I started to lose my breath running slower and slower. The distance between us increasing. "What about 'we're never to far away'? Huh? Remember that." I yelled out but now he was just a figure in the light. The same figure that I watched get into that taxi that day. The same figure that I called my best friend and the same figure that when i felt scared,  insecure or even just needed a hug, I knew I could go straight to him because I knew his arms would be wide open.

I fell to the ground crying knowing this was the end.

"Good morning bags of joy. It's master Julie. Wake up scumbags before I bring water up there and splash it all over you. And unlike to yesterday it'll be hot.." She said her voice like a knife cutting through my dream.

My eyes flicker open as I realize I'm still in the crappy old bedroom with a crappy window view to another apartment building. I wasn't chasing the one I grew up since a baby. The one that knew me better than I knew myself. I groaned and rolled out of bed falling face first into the ground. 

"Ow. Damn this place. I just want him back." I Said my voice getting louder and louder. Tears falling from my eyes now like a waterfall. 

"Mia. It's okay Hun calm down." Sara's warm embrace calming me down. I stood without saying a word and hoped in the shower and turned on the water.
Like usual it took five minutes till the water finally started heating up, which I didn't mind since the shock of cold water usually woke me straight up.

I hopped out of the shower not knowing what to wear I grabbed some sweat pants and a sweater which I noticed happened to belong to Dimples. Man I miss him so much already. His necklace he gave me still around my neck. I brushed through my damp long brown hair. Looked into the mirror and realized my normal brown eyes looked sad , red and puffy. Not caring about what I looked like I grabbed my backpack went down stairs grabbed a piece of toast before walking to school.

Usually I would wait for Sara but I needed to clear my head. The walk to school today seemed shorter than usual. The busy Notting-Ham city waking up was always a beautiful sight to see.  

I arrived to school earlier than most days and found my way to Grace my best friend at school. I've known her for four years now. 

"Hey girlie. What's wrong?" She could see through me better than I could see through a clean window. 

"He's gone." Is all I managed to say. 

"You mean.." She said pulling me for a hug.

"Yes.. Gone.. Forever.. But he gave me this." I showed her the necklace.

"Mia it's beautiful. But don't worry it won't be soon till you'll be next. I heard about a little birdie who interested in you in their family. I'll them what happen and maybe they'll take you in faster!" Grace said with a warming smile on her face. 

"Thanks buddy." I said not knowing what she meant.

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