Her Story

Lilith Hayes is a teenage girl living in the year 2046. The unlucky girl has a rare disease, called Expreosypmtom, and a form of cancer, called Piontianka. The only activities she can carry out with ease are horse riding and swimming. She has a bay Anglo Arab mare standing at 15.3hh who is her world.

1. 1

Lilith stepped over one of the unconscious men lying on the floor. She coughed as she passed a woman laying the couch. The smell of alcohol filled her nostrils, causing the seventeen year old girl to gag. She was halfway up the stairs when she vomited. Crying out from the pain, she tied her shoulder length wavy auburn hair back. She could feel the bile burning her throat. Grabbing the banister, she hobbled around the vomit on the stairs.  

 Her younger brother, Ian, stepped out of the bathroom at the top of the stairs. Ian saw Lilith and ran to her side. He grabbed the frail girl’s arm to stop her from sliding down the stairs. Picking his sister up, he carried her to the guest room. Despite the fact that Lilith was two years older than Ian, he could carry her easily.

 She’s getting lighter, he thought sadly. His sister was sick with a rare disease called Expreosypmtom. Also, the unlucky teenager had a form of cancer that was named Piontianka. She was pale underneath her tan and there were dark rings under her different coloured eyes. She had a bruise under her left eye, which was a deep green. Her right eye was a dark blue.

 When she opened the front door to her house, she realised that her nineteen year old sister, Marie, had thrown, yet another, party. She groaned as the noise level rose when a drunken girl opened the sitting room door.

 She placed her hands over her ears and ran to the kitchen, where the music was muffled. Ian was sitting at the dining table, eating spaghetti bolognaise.

 “There’s more in the pot,” he mumbled his mouth full. Lilith smiled at him and went to the sitting room to get her phone. She stepped over the unconscious bodies.

 Lilith shook her head as the flashback ended and Ian lay her down on the bed. She smiled gratefully and turned over, bringing the blanket with her. The door closed quietly and she drifted off into a soft sleep.


 My amazing sister, Doireann (A.K.A: <3 Nialler'sSweetheart <3), edited this for me. She is so amazing. I don't know what I'd do without her... :') (By the way, this is Doireann on my brother's profile. I did edit it for him. ;) ).

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