Cant let her go

*3rd book in the dont let me go series* Leah Tomlinson killed herself. Louis Never woke up. George Grew up without a mum. But what if this never happened? What if this was a dream, a fragment of Louis imagination. What if Louis woke up from his coma when Leah introduced him to George. He will do anything to protect his daughter from hate. To make sure she never feels that way again...


1. My baby girl

Louis P.O.V


I once had a 15 year old daughter. with the face of her mother and the eyes of me. She was gorgeous. Then she got pregnant. Whilst i was in a coma she gave birth. A boy. George Louis Horan, named after me. She got hate and decided to end her own life. My angel was now literally an angel. I dont think i could ever wake up. Not now. I .want to see my baby one more time ...


"Daddy, i have a surprise for you." A voice began and i heard a cry "His names George, George Louis Horan" They said. I was in shock. It was Leah, she was alive and talking to me. Or was i dead? I had to see her. I just had to. I forced my eyes open, blinking furiously under the light. Light i hadn't seen in quite a while

"Daddy you're awake" Leah yelled giving me a hug

"a-a-and you're alive" i said back still in shock. she looked confused

"of course i am, do you want to meet your first grandson?" She asked and i nodded

"i would love to Leah" i said and she handed me a tiny baby. He looked perfect. i cuddled with him for a minute and then gave him to Theo whilst i gave Leah a hug. She took a picture of them together and went to put it on facebook. Now was my chance. To prevent what i thought happened, but apparently never did

"Leah promise me that if you get any hate, ignore it. For Georges sake. You grew up without a mum and i'm sure you dont want George to have to do the same" I said and she nodded

"I promise dad. I would never be that stupid. I have George to think about now" I couldn't help but smile. I had my baby back. I would never let her go. Never!

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