Cant let her go

*3rd book in the dont let me go series* Leah Tomlinson killed herself. Louis Never woke up. George Grew up without a mum. But what if this never happened? What if this was a dream, a fragment of Louis imagination. What if Louis woke up from his coma when Leah introduced him to George. He will do anything to protect his daughter from hate. To make sure she never feels that way again...


5. Larrys wedding

this will be done in a random persons p.o.v


3rd persons P.O.V


Louis stood patiently at the altar waiting for his future husband to appear. It was arranged that Harry would walk down the isle as people joked that Harry was more feminine. Of course this was not true, but it was a joke they all had. Louis glanced round at the crowd and couldn't help but smile as he saw his younger sister Lottie standing there. He shot her a nervous smile, not quite knowing if she was happy to be here. Lottie was never really comfortable with Louis being gay. He felt a small twang of guilt as he saw eleanors parents sitting there. He always imagined it would be her that walked down the isle and took his hand in marriage. He always thought it would be her that said 'I do' and sealed there eternal love for eachother with a kiss. A kiss that symbolised forever. But it wasn't, it was Harry. Louis couldn't be more thrilled. Eleanors parents never blamed Louis for her death. They knew he loved her and couldn't help falling in love with someone else. He noticed a young girl standing by Lottie. She looked about Leahs age. He knew Lottie had a friend with her, perhaps it was her daughter. The young girl stared at Louis andthen whispered something to Lottie. Lottie smiled and replied before nervously glancing at Louis. She noticed him staring and quickly smiled. Louis calmed knowing his little sister was there supporting him on his big day and that she seemed happy. Louis glanced round to Harrys family. Anne gave him a big thumbs up. She loved Louis and could not think of a better person for her only son to be with. He noticed Gemma there aswell. Next to her sat a boy. Again probably about the same age as Leah. He reminded Louis of Harry slightly. Louis looked to his right and saw all his best men. Niall, Zayn, Liam, Theo and the cutest of all had to be baby George who now was just 3 weeks old. The piano started to play and Louis tried his hardest not to glance round. As soon as Harry reached his side Louis turned to see his two daughters. They both looked wonderful in their matching white dresses. Louis faced his soon to be husband Harry and smiled. Both men were wearing black tuxedos and both looked amazing. Harry stared at Louis and before the vicar could speak he whispered lovingly in Louis ear

"You look amazing babe" Louis couldn't help but blush, even though Harry had told him this a million times

"You to Hazz" He replied before letting the vicar get on with his speech. He droned on for what both men thought was forever. Neither Louis or Harry could concentrate as they kept getting lost in eachothers eyes. When the vicar came to the kiss they both snapped back to reality, eager to make their love official.

"You may now kiss the groom" The vicar droned and neither man made any hesitation in doing so. It looked perfect and all the viewers awed. The camera men awed aswell. Harry and Louis had agreed for this to be filmed so the millions of directioners that still loved them, even though they were all taken and in their 30's could watch it. Even though they had no clue it was happening at this exact moment. They would later. Both men clutched eachothers hand and made their way back down the isle and to the outdoors. Now a few people saw them and gasped in shock. They snapped up pictures to put on twitter, they had to be the first to know! Their families soon joined them and gave the newly-weds hugs of congratulations. The pictures were taken and the families had time to talk before they were to make their way to the party being held afterwards. Louis pulled Leah, who was holding baby George, aside an they made their way to where Lottie was.

"Lottie, this my daughter Eleanor, or Leah and this is my grandson George. Leah this is your aunt Lottie" Leah looked at her aunt and smiled. Lottie smiled nervously back before staring at the young girl besides her. Lottie sighed

"Hi, it's really nice to finally meet you. George is gorgeous. This is Madi, my daughter and your cousin, she's a few months younger than you" Lottie replied and Louis looked shocked. His younger sister had a child and he didn't know. He had been and uncle for almost 16 years. Yes he was an uncle now. Fizzy had young kids and Daisy was expecting, but Lottie had a 16 year old child. She must have been about Leahs age when she had her

"Why didn't you tell me?" Louis asked and Lottie shrugged

"I thought you'd hate me. I never cared about you being gay Lou, I was just scared you'd hate me. That's why i refused to see you" She looked upset and Louis couldn't bare to see his sister like that

"Lottie, I could never hate you" He said giving her a hug. Someone called Louis name. He excused himself then ran off leaving Leah and George with Lottie and Madi. Madi herself was beautiful, she had blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked like the kind of girl that millions of girls would be jealous of.

Harry walked over to his sister Gemma with Missie, but first called Leah and George over. He wanted his sister to meet them

"Hey gem, this is my step-daughter Leah and her son George and this is mine and Lou's adopted daughter Missie. Girls, and George of course, this is my sister Gemma" Harry said and both girls politely said hello

"Hi girls, it's nice to meet you. I'm Gemma and this is my son Edward. He's slightly younger than you Leah" Gemma replied making Harry gasp

"I, uh, I...." Harry stuttered before running off, Missie followed closely behind. Gemma excused herself and ran after them.

"Leah isn't it?" Edward asked and Leah nodded

"Yeah" She replied

"You single?" He asked and she shook her head and looked at the sleeping baby in her arms

"Nope i'm with the father. What about you?" She asked. He seemed like a nice enough boy, but in all honesty she didn't care. She just wanted to go back to Theo and get Georges buggy so he could sleep better. She was jut making polite conversation.

"Yep, i'm with one of the most beautiful girls in he world!" He said making Leah chuckle inside, cringe much she thought to herself. She didn't say this of course

"Aww, whos the lucky lady?" She asked an Edwards eyes lit up. Clearly he like this attention

"You must promise not to tell, we haven't told our parents yet" He said. God he sounds like a 10 year old with a crush Leah thought to herself yet again didn't say that

"I promise. So who is it?" She asked and Edward smiled

"Madi Tomlinson" He replied an Leah almost choked. Harrys nephew was dating her cousin. She had to get away before she burst into laughter. Ad if planned George woke up and started crying. Now was her chance

"I'm sorry Edward but I really have to go find Theo so we can get George to sleep. It was nice chatting to you and i'll speak to you soon" Leah said walking off. Edward nodded and walked off, probably to find his secret girlfriend Leah thought. She found Theo and they put George in the pram.


It was time for the speech's and Harry decided to go before Louis.

"What can I say. Who would have thought that this day would happen. I didn't Louis didn't none of us did. Now it's happened I couldn't be happier. Right on with the speech. Louis. You've always been the one. It just took me a while to realise. Then when I finally did it was too much. I was stupid and i'm sorry. But you saved me Boo. You gave me a wonderful daughter who although she's not technically mine I love her to pieces. This is why i'm thanking Eleanor. She may not be here but I know that if she was she would want Lou to be happy. She was an amazing girl and I owe her a lot. Without her w wouldn't have Leah or George. Louis what i'm trying to say is you're my world Lou. You were there for me when I needed you and theres nothing more I could ask for. Now for the lat part of my speech i'm going to do it a little differently. Here's a song I wrote for you Lou. All those years ago." Harry started singing don't let me go and the entire crowd awed. After Harry finished it was Louis turn. How was he going to top that

"Well Harry. We met in a bathroom. Our first memory together we took a picture. We still have that picture. Then we got put in a band. We took another picture. As the years went on we took more and more pictures. When we finally got we took loads. Over years they've had more. They included Leah and more recently Missie and George. Our family has. We made a scrapbook the other day. There's only one space left. Room for one picture and we know what belongs there. A picture of today. It's the end of one story and the start of a new one. But there's room for another scrapbook, we'll make another one. And the pictures will keep appearing. I love you Harry and you make my life complete. But you're not Harry styles anymore. Nope, you're Harry Tomlinson, only because it sounds better than Louis Styles. But seriously Hazz I wouldn't change anything for the world. I love you Harry and here's to our life together" Louis said raising a glass. Everyone awed again and the newly-wed shared a kiss. They had been waiting for this day for almost 17 years. They couldn't be happier it had come.

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