Cant let her go

*3rd book in the dont let me go series* Leah Tomlinson killed herself. Louis Never woke up. George Grew up without a mum. But what if this never happened? What if this was a dream, a fragment of Louis imagination. What if Louis woke up from his coma when Leah introduced him to George. He will do anything to protect his daughter from hate. To make sure she never feels that way again...


8. i've failed you

Louis P.O.V


She stood there staring at me. A face that hasn't appeared in my dreams for 16 years. Eleanor Calder.

"I'm so sorry el. I failed you. Our daughters in hospital and she got pregnant at 15 and ....." But she cut me off

"No Louis. You have not failed me. Our daughter is perfect. We have a beautiful grandson and I could not be happier. You are an amazing father Louis. Tell Harry I said thank you for raising my daughter so well. I'm glad that as I wasn't here to do it, it was him." She said, speaking so perfectly

"El, is this a dream, or is it real?" I asked and she laughed, her cute little laugh

"Lou, it's whatever you want it to be" She replied before walking off

"Eleanor wait. Theres so much I want to ask you. Wait El" I cried but it was too late she was gone.

"Louis?!?" Came a worried voice. The place I was in slowly blurred away and I felt the harshness of the light grab my attention as my eyes opened, forcing me to squint


"Louis, thank god you're alright" Harry said giving me a massive hug

"Where's Leah?" I asked and he smiled

"Next door, she's awake and talking to Theo, perfectly fine. As she fell she put he arm out and that took the impact of the fall. She's mucked up her arm, but the rest of her is okay" He replied and I smiled aswell. She was okay

"I want to go see her" I stated and a nurse shook her head

"Sorry hunny, no can do. You've been out cold for 2 days. You need to wait a second" She said. 2 days! I was out for 2 days.

"Harry, i'm sorry the honeymoon" I said but Harry laughed

"We're leaving tomorrow. Both you and Leah are getting discharged today. Missie's going to stay at Leahs whilst we go" He replied

"Where are we going. You never told me" I said

"That's my surprise" He replied "Now i'm going to get coffee, want one?" He asked and I nodded

"Oh and Harry, El says thanks" I shouted as he went out the door.

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