Cant let her go

*3rd book in the dont let me go series* Leah Tomlinson killed herself. Louis Never woke up. George Grew up without a mum. But what if this never happened? What if this was a dream, a fragment of Louis imagination. What if Louis woke up from his coma when Leah introduced him to George. He will do anything to protect his daughter from hate. To make sure she never feels that way again...


2. introducing George

Louis P.O.V


"Baby, seeing as Theo's at work today and Missie's at school, do you want to come with me to my interview?" i asked and she nodded. It wasn't like Leah was skipping school, she was on study leave and had her exams coming up pretty soon. She stayed in school through the whole pregnancy. This would be my first public appearance since the coma. We had just announced a one off tour celebrrating our 20th anniversary. We had one last year about our preparations and now they had been revealed. I think the cutest thing was that George was born on that day We got my 2 day old grandson ready and put him in the car.He lay there peacefully and soon fell asleep. Good thing to because the car journey was an hour long. Harry went to his mums last night and decided to go straight to the interview from there. She's excited to meet George, i mean we count her as a grandparent.Theo and Leah are also planning to go and introduce George to Eleanors side of the family. Harry used to take her to visit them, i never could bring myself to face them.

"Baby girl, we're here" i said and she smiled. She went round the side and got George out. She kept him as close as possible to her. The amount of papparazi here was amazing. I got his stuff out the car and we went inside. I heard a massive screech and before i knew it Niall had ran over, being his usual weird self

"oh my god, its so cute i could die." Zayn yelled as he ran over aswell. Liam followed closely behind

"back off Malik, this little beautys related to me so i get first dibs on holding" niall said and Leah laughed, she handed Niall George and he smiled

"Take a picture" he commanded and handed Liam his phone. Liam just laughed and took the picture. Liam and Zayn both did the same and soon Harry showed up aswell. Time for the interview


"So Louis, your daughter Leahs had a baby, a boy in fact" the interviewer asked

"yep. He's here if you want to meet him" i said and the reporter smiled. i knew what she was thinking. she gets first show of the one direction grandchild

"somebody bring Leah and baby out" she said and Leah and George were literally pushed on stage. She sat down between me and Harry

"so whats his name sweetie?" the reported asked

"George Louis Horan now i thought you were meant to be interviewing them for their 20th anniversary" Leah replied and the reporter looked shocked but she did as Leah said and started interviewing us.

At the end of the interview i turned to Leah. You know we never did celebrate finding out the gender, what to go nandos?" i asked and she nodded. All the boys did.

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