Paperazzi. Thats me. I live in london. I ran away when i was 14 my brother was 15 at the time. Now hes 19 and im what he gets chased by everyday. Ohh who is he Harold Edward Styles. Who am i? Silly me. Im Carter Ann Styles. Why i ran away. My stepdad. HATED me. I got in trouble for stuff that makes no sense. When i said goodbye i gave my Mum my new number and told her to call me everyday. I went to online school and got a nice flat with the money i had saved since 11. it was alot. But not good enough so I got a few jobs. I got a really easy job taking pictures. then became a pap. Know 1D is famous and i steel pictures of there faces everyday. Harry forgot about me but i missed him. He said on the x-factor he had one sister and he said Gemma. Not Carter. Then all i felt for Harold was Hate.


3. Chapter 3

Carters POV

I woke up in a diffrent room.

What happened yesterday.

I stood up.

I fell down.

Hang over.

I stood up again and left the weird room i woke up in. I walked in the kitchen still wearing the same out fit as last night.

Liam was in the kitchen cooking pancakes.

"Your awake!" Harry shouted. I turned around.

"Harry why am i here i should be at my flat with Allen and Charlie!" I yelled.

I found tylenoh and took 2 pills without water.

"Im sorry but i went to say im sorry and i saw you in the elivater sleeping soo i took you to mine and the boys. You slept in my room and i slept on the couch!" He said.

"Thanks now imma leave and never come back is that cool i hope it is!" I said.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked.

"Mine and Allens flat." I yelled annoyed.

"He told me to tell you that cant live there anymore. You come back drunk and loud. and you need to get out by next week."Harry said smiling.

"What so im homeless i guess" I yelled.

"No the boys and i talked and said you can move in!" Harry yelled back!

Live with you HA!

You wont be able to stand me.

"Fine but wheres my room gonna be?" I said while rolling my eyes.

"Well we know people who can build you a room!" Harry cheered.

"Since you got me from my flat did you get my stuff?" I asked while walking in.

"yeah its in my room" Harry smiled.

I gave him a glare.

"wheres your alcohal?" I yelled.

"Not telling you!'' harry yelled.

"bitch..." i muttered.

I grabbed a plaid shirt and a black tank top. dark red skinneys and black lace maching bra and knickers. I went in harrys bathroom and locked the door.

I mean you would too if there 4 straight dudes and 3 of them are single.

I got nude and hopped in.

I would always be nude but Allen yelled at me for leaving my door open once while i was nude and danceing.

I used harry shampoo and conditioner. Then his body wash.

I smell like a harry!

I jumped out and got dried off.

I got dressed.

Then went out to use Zayns hair stuff.

Because harry left that stuff.

I walked in and Zayn was sleeping.


I found a brush and started brushing.

I stole one of Zayns beanie and left.

Okay I smell like harry and have Zayns hat on.

I walked in the living area and Niall was shirtless.

He saw i was here and i was staring and blushed.

AWWWW hes so cute when he blushed.

Harry saw me and smelled his stuff.

"YOU SMELL LIKE ME!" Harry laughed.

Then he saw my hat.

"Take that off!" i pointed to Zayns beanie.

"No i like it!" I said pulling it over my head more.

"OOOO Zayns gonna flip out!" Louis yelled.

"What?" I asked.

"You were in his room used his hair shit and are wearing his hat. Are you not a fan or something?" Liam said.

"No im not. Im more of a Ed Sheeran fan!" I laughed.

Zayn walked in and looked at me.

'' Did you use my hair stuff and steal my black beanie?" Zayn asked.

He was shirt less and i starred at his perfect abs.

"SHES MY SISTER MATE SO DONT KILL HER!" Harry yelled. I think he yelled i was lost looking at zayns abs.

"STOP STARRING AT ABS FIRST NIALL NOW ZAYNS! Must have a thing for abs...'' Louis yelled. waving a hand in front of my face.

I did in fact have a 'thing' for abs. I lost my virginity to a guy with amazing abs.

I kissed a guy with amazing abs.

seeing abs just made me melt.

"Just get a damn shirt on and i wont stare!" I yelled as my cheeks warmed.

"ill put on a shirt if you answer my question: Did you use my hair stuff and steal my black beanie?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah why does it matter?" i said.

"Just never mind your lucky your not one of the boys!" Zayn said.

I laughed i wonder what happens to the boys when they use Zayns hair shit and steal his hats!

"Okay Harry drive me to the magazine place its 11:30 i need to be there by 1:00!" i said.

He through me his keys.

I cant fucking drive.

"Cant drive bro!" i laughed.

He got up and he was almost nude.

I dont his abs so i didnt stare.

I got there at 12:15.

I had Paperazzi duty.

I ran to the park they said the wanted was at.

I took about 30 pictures and deleted 20 of them!

I went back and got paid.

I saw Miah.

I went up to her.

"Hey im sorry i yelled at you for danceing with Harry Miah i did it because hes my brother and i was pretty drunk." She nodded.

"If you want you can take my next Paperazzi shift i dont exactly need it at the moment" I smiled at her.

"yeah thanks i need it for my rent when is it?" She asked.

"tommorow i got Paperazzi all week and i am gonna be hanging out with Harry and Allen and Lilly!" i handed her the badge saying that shes a pap.

I wanted to get my own hair stuff and some of my own body stuff so i can smell like my seft not like harry.

I have 1000$ so yeah ill go shopping.

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