Paperazzi. Thats me. I live in london. I ran away when i was 14 my brother was 15 at the time. Now hes 19 and im what he gets chased by everyday. Ohh who is he Harold Edward Styles. Who am i? Silly me. Im Carter Ann Styles. Why i ran away. My stepdad. HATED me. I got in trouble for stuff that makes no sense. When i said goodbye i gave my Mum my new number and told her to call me everyday. I went to online school and got a nice flat with the money i had saved since 11. it was alot. But not good enough so I got a few jobs. I got a really easy job taking pictures. then became a pap. Know 1D is famous and i steel pictures of there faces everyday. Harry forgot about me but i missed him. He said on the x-factor he had one sister and he said Gemma. Not Carter. Then all i felt for Harold was Hate.


2. Chapter 2

Carter's POV

"Hey SIS" Harry yelled to me.

My smiled faded.

I felt anger.

Anger because im not his sister. Well i am. But im not. Im related to the douche but that nice mop of curls is my own blood.

"Harry." i said bitterly. He stoped smiling but put on a fake smile.

"Okay MIAH im going on break take over!" I yelled.

Miah smiled and i just walked out. I called Allen.

No answer.

I called Charlie.

No answer.

I called my 3rd choice. Lilly.

My best girl friend ever. My only friend thats a girl.

"Hey Sexy Whats up." Lilly asked.

"Umm i wanna kill someone." I said.

"Why WTHH"Lilly screamed.

"What is WTHH?" I said.


"Harry had i photo shoot and saw me and he said 'Hey SIS' I said 'Harry.' then ran out and called like everyone! Then you picked up and we are talking about this now WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO KNOW" I yelled. I yell when im mad.

"Okay Carter calm your tits im coming back from america im 3 days can you live without getting in jail?" She asked.

"Yeah!" I said.

"Okay its like midnight to Biah a girl needs her sleep!" Lilly yelled.

"Of course bye!" she hung up.

If Harry puts it out there that im his sister then he will die!

I ran back to work and went back to taking pictures when i was done i gave Niall my number and i got paid 500$. Its friday so its Pay day and thats what i get 500$ every week with only photo shoots. When i go out and stalk i get paid double.

I walked through my front door.


"Oahh" I heard from Allens room.

Are they snogging.

Its best if i dont ever ever find out! I left the Flat. I walked into the park thats about a block away and started to laugh.

Allen and Charlie were doing Naughty things.


It started to get dark so i headed home. Allen and Charlie were cooking and i walked in the kitchen.

"Hey love birds. Have and fun while i was working my ass of being tortured and doing a photo shoot with the boy i hated for 2 years?" i said explaining my day.

Charlie started to burst into giggles and Allen started to laugh.

''Shut up you too but guess what!" I put on my gossip face on.

"WHAT!" Charlie yelled.

"I got a boys number!" I screamed.

Allen smiled and hugged me. Then Charlie kissed my cheek.

"we are going clubbing at 'LOVE FEST' because i was awesome enough to remember our plans!" Charlie yelled.

Allen and me were jumping up and down.

"I LOVE THAT PLACE I LOVE YOU CHARLIE!" I kissed his cheek and he did the same thing Allen did. I started to laugh.

They pushed me too my room so i can get a sexy dress or some sexy cloths.

I came out with my black skinny jeans on and a white tank top covered with my leather jacket. I put on minimal make up and grabed 100 dollars for drinks. I kept 20 and gave my Gay friends the other 80.

Im gonna end up getting drunk and staying almost all night and might be staying for Happy Hour.

They will leave early and need a cab to bring them home so they dont get hit by a car.

I dragged them to the club and went to the front of the line.

People cursed but we were on the list. he let us through and i ordered a beer. Downed it and ordered two shots.

Okay im tipsy. Time to dance.

I moved to the dance floor looking for a hot guy.

My eyes stop moving when i see Miah grinding Harry.

I start to feel anger.


I walked over to them Miah stops she sees me and thinks i have feeling for him.

"Miah im not gonna fire you for danceing with out client okay but i need to speak with him. Not the way you think thats gross i need to speak to him family wise.!" I said to her. SHe nodded like she understood.

"Carter why are you here and you look drunk." Harry said.

"Im here with my friends!" i said.

"Who are they?" Harry asked.

So brotherly.

"There a gay couple now tell me why you basicly told everyone i work with that im your sister!" i yelled. Okay i might be kinda mad.

"Because you fucking are! then you ran away not telling anyone where you were. Every time i come over Mum says she miss's you and she wants you too come home but no you take pictures of famous retards and stalk them too. Mum cryed for weeks when you left. Gemma cryed for a week and i was in shock i tryed to forget you. Yeah i did and then on the X-Factor i forgot your name. Then Niall went on your phone to find out your name. He went on twitter and found you and saw your whole fucking name! He showed me pictures of us when you were 14 and everything hit me. I thought you died. Then he said that you are My little sister Carter Ann Styles! I missed you like hell Mum missed you Gemma missed you. YOUR FAMILY MISSED YOU!" Harry yelled at me and i started to cry Allen came over and hugged me whipering in my ear that im all good. Charlie cryed with me. Harry said sorry and left. My gay friends left and i was more then drunk.

I was wasted.

I swear i could hear colors. I had 10 dollars left so i called a cab.

I stepped in the elivater and fell to the ground.


I dreamed about before i ran away.

When i was loved and my mum was single.

Me and Harry would pull pranks on Gemma.

I had great grades.

More Girl friends then Guy friends.

I was what you would call normal.

Now i get drunk and pass out on elivaters dreaming of my past.

But right know its just easyer to say.

Im dying slowly.

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