Paperazzi. Thats me. I live in london. I ran away when i was 14 my brother was 15 at the time. Now hes 19 and im what he gets chased by everyday. Ohh who is he Harold Edward Styles. Who am i? Silly me. Im Carter Ann Styles. Why i ran away. My stepdad. HATED me. I got in trouble for stuff that makes no sense. When i said goodbye i gave my Mum my new number and told her to call me everyday. I went to online school and got a nice flat with the money i had saved since 11. it was alot. But not good enough so I got a few jobs. I got a really easy job taking pictures. then became a pap. Know 1D is famous and i steel pictures of there faces everyday. Harry forgot about me but i missed him. He said on the x-factor he had one sister and he said Gemma. Not Carter. Then all i felt for Harold was Hate.


1. Chapter 1

Carter POV

"Carter we must talk N-O-W NOW!" Allen said. Hes my best friend. My gay best friend.

I moved in with him last year when i was 17.

"Okay All dont get your knickers in a twist." My Holmes Chapel accent said.

He pushed me in his room and pointed on the bed. I sat on the bed and laid down. He laid next to me and started to speak.

"Charlie said that he liked me remember?" Allen said reminding me.

''Of course then i told you to go for it!" I said looking at him.

"I did and GUESS what Babe!" He shouted.

"He said yes and you guys are gonna get married!" I joked poking his cheek.

"Yes he said yes but we are not getting married. UGHHHH if we were you would be my maid of honor!" He said.

"I KNOW!" I shouted.

My phone started to vibrate.

I pulled it out.

Mum? she usually calls at 8:00PM not at 11:00AM.

"Hello?" I said.

"Carter i missed you when are you gonna visit me and Harry?" Mum said happily.

"Ill visit you?" I said. keeping Harry out of the conversation.

''FINE what are you doing today Honey?" He said.

"Work then going out with Allen and Charlie!" I smiled.

"Ohh okay well i know i called you at a diffrent time but todays Harrys over and i wanted to see if you want to say something to him or to Gemma?" I rolled my eyes. Gemma and i are not very close when i left she cryed but after that never really talked.

Harry is another story. I mean when your asked 'Do you have any brothers or sister out there?' Dont you say them not just the one you see everyday. Thats when i hated him. I basicly put up walls that just had me and my Mum as family.

I got wasted that night.

Thats how i met Allen. I woke up next to him in just my knickers and bra. Then i asked if we did anything. Allen said 'um Girl in my bed im gay okay' then we clicked. I moved in and 7 months later im chillin on his bed.

"No Mum i have work to do bye Love you." then i hung up. I do have work but i really am mad. I got off the bed went over to Allens side and kissed his cheek. He looked at me with pure disgust. I fell over laughing.


"Okay Mr.Pimp of the year im going!" I got up and left his room. I changed into a Red sweater and white skinny jeans. Then my red TOMS. I Grabbed my camera bag and left the flat. I walked to the building and showed them my ID. They let me in and today we were doing a photo shoot. Yes our magizine has photo shoots too.

"Carter your on Picture duty make sure they do as you say alright!" Mr.Linarad yelled at me.

I nodded my head and walked in the shooting room.

I saw the boy i hated for 2 years sitting there flirting with my assisdent.

I walked up to Miah and pulled her away.

"No flirting on the damn job." I yelled at her. She nodded and went over to the lighting to watch from there.

I walked up to the boys half of them checking me out.

"Hi im Carter im the one taking the pictures and Directing if you have any questions ask them now and then we will get started." I said waiting for the questions.

"Umm whats your number?" The one with blond hair asked smirking.

"Whats your name?" I asked.

"Niall" He said.

"Okay Niall if you find out my last name then i will give you my number!" I smirked the other boys laughed and i pointed towards the area where they needed to sit so i can i take pictures.

I left my phone and went to my bathroom.

Niall POV

Carter went to use the lou and left her phone.

I used this chance to find out her last name.

I ckicked on the twitter app!


Carter Ann Styles.

Is she just a fan or is she really a styles.

I went on her pictures.

Her and Harry.

Her and Harrys Mum.

Her and Gemma.

Ohh My God.

But they are all younger pictures like at 14.

She even looked like Harry.

Curly but not too curly hair.

Green emrald eyes.

"Harry come here Mate!" I yelled.

Harry marched over.

"What Niall?" He said in a rude tune.

"Carter Ann Styles."I said.

He looked sad and almost started to cry.

"S-shes m-my si-sister." He studdered over very word.

"Yeah and where is she know?" i asked.

"dead maybe.'' he looked ay his feet.

"Or she is right here about to take our pictures!" I smiled.

I gave him her phone and he smiled.

A tear fell down his face and i put her phone back then went to wait for Carter.

"Okay guys!" She walked out and clapped her hands.

"this is how it will be. you see the five X's on the floor ill each tell you to stand on one in a certain order. Then ill tell you to pose." She smiled.

"Okay it will be Zayn X1, Niall X2, Harry X3, Louis X4, Liam X5!" She looked through the camera.

"perfection!" She yelled. basicly saying its great.

"Hey SIS!" Harry yelled to her.

Her smile disappeared.

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