The Styles Triplets

"Erin! Wake up!! C'mon please.. please wake up" I almost shouted at her while I cried. I just can't lose her again, I love her too much. "Please Erin.. Wake up, you have to live through this, please."


22. She's Back

Harry's P.O.V.~


I was holding onto my phone in one hand and in the other, Erin's hand. I was happy that she could be coming back any second now but then the same doctors and nurse came running throung the door, also waiting for Erin to wake up so they could run a few tests on her. I got riped out of my thoughts by another text from Marcel.


From- Marcel :)


Oh and did I mention? Ed got sent off to military school during the second week of public school and I started styling my hair different and wearing different clothes., and I have a girlfriend now


To- Marcel :)


Oh. Ok well don't you think that she only wants to be your girlfriend now because you 'changed'?


From- Marcel :)


No? Harry don't ruin this for me! I finally have a girlfriend and then you judge her already!? Wow, what a brother.


To- Marcel :)


No, Marcel I didn't mean it that way.. But whatever, anyways.. when will you and mum be getting here? And what is her name? I'm sure she's lovely.


From- Marcel :)


Her name is Caroline and she is. We'll be here in five, see ya then x.


Erin's P.O.V.~


I could feel myself getting stronger and I also felt my sense's coming back like now I can hear and smell and feel. I can feel Harry holding my hand, I can feel how soft his skin was and how warm his touch felt. Just when I thought about opening my eyes, the memories came flooding back to me. Like the picture that Harry's mum took of us when we were happy; 

Or the picture that Harry threatened to tickle me to death if he didn't take a picture of us kissing because he wanted his friends to be jealous; 

I herd the door slam open and it scared me so I jumped up and opened my eyes... I'm awake.


Harry burst into happy tears and grabbed me around my body and kissed me all over my face. I giggled to myself and then looked around and saw Harry's mum in tears and she came towards me as I braced myself for an impact but all she did was grab my hand and whispered into my ear; "thank you for making him happy." she looked back and smiled at me, I gave her a slight smiled back and then looked at Harry. I grabbed his face and pulled him to me and kissed him softly. I pulled away and looked at him. 

"Thank you," I said.

"For what?"

"For staying here with me, and for helping me wake up." He looked at me.

"You knew?" He said quietly.

"I knew that you wouldn't leave my side until I was awake and I could hear you for this past week." He smiled and squeezed my hand. I looked around the room and saw the doctors and nurse smiling at me, Harry's mum crying; happy tears of course, Harry just smiling at me like a creep, but no Marcel or Edward.

"Where's Marcel?" I asked and looked at Anne.

"He should be here soon. I asked him to get Harry's food out of the car because I figured he would be starving if he barely left that chair for a month." I smiled at her and looked at Harry; he was blushing.

"Where's Ed?" I said while looking back at Anne.

"He got sent to military school a while ago."

"Oh," was all I could say.

"Well, we would like everyone to leave for just a few minutes so we can run some check ups on her and to see if she can go home tonight." The nurse said, interrupting our conversation. 

Anne said ok quietly while leaving the room but Harry couldn't move.

"Harry, go on." I said while I motioned towards the door. He looked at me intensely.

"I-" He tried to say.

"I'll be fine," I reassured him.

"Ok, bye. I love you." He said as he kissed my cheek and got up.

"Love you too." I said as he walked out the door.

















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