The Styles Triplets

"Erin! Wake up!! C'mon please.. please wake up" I almost shouted at her while I cried. I just can't lose her again, I love her too much. "Please Erin.. Wake up, you have to live through this, please."


17. Mum's Funeral

1 Week Later ...


Erin's P.O.V.~


I haven't felt like myself lately at all. I miss my mum, I miss Harry, his mum, Marcel, school, my dad. Now I'm stuck here with my step-dad that beats me all the fucking time; like that makes this situation that I'm in any better. He doesn't let me go anywhere. It seems like he's forcefully keeping me away from the outside world. He took my phone, my car keys, and everything else away. I haven't seen Harry since the night my mum has died, my step-dad, Mark is his name, won't even let me go to school. But he did let me go last Wednesday but unfortunately, Harry wasn't there that day, only his two brothers; Edward and Marcel. I keep having these nightmares, they're about Harry. I'm going insane without him. I've lost 7 pounds since my mum died. Is that bad? Mark always says I'm fat or ugly. I tend to believe him even though I feel like I shouldn't. I never really knew why my mum married such a jerk like Mark. Maybe because she was lonely after my dad died.. I'm not sure. But today is my mum's funeral. I'm not excited about it but I am excited to actually breath fresh air again. It's at 5 in the afternoon, it's 7 in the morning right now. I haven't slept yet, even though I should. I laid my head down to fall asleep but all I could do, was think. Think about how ugly and stupid I am. How fat and how much of a screw up I am. I bet this world would be better off without me, nobody would miss me. No one.


She loved him. She really did. But she knew they couldn't be together. He was her reason why she choose to even get up and do something with her life every morning. 
Now that she finally realized that they might never be together again, she did nothing but take her own life knowing that it will never be fulfilled, not unless he's in it.


Harry's P.O.V.~


Erin. She's all I think about. Erin. The one I can't live without. Eri-


"Harry!?" My mum called as she ripped me out of my thoughts.

"Yes mum?!" I yelled back from my room.

"We're going to the hospital, hurry up! Erin needs you!" She screamed. I didn't even think about how much sense that didn't make but I grabbed my boots and slipped them on and put my jacket on and ran downstairs and out the door to meet my mum in the car. The minute I closed the car door my mum took off almost speeding down the road, without even warning me.

"So what were saying about 'Erin needs me'?

"She- I saw her on the news. Tried to kill herself. S-she's in the hospital."


 I didn't say anything after that, I just broke down in tears, what if I really lost her this time? What if she really did 'break' this time? I cant. I can't live without Erin. I love her...



















Hi! (: Man I really love writing this book, though it's getting depressing during this part; I promise things will get better for Harry and Erin! Ok well yeah that's all I really wanted to say lol, bye! Love you guys xx. 

















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