Married At 18

Niall and Mykenzi go to a party and meet.Then they get together and go on lots of dates. Then they decide to get married adopt 6 kids and go to Disney World. ,and have the craziest life a teen could ever have.


11. The Trip

(They both decided that they needed to go on a trip)

JR's POV (Niall Jr.'s POV we call him JR

Mwamy I cant fleep.

Mykenzi's POV

Well how bout I read you a bug's bunny

YEAH go mwamy  JR. said

(The story was about bugs bunny and how he went on a trip)


Mwamy can we go on a trip....?




Let's go ask daddy.

*Jr. and I went into Niall and I's room to ask*

Jr's. POV

Dadwy can we gow on a twip.


Sure where do u wanna go. Dad said

I wanna gow to Dinwy World. I said

Were going to Disney World. Dad yelled


*Mykenzi Niall and JR. packed for the trip when all the kids went to Niall's parents house*









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