Married At 18

Niall and Mykenzi go to a party and meet.Then they get together and go on lots of dates. Then they decide to get married adopt 6 kids and go to Disney World. ,and have the craziest life a teen could ever have.


10. The Kids

(Niall and Mykenzi felt alone and decided they need kids)

Niall's POV

I think we need to get some kids it's lonely here.

Mykenzi's POV

I think its lonely too

both POV

Lets go to the adoption center

(So they went to the adoption center and found 3 new born and 3 2 year olds)

Their names were...

The new borns

(Jenn Niall jr.  Amanda)

The others name are

the 2 year olds...

(Carter Brittney Josh)


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