Married At 18

Niall and Mykenzi go to a party and meet.Then they get together and go on lots of dates. Then they decide to get married adopt 6 kids and go to Disney World. ,and have the craziest life a teen could ever have.


6. Date #2

Niall's POV

Since were dating I think we should go on another date.

Mykenzi's POV

I think so to.

great Niall said.

Wait when are we going to go? I asked.

Is tonight fine? he asked

Ya tonight is perfect I said.

How bout we go to breakfast! I said.

Sure but I'm paying he replied.

So we went to breakfast as a date.

We came home and sat for hours talking ,and then we ate lunch ,and went to the store. then after the store we went out for dinner.

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