If You Only Knew

Grace Daniels. 16, has to move halfway around the world to Australia for a promotion her mother recieved. In doing this, she left behind her friends, her relatives and even her country. In Australia, she becomes close with Luke Hemmings just weeks before 5 Seconds of Summer is discovered by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Eventually, Grace learns who she is really meant to be with and she's glad to have him.


1. The Start of Something New

The plane took off and I sighed. Goodbye Michigan. Hell, goodbye United States of America. I thought about everyone I was leaving behind and I began to cry all over again. 
"Honey you'll love Australia! You'll make plenty of new friends there, I'm sure of it," my mom said, trying to comfort me. 
Tears stinging my eyes, I turned and looked out the window. I fell asleep, preparing myself for the long plane ride. 
During my sleep, I began to dream. "Grace, I've returned!" 
I turned around to see my dad. I rushed to hug him and just as I was about to, he vanished. 
"Dad? Dad???" I called out to him, but he never came back. I began to cry until I heard his voice. 
"Gracey, I am up here with God. He's taking great care of me. I just wanted you to know I love you." 
I began crying. I woke up to find that I was actually crying, my face soaked in tears. 
"I love you too," I whispered, tears streaming down my face. I grabbed my phone and since we had been in the air for a while, I turned it on. I stuck my headphones in my ears and clicked on the music app. I hit shuffle and on came "Moments" by my favorite band, One Direction. As I listened, thoughts raced through my mind. We were leaving the U.S., leaving my fathers grave, leaving my friends, my family, everyone and everything of importance, just for a promotion my mom received. The promotion payed more, but it also meant leaving our life behind. I turned my music up louder, sat back and looked out the window until I eventually fell back asleep. 
My mom shook me awake. "Honey, we're here!" Her face had a look of excitement and I could tell she was going to love Australia, even if it sucked. We got off the plane and gathered some of our luggage, the rest was being shipped to our new house. We walked out of the Sydney Airport with our luggage. My mother waved her hand to flag down a taxi and a few seconds later, one pulled up to the sidewalk. We asked the driver to open the trunk and we put most of our luggage in the back. We took our carry-ons with us and we slid in the back seat. My mother gave the driver directions to our house and the driver took off. I looked around. I had never lived in a city before. This was going to be SOOO different. It was hot; it was the end of summer in Australia. Back in Michigan, it was the end of winter. I was whiter than a lot of the people here; everyone was tan. My mom had her phone out, she was naming off facts and things to do in Sydney and places near Sydney. I just stared out the window, taking in the sights. 
We arrived at the house and I was shocked. The house was in a neighborhood and it was much larger than the house we had back home. My mother squeezed my arm. "We're here," she whispered.
"I know," I replied.
My mom paid the taxi driver and we grabbed our luggage. The wheels on my bag made a rough sound as I rolled the bag up the paved driveway. My mom took a key out of her purse and within a few seconds, the door opened. The house was completely empty except for a few pictures that were hung up to help with the selling of the house. On the counter was a paper that had my mom's name on the top.
"Carolyn Daniels,
Thank you for purchasing this house. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at (555) 555-5555. 
-Mark Fisher"
I looked around the house again, still not used to my surroundings.
"Since there isn't any furniture, how are we going to unpack?" I asked.
"Well, we won't. We're going to buy beds today though. Frames, mattresses, sheets, everything. So get ready to test out some beds," my mom answered. 
We dropped all of our things in the middle of the floor, put on our shoes, locked the door, and walked to the nearest bus stop. We boarded a bus that took us to the middle of Sydney. After walking around a while, we found a mattress store. My mother squealed with delight and walked into the store. I followed, still in awe about the amount of people in the city. Once inside, my mother didn't know where to start. I, however, knew exactly what I wanted. I gestured to my mom to follow me, and she did. I walked straight to the TemperPedic mattresses and laid down on one. After the long plane ride and the walking, it felt great to just lay and stretch out. My mom stretched out beside me and commented, "I like these mattresses, they're comfy!" 
"Yeah, I really like them." I said. 
"Well then these are what we're getting!" 
"Really? That was a fast decision!" 
"It's fast because I know it's the right decision!" My mother winked and walked up to the checkout counter.
She asked for two TemperPedic mattresses be delivered to our house and she paid with her American Express credit card. We walked out of the store and asked "What's next?" 
"Well, should we get bed frames or sheets and comforters first?" My mother questioned.
"Um, how about sheets and comforters?" I suggested. I love getting new bedding. 

A few hours later, we returned home with everything we purchased and waited until we saw two large trucks pull in. One delivered the mattresses, the other delivered the bed frames. My mother signed for both of them and the guys took them inside. I chose a room on the second floor to be mine, it had a window facing towards the street I really liked because I liked to people watch. The room was large and it had a bathroom connected to it, a bathroom that was all mine. It also had a large walk-in closet. Not that I had that many clothes. But it was always nice to have a walk-in closet. My mom chose a room on the ground level floor, a nice room on the east side of the house. It had a large window on the side so every morning she would wake up with the sun as it rose. We set up the beds and as soon as we finished that, we decided we weren't hungry and went straight to bed. I slept really well, so well, in fact, I didn't wake up until 1:00 in the afternoon the next day. My mom woke up with the sun, just like she said she would, and in that time she already purchased a dresser and a couch. She put the dresser in her room since she didn't have a closet and she put the couch in a room that she decided would be the living room. She also brought me a bunch of hangers for my closet. As soon as I woke up, she handed me a box of hangers and told me to put my clothes in the closet. She sure was eager to move into this house. It was a nice house, but it would take time and love to make it feel like a home. As soon as I hung up every piece of clothing I owned, I walked downstairs and complained that I was hungry. 
"That's why I bought cereal!" My mom cheerfully responded to my complaints. 
I searched through the cupboards and was disappointed to find that she hasn't purchased any bowls. Even though I knew the answer, I asked anyway. "Where are the bowls?" 
"I haven't bought any yet, just eat it out of the box." 
I reached my hand into the box and pulled out pieces of cereal one by one, flinging them into my mouth. If I was gonna eat cereal like this, I was gonna make it fun. Before we had arrived, my mom had set it up so our mail would come to our new address. When I saw the mailman drive by, I yelled "I'll get the mail!" And walked out to the mailbox. Just as I reached the box, an attractive boy ran by. He was obviously on a run to stay fit. He was really cute though. Then I remembered I was still in my pajamas and I had a messy bun on top of my head. I tried to keep him from seeing me, but failed. 
"Hey, are you the new neighbor?" He asked. His Australian accent was gorgeous, I loved it.  
"Yeah, I came here from Michigan, a state in the U.S." I responded, trying to act cool.
"How old are you?" He asked another question.
"Um 16. You?" I questioned.
"I'm 16 as well!!! Oh and my name is Luke by the way. Hopefully we'll go to the same school!"
"Yeah, hopefully! And my name is Grace." I introduced myself. 
"Well I gotta run, we can hang later though!" He said. 
"Alright! See you later!"
"Is 7 fine?" He asked.
"To hang out. Can I come by at 7?"
"Yeah, that'll be cool!"
He smiled and ran off.
I grabbed the mail out of the box and looked through it. Then I found a letter from the school my mother enrolled me in. I quickly opened it and read, 
"Dear Ms. Grace Daniels,
Classes will begin in two weeks, hopefully you are prepared and willing to learn. We will be very excited to be able to teach you, and thank you for attending our school."
Two weeks??? I was shocked. That was so soon. Hopefully that Luke guy does go to the same school. Then I will at least know someone. 
I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, fixed my hair and put on a little mascara and eyeliner. The doorbell rang and my mother asked, "Who could that be?" 
I explained that I met someone today who was my age and he wanted to hang out. "Take your phone," she said, "and be careful!" 
I opened the door and there Luke stood. 
"Would you like to take a walk?" He asked.
I nodded my head. "Yeah, that would be fun!" I turned around and yelled "BYE MOM!" And walked out. 
Luke started the conversation. "I didn't properly introduce myself earlier, I'm Luke Hemmings." 
"And I am Grace Daniels. It is a pleasure to meet you!"
We made small talk for a while until we finally started clicking. I found myself laughing at the things he said and he would laugh with me. Then he mentioned something that really caught my attention. 
"I'm in a band. We're not that well-known right now, but hopefully we will be. My best friends Michael Clifford and Calum Hood started it with me. We found a drummer, Ashton Irwin, a bit later and now we're close, like brothers. It's called 5 Seconds of Summer. We're playing a gig tomorrow at the coffee shop downtown, if you wanna come watch us play!"
"I'd love to, but you'll have to show me where the coffee shop is. I literally arrived here yesterday. I know absolutely nothing. I also am very good at getting lost to begin with."
Luke giggled a bit and said, "C'mon, I'll show you!" 
We walked for a while and eventually made it to a cute little coffee shop. We walked inside and there was a small stage with drums and microphones set up on it. 
"Yeah, I'll definitely come watch you play! What time?"
"7:00 exactly." 
On the walk home, Luke and I both began to tire out and we got sweating hot. Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me into a sprinkler. I screamed and laughed and just before he ran away, I grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards the sprinkler. Luke accidentally slipped on the wet grass and fell on me. Face to face, we made eye contact. I felt a spark and he start moving in, as if he wanted to kiss me. I wanted to kiss him, but the thing was, I just met him. I wasn't sure if that was such a smart idea, so I started giggling like I didn't know he was about to kiss me and he started to laugh a bit too as he helped me up. Wet and covered in grass and mud, we both began walking home, laughing and talking as if we were best friends for years. I arrived home around 10 and sitting on our brand new couch reading a book was my mom. 
"Well you were out for a while. Did you have fun?" She asked.
"Yeah and Luke is going to the same school as me so I'll know someone and he's really funny and we had fun!" I told her.
"Why... Why are you muddy?" 
"Oh, we ran through a sprinkler!!! It was so much fun!!!" 
"Alright!" She smiled, "Go wash up." 
I took a shower and was determined to become best friends with Luke so I didn't look like so much of a loser the first day of school. 
The next day I woke up bright and early and walked downstairs. My mother had gone out to buy some more stuff for the house. I sent her a text explaining that I was gonna hang with Luke and then at 7 attend his concert. She replied with a smiley and told me to have a good time. I walked outside after getting dressed and there Luke was, a huge smile on his face. He looked cute today, I loved his hair. 
"Hey Grace, so I was wondering if you could help me pick out my outfit for the concert tonight! You seem to have a good fashion sense and a girl would definitely know what looks good on a guy." 
I smiled. "Yeah, I'd love to! Today, I'm your personal stylist"
"What about other days? And would you like more clients?" 
"What do you mean?" 
"Well, would you seriously like to help me choose outfits and do my hair and such for every concert? Along with the other boys?" 
"Sure!!! It would keep me busy!! I'd have a purpose in life!" 
Luke giggled and said "Ha, you are so not like other girls." His blue eyes lit up as he said "Let's go, we can get started!" 
We walked to his house, which was roughly a mile away from mine. We walked in and his mom was in the kitchen, making some sort of stew. 
"Well, Luke, I see you've got a friend! Introduce me!" She smiled. 
"Grace, this is my mom, Mrs. Hemmings." 
"Hi Mrs. Hemmings!" I greeted. She shook my hand. "Call me Liz! You are so pretty, do you know that?" 
I blushed. "Um, thank you!" 
Luke, who could see I was already feeling awkward, said, "Yeah, she could be a supermodel!!!" He laughed and I lightly pushed him. He smiled and said "Just kidding. Mom, she's our new stylist. She's going to pick out the outfits for the boys and I and she's going to do our hair." 
"Well, I can see she's taking my job, Lukey!" Liz laughed, "I don't mind, she's got better fashion sense than I do." 
I joked "Well I do come from America!" 
Then Luke said "Lets go to my room!" 
He led the way and I followed close behind. His room had a twin-size bed and posters of bands that were popular years ago plastered to his walls. In the corner, he had a guitar. 
"I love your room!" I exclaimed.
"Yes, I made it exceptionally messy, just for you!" 
He had clothes all over his floor, but I didn't mind. I opened his drawer to go to his shirts and my face turned tomato red upon realizing that I opened his underwear drawer. I apologized over and over for opening that drawer. 
"It's okay Grace!" Luke laughed. "I'm not ashamed of my underwear!" With that statement he pulled out a pair of boxers and put them on over his pants and said, "What about this for the concert tonight?" 
"Oh yes! It really draws attention to your thighs!" I joked. 
"I know, they look fabulous!" 
He said fabulous in a high-pitched gay-guy voice and because he said it that way, we fell on the floor in a fit of laughter. Liz ran in with a spatula, extremely worried that something was wrong, which only made us laugh harder. Once we finally calmed down, we kept smiling at each other and every once in a while we'd break down laughing again. Finally, the time neared 5:15 and we got serious. I picked out a black Nirvana t-shirt and a black pair of jeans for Luke to wear. I did his hair and once I finished, he looked at himself. "I look good!" We walked to the coffee shop and Luke introduced me to his band members. After meeting them all, Ashton nudged Luke with his elbow and said, "Ey, you gotta new girlfriend there?" 
Luke shook his head no and said that we were just friends. 
"Mm, well she's cute!!!" Ashton replied.
"She's gonna be our stylist!" Luke stated.
"Really now?" 
"Yep, starting next gig. She picked out my outfit today and did my hair." Luke explained.
"I will say, her styling is a step up from your mom's!" Calum commented. 
"Lol, I'd say it's 10 steps up!!!" Michael exclaimed. 
People began to file into the coffee shop. At 7:00 exactly, 5 Seconds of Summer began playing. I was shocked by how talented they were. I sat there and it surprised me how good Luke was at singing. When I met him, he didn't seem like the kid who would have a good voice. Boy, I was wrong. Ashton had excellent drumming skills, Calum sang well, so did Michael and Michael, Calum and Luke all rocked on guitars. They were just great! After the concert a few girls begged for their autographs. They signed their shirts with a Sharpee and then they began to take down all of their equipment. 
"You guys are seriously good!!! Have you ever thought of getting a record deal?" 
"Yeah, but that requires a lot of work and it's not as easy as you think." Ashton explained.
"We have some stuff on YouTube, we posted a few videos. Maybe we'll get noticed that way. We have quite a few views!!!" Luke shared with me. 
"That's great!!!" I said. I helped them pack up their equipment and then I said goodbye to each of them and Luke walked me home. 
"So, what did you think?" Luke asked. 
"Of what?" 
"Of my singing!"
"Oh my gosh you are an extremely talented singer I didn't even expect you to sound like that! It blew my mind how good you guys were! And I love your band mates, they seem like great guys!" 
"Well you'll be going to school with Michael and Calum as well!" 
As we neared my house, Luke started talking about what we should do tomorrow. I just stared at him, not really listening. I was listening to my thoughts. 
"God, he is so hot. Can he stop smiling like that? I'm melting inside. His laugh is so perfect. Why are his eyes so blue?" 
Then we got to my house and I have him a hug, a daring move on my part."Goodnight Grace!" Luke called out. 
"Goodnight Luke!" I said, walking inside. 
I walked inside and went straight to bed, I was wiped out. 
I spent the rest of the week hanging out with Luke and helping my mom make our house look prettier. I also finally introduced Luke to my mom. "I really like that friend of yours." My mom commented one night at dinner. I smiled, wanting to say "I like him too." I kept my feelings contained, I was not about to ruin a friendship as close as ours. 

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