If You Only Knew

Grace Daniels. 16, has to move halfway around the world to Australia for a promotion her mother recieved. In doing this, she left behind her friends, her relatives and even her country. In Australia, she becomes close with Luke Hemmings just weeks before 5 Seconds of Summer is discovered by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Eventually, Grace learns who she is really meant to be with and she's glad to have him.


4. The Night Things Change

•••3 weeks later•••
I was accepted at school and everything was normal, 5SOS had a gig every now and then and Luke and I remained just friends. Because it was Saturday, Luke and I were hanging at his place, just chilling in his room. 
"Luke, Grace, I'm going shopping, be back in a few hours!" Liz informed us before getting into her car and leaving. Luke and I were laying on his bed on our stomachs, talking about school, celebrities and sports. 
"Do you think Lindsay Lohan will ever get her shit together?" I asked.
"No, she probably never will. Why would you want her to?" 
"I used to love her when I was younger and she was great in Mean Girls."
"What's Mean Girls?" Luke asked, confused. 
I was shocked. "You've never seen Mean Girls?!?!" 
"No... What's the big deal?" 
"You won't understand until you see the movie. Hey, lets get it from my house!" I suggested.
"Okay, I have to see this "Special" Mean Girls," Luke agreed.
We hopped into his car and I kept talking about the movie like it was one of the wonders of the world. 
"Geez Grace, if this movie isn't good, I will judge you for the rest of my life." Luke laughed.
I ran inside, grabbing the movie. I ran out and handed the box to Luke. 
"Let's go!" I urged him. We backed out and drove back to Luke's. I put the DVD in and hopped next to Luke on his bed. About halfway through the movie, I felt Luke's arm wrap around my waist and pull me closer. After he did that, I couldn't resist putting my head on his chest. It was just there, I couldn't help it any more. Once we finished the movie, I looked up at Luke's face waiting for his reaction. He paused a moment before exclaiming, "That. Was. Awesome!" 
"You really think so?" I asked.
"Yes, it was funny and I loved the plot! I wish I would've seen it sooner!" 
"Well, now that you have, do you feel like a changed man?" 
Luke put in his best sexy guy voice and said, "Not only have I changed mentally, but I feel more sexually attractive. I mean, I look sexy with my hair pushed back. Both Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams said so!" 
"Correction. Cady Heron and Regina George think that!" I laughed.
Luke's POV
That movie was good. I just wish Grace thought I looked sexy with my hair pushed back. Hell, I wish she thought I looked sexy all the time. 
"Do you have a certain type?" I asked. 
"Type of what?" Grace looked confused. 
"Type of guy. Like, an athlete or something?" 
Grace shook her head. "No, not really. I just feel like any guy who will treat me right is definitely my type." 
I sat and thought for a moment. Do I treat her right? Maybe she's oblivious to the fact that I like her. I mean, it's not like I'm super flirty or anything. "That's good, wouldn't want to have to save you from any dick you'd end up with?" 
"What's that supposed to mean?" She giggled, lightly hitting my shoulder.
"Well, a girl as pretty as you is bound to attract some pretty crappy boyfriends, am I right?" I smiled.
"What about your girlfriends? You're cute, I'm sure you've dated a bitchy girl once or twice." 
"Actually, yes, I have." I answered her. 
"Oh really?" She smirked, "And who might that be?" 
Under my breath, I mumbled, "...Stacey..." 
Laughing, Grace proceeded to give me a hard time. Cupping her hand to her ear, she asked, "Who?" 
"Nobody!!!" I laughed, swatting at her cupped hand. 
Her eyes locked with mine and she's grinned playfully. She jumped up, cupped her hand to her ear again, yelled, "WHO IS IT AGAIN?" And stood there, waiting. 
"Now you've asked for it!" I jokingly pretended I was upset. I scooped her up bridal style and she playfully screamed, squirming ever so slightly, acting as if she couldn't escape my grasp. Her whole face was so bright and cute, I didn't want her to stop looking so happy. I threw her on the couch and one more time threatened her.
 She kept her ground, whispering "Who? Who was it?" 
I tickled her stomach until she pleaded for me to stop. Out of breath, yet persistent as ever, she asked, "Who?" 
"Stacey!" I yelled, laughing at how adorable she was. 
"Thank you." She sat up. "That's all I asked for." 
Her eyes still had a playful flicker in them, as if there was a flame inside of her, one that wouldn't die out until she was tired. 
                   •   •   •
By the time my mom returned home, I had given Grace a piggyback ride for over a mile to prove my strength to her. I was nearly out of breath by the time we arrived back, but I felt very manly. 
"You really didn't have to carry me over a mile and back on your back. I am perfectly capable of walking." 
"You helped with my workout!" I assured her it was alright. "Now I won't have to go for a run today."
We walked back inside and lied down on my bed, looking up at the ceiling. All of a sudden, my phone rang, and I answered it. 
"Hi!" A British accent spoke.
"Um... Who is this?" I asked, quite confused. I didn't know anyone British... Did I? 
"My name's Louis Tomlinson. I'm from One Direction." 
My jaw dropped. Was this real? Was I seriously speaking with the Louis Tomlinson of One Direction? 
Grace, who had heard our conversation, had a shocked expression on her face as well. 
"What... Wait... How... LOUIS???" She squealed. 
Louis had become impatient and said "Hello? Are you still there?" 
"Yes, hi, sorry, I just can't believe it!" I explained. 
"Is this Luke Hemmings?" Louis asked. 
"Yes, it is. Um... Why are you calling me?" 
"I was on YouTube and I discovered your channel... You and your band are very talented and I was wondering if you'd like to tour with us for the American part of the Take Me Home Tour!"
"AHHHHH NO WAY LUKE THAT'S CRAZY!!!!" Grace screamed, a look of disbelief across her face.
"Really?" I asked. "This isn't a prank? You want US to tour with you?" 
"No joke, I'm very serious about this. If you'd like to fly out to London by next week, give us your flight number, we'll pick you up at the airport!" 
"Can I have some sort of email or text or papers or something as proof so my mom will let me go?" I asked, feeling responsible.  
"Yeah, I'll shoot you a text and an email!" Louis agreed. "Now, good b-" 
I cut Louis off. "Louis, one question." 
"What's that?" 
"Can we bring our stylist?" 
"You have a stylist?" Louis asked, this time he was the one sounding shocked. 
"Yeah, our friend Grace." 
"Well, uh, we have stylists here, ya know. Real ones, ones that know what they're doing." Louis explained.
Grace sat there with a blank face. I wonder if she felt awkward right now.
"Louis, mate, Grace knows us best and she's able to capture our type of style, I don't want any professional stylist messing with that." I firmly stated. 
"Well, you've got a point," Louis began, "you look like you have fabulous style. It fits your music, your band. Alright, Grace can come." 
I looked over at Grace, who no longer had a blank expression, but rather a super shocked one.  Her mouth was wide open, just like her eyes, she looked like she couldn't believe what just happened. 
"Thanks so much!" I thanked him. "We won't let you down!" 
"Better not!" Louis chuckled before hanging up. 
Moments later, Grace and I jumped up. I picked her up and swung her around. The smiles on our faces couldn't disappear; it actually hurt a bit, smiling that hard. We literally could not stop though. I was overwhelmed, hugging Grace and thinking about what just happened. After screaming and celebrating on our own, we ran out to see my mom was working in the garden. Frolicking across the lawn, I eventually stopped by the garden. There was my mom, weeding it. 
"Mom!!! Louis Tomlinson just called and he wants us to tour with One Direction for the American portion of their "Take Me Home" tour!!!!" I excitedly spat out. 
She dropped everything. "WHAT???" Her face was extremely shocked, she could not believe it. None of us could, actually. 
After explaining everything, she hurriedly grabbed her phone and told Grace and I to each call a boy. I called Calum, Grace called Ashton and Mom called Michael. 
Grace's POV
It was unbelievable. I couldn't get it in my head that I was going to see One Direction up close. The One Direction band I wrote a blog about, the band I stalked in most of my free time. Up close. I screamed. Not only that, but this was such a huge opportunity for 5 Seconds of Summer, One Direction has MILLIONS of fans, fans that would very well adapt to the idea of another boy band. Not that 5SOS would ever replace 1D; 1D would never be replaced. It was all so much to take in. The other boys were on their way over to celebrate and get the complete scoop, we hadn't told them everything over the fun. Liz began preparing a special dinner while Luke and I hurried to my house to tell my mom.
As we were walking, Luke and I began talking about how this was such a huge deal. Luke's face completely dropped. "What about my schooling? Will I be able to finish at least high school?" 
I thought for a while, then answered. "Yes, you'll just do all the learning on the road!" 
Luke smiled again, it's like another wave of excitement washed over him. He scooped me up and carried me all the way to my house on his shoulders. Once we arrived, he put me down and we walked inside, calling for my mom. She came down the stairs, asking what was up. We explained what just happened and her mouth dropped. "Grace!!! You're going with them???? That's crazy!!!" 
"Only if you'll let me!" I said.
Luke commented, "I really hope she comes, I need her." 
"Well..." My mom began. "Alright, Grace can tour the US with you, as long as you promise me something, Luke." 
"What's that?" 
"Keep her safe. Got it? Protect her with your everything and don't lose sight of her, she gets lost easily." 
"MOM!!!" I squealed. "I do not, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself." 
Luke giggled. "I'm not so sure about that, but I'll keep you safe!"
I nudged his side with my elbow and he pretended to die. 
"I'VE BEEN SHOT!" He laughed.
"Wasn't me!" I held up my hands, laughing along with Luke. 
"Hey, you two, stop having fun, I'm trying to talk to you!" My mom stared at both of us. 
"Well my mom's making a celebratory dinner and you can come, if you'd like. Ashton, Calum and Michael will be there as well." Luke invited my mom.
"I'd love to, just let me grab my coat!"  
                  •   •   • 
We all chatted excitedly at dinner and afterword, after saying our goodbyes, my mom said she was gonna drive home. "And Grace, when you're ready to come home, you can walk." 
"I'll walk her!" Luke offered. It was good seeing Ashton, Michael and Calum again, but I always enjoyed hanging with Luke alone. 
Luke and I walked out into his backyard. It was a chilly night, the air was crisp and the moon was full. The stars spotted the black night sky, it was just beautiful. I found myself shivering as Luke and I walked through the field. We stopped at a spot where the grass wasn't as high and laid down. I was still shivering and Luke noticed. He pulled me close as wrapped his arm around me, attempting to warm me up. We just looked up at the stars, every so often looking at each other and Luke would smile that heart melting smile he always had, the one where he showed his teeth and looked so happy to be alive. Then, in a swift moment, we propped ourselves up with our elbows and found our lips locking. A spark ran through me and a chill ran up my spine, I couldn't help it, I wanted more. It felt so good, so right. I rolled over onto him, placing my legs on either side of his torso and I began making out with him, constantly going for more and more. His hands began sliding up my sides and before I knew it, as we were kissing, he was cupping and squeezing my boobs. I was being felt up for the first time in my life by a boy who I wanted to keep as my best friend. I somehow couldn't stop, I kept kissing him and our lips kept moving together. Finally, I pulled away and looked him straight in the eyes. His eyes were sparkling and he looked so innocent. I laid back down by his side, not sure of what to do. He looked over at me and smiled. 
"How was that?" He laughed. 
"How was what?" 
"Kissing me, ya dork! What do you think?" He giggled and pulled me closer to him.
"Luke, I'd rather not talk about it. I mean, it felt so wrong but it felt so right, if you know what I mean." 
"No, I don't understand, can you explain?" 
"Luke, part of me has been wanting to kiss you for a long time, but another part of me doesn't want to ruin our friendship. It felt so good though, I feel like we should be together as more than friends, but I don't want to risk losing you. If that makes any sense." 
Luke nodded, taking in what I just said. "Grace, I have been wanting to kiss you since day one. It seems like we have a connection, a deeper one than being friends. I totally get where you're coming from, I don't want to lose you either. But what if we make it? Together? I feel like I could never get tired of you, no matter how annoying you get."
I shook my head and said "I don't even want to take the risk. I just... Can't do it. The thought of losing you scares me more than death. " 
"I understand." Luke half-smiled. "Well, lets get you home, we're gonna leave in a few days and you need to be well rested and packed. I'm so excited, we're gonna go on a huge adventure together; I'm happy I get to do it with you!" 
"Sounds like fun, ya freak!" I joked. "Race you to the house!" I yelled, sprinting towards Luke's house. 

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