If You Only Knew

Grace Daniels. 16, has to move halfway around the world to Australia for a promotion her mother recieved. In doing this, she left behind her friends, her relatives and even her country. In Australia, she becomes close with Luke Hemmings just weeks before 5 Seconds of Summer is discovered by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Eventually, Grace learns who she is really meant to be with and she's glad to have him.


2. Back to a New School

School time was nearing and I was getting nervous about meeting new people. 
"They'll love you!" Luke reassured me. 
I smiled and jumped onto Luke's bed, picking up a magazine that was laying on it. It was one of those paparazzi-made gossip magazines that had a surprisingly accurate inside scoop about the world's biggest celebrities. Luke sat on the bed next to me and I yawned, feeling sleepy. Luke lied down, propping his top half up on pillows. He motioned for me to come up and I did. I lied my head down on his chest and we both continued reading about another one of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's arguments. His chest was slightly toned, it was relaxing to hear him breath in and out. I found myself getting drowsier and drowsier. Luke looked down at me and smiled. 
"Grace, you are just amazing, you know that, right?" He complimented.
Slowly shaking my head, I joked, "Well, the song Amazing Grace was obviously written about me! Of course I know!"
Luke smiled a warm smile at me, one that completely made me melt inside. 
"She is so beautiful. Grace, I mean. It feels so good to have her laying on my chest. I wish we could lay like this forever. I would be completely content. She looked up at me, so innocent. If only she knew how I felt." I thought to myself. I would never tell her how I feel. I'm not in the mood to ruin a great friendship. Maybe later, maybe. Or hell, why not now? She's so great, she could get her heart stolen by a super athlete at school, or a cute nerd like Marcel, or a sensitive emo... 
"Grace, I have to tell you something." I began. It was a pretty good start. "um, so, I-" 
Her phone began ringing. She picked it up. "Hello? Oh hi mom!" She said, cheerful as could be. "I'll be there in 20 minutes tops. Love you!" She hung up her phone and turned to me
"What was it that you were trying to tell me?" 
I sighed. "I just wanted to say that you'll be well-loved at school, I can feel it." 
"Aww thanks Lukey, that means so much to me! I hope I am loved, school starts tomorrow! I'm nervous!" She thanked me with sincere gratitude. 
"Hey, don't worry about it. You'll be fine. Want me to walk you home?" 
"No, it's fine! You always walk me home, I don't want to burden you with that too often!" 
"It's not a problem, if you want." I told her. I really just wanted to spend more time with her. But being the polite person she is, I completely expected her next answer. 
"You spend more time with your mom, I don't want to distract you from family time! I'll be fine, I'll see you tomorrow!" Her smile sparkled and I waved goodbye as she walked away. I watched her until she was no longer visible, feeling like she would never love a guy like me.
Grace's POV
I walked with butterflies in my stomach, school was tomorrow. Walking alone just wasn't as fun as walking with Luke. But, like myself, he has family. I arrived at my house roughly 15 minutes later, spotting my mom working in the garden. 
"What's for dinner?" I asked.
"We are going to have pizza, if that's alright. I'm too lazy to actually cook today, the pizza should be here any minute." She replied. 
Less then 30 seconds later, the delivery guy pulled up with one small pizza. My mother paid him and we took it inside to eat. We sat down and my mother started talking to me.
"So... You and Luke seem pretty close. Are you two... A thing?" My mother questioned.
I spit my pizza out. "No!" My face reddened, "We are just friends! Nothing more. We never will be."
"Okay honey, no need to get defensive, I was just asking." My mother had a look on her face that suggested she knew what I was thinking. To show her that she could never know my thoughts, I put on my best mysterious-child face as I ate. 
"Are you excited for school?" My mom tried to start the conversation back up.
"I'm actually nervous, but Luke says everyone will love me. Anyway, I already know Calum and Michael. And they like me! I play video games with Michael all the time and Calum and I make silly pranks, costumes and stories up together."
"Sounds like you're having a blast with these boys. Will you make some girl friends though?" My mom pleaded.
I gasped. "I am not a lesbian!"
"No, not like that. I meant friends that are girls, the kind you share secrets with!"
"Oh. Well I don't know, maybe. But I share my secrets with Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum! I don't need girls for that. But I will try to make at least ONE girl friend." I promised my mom, hoping to satisfy her.
As soon as I finished, I brushed my teeth, pulled on my pajamas and climbed into bed. I felt my phone buzz and I looked at the message. It was from Luke. 
"Hey, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning?" 
"Yeah, that would be great! See you then!" 
I totally forgot that Luke had a car. I texted him that I was going to sleep and he said "I should sleep too." 
We exchanged our goodnights and then I soon fell asleep. My alarm sounded at 6:30am, giving me just enough time to get ready. I put on my clothes, did my hair and makeup and packed up my binders. Around 7:15, Luke pulled up to my garage door and I walked out and got in the passenger side of his car. 
"Good morning sunshine!" He smiled.
"Good morning." I said grumpily, not wanting to go to school. 
"Well, who pissed in your Wheaties?" Luke asked, trying to cheer me up. 
"The school. I don't want to go. Nobody will like me. I'm so weird."
"Well, you made me like you." He looked right in my eyes with a look of sincerity. 
"I hope I can make others like me then." 
Luke smiled and then continued driving. I turned up the radio and changed it to the local station. A familiar song was playing and then Luke and I looked right at each other; it was 5 Seconds of Summer's song! 
"Oh my gosh," he breathed. His Australian accent sounded beautiful when he said that.
"Call the lads!!! Tell them what they're missing!"
"You call Ashton," he instructed, "Calum and Michael are playing video games, they dropped out of school, so I'll call them!" 
After much screaming and celebrating, Luke and I finally hung up.
We smiled and hugged and then Luke continued driving, a huge smile across his face. It was so cute. It made me happy. 
Eventually pulling into the parking lot, I sighed. I felt butterflies in my stomach and I looked nervous. Luke noticed and grabbed my hand. We walked up to the door and I squeezed his hand. He was such a great friend. We walked in and plenty of people stared at me. I squeezed Luke's hand a bit, more nervous than ever. 
"Don't worry, you'll be fine!" He reassured me.
He walked me to my locker and I pulled out my schedule. I put my bag in and followed him to his locker like a lost puppy. He pulled out his schedule and a worried look appeared on his face. 
"Grace, we don't have home room together. You'll have to be alone for that. But we have first hour together!" 
"Um, that's okay, I'll be fine." I smiled. 
"That's great! See you in first hour then!" He hugged me for a while and I hugged back. I then watched him walk away to catch up with some friends. He looked very happy to be back. I stood awkwardly in the hallway, trying to figure out what to do. Moments later, a tall blonde boy walked up to me. 
"You new here?"
"Well that depends," I joked, "have you seen me here before?"
"No, I surely haven't. I'd remember someone like you."
"Ha, yeah. So I have homeroom in room 207, can you help me find that?"
"Yes, of course. I have homeroom in 207 too. I thought I saw you hug Luke. Are you two... A thing?" 
"Oh, no, we're just friends. He doesn't have homeroom with me and I thought he probably wanted to catch up with friends so I let him go." I explained. For some reason, I wanted Luke now more than ever. 
"Well you're gorgeous, how about a date sometime?" His eyes looked into mine and I found myself lost in the pools of blue.
"Um, yeah, that'd be cool!"
"Well homeroom is this way!" 
I followed him until some girls stopped me. He stopped as well, waiting to see what they had to say. The girls were well dressed; they looked very pretty. They were wearing designer clothing, the exact kind of stuff I was wearing at the moment. 
"Are you like, rich or something?" The blonde, fake-looking girl asked.
"No, but my mom does well to support us..." I answered.
"Stacey, leave her alone. She's new, don't try to recruit a new Barbie wannabe." The blonde guy told her.
"Jared what do you know? Maybe she's already a Barbie, you know, she's just waiting to join in with us. I mean, look at her clothes. Those are top-brand designers. Expensive clothing, if you ask me." 
I spoke up. "I was not actually a 'Barbie' at my old school, I was just a normal girl. I wear nicer clothes because we can afford them and my mother wanted me to look nice for school. No other reasoning. But thanks for asking if I wanted to join your clique!" 
I began walking, even though I had no idea where homeroom was. Jared caught up and led the way to the classroom. We sat down just as the bell rang and the teach began taking attendance. 
"Grace... Daniels. You're a new student, aren't you?" 
"Yes ma'am."
"Where do you come from?" 
"Michigan, in the United States."
"Very nice. Everyone make a warm welcome to our new student and help her fit in." The teacher continued attendance and I watched, not sure what else to do. 
On the other side of me sat a brunette boy with gorgeous green eyes. 
"Hi!" He whispered, "my name is Jonathan. Welcome to our school. If you need help with anything, I'm here!"
"Thanks Jonathan, I will definitely ask!" 
"And maybe sometime we could get together and have sex. Sounds like fun, huh?" 
"Um, no, I'm 16, I have not had sex yet and I don't exactly plan to until I feel ready. Sorry!"
"Why not, babe?" He placed his hand on my thigh and I began feeling uncomfortable. Unsure of what to do, I sat there and whispered at him. 
"I just don't want to. Can you take your hand off of my thigh please?" 
"No, I do what I want." He slid it higher, which only worried me more. I tried pushing his hand off with my hands but he just gripped my thigh and held on tight. 
"This is not okay, this is my personal space, you are not allowed to violate it. What kind of person thinks this is okay?" 
"Well, I do! C'mon, you're smokin' babe!" 
"I hate when guys call girls babe. It's such a huge pet peeve of mine. It sounds stupid!" 
His hand slid higher, until it rested at the top of my thigh. I felt very uncomfortable and I began squirming. 
"Hold still, you'll want me in a while." His eyes held me in a peculiar way, yet I knew he was just a perve. I leaned over to Jared and explained what was going on with the guy next to me. Jared stood up and walked to the seat next to Jonathan. 
"Now, Jonathan, who won the last time we were in a fight? C'mon buddy, leave her alone, it's her first day!" 
"I'm just trying to make her feel welcome!" 
"By violating her personal space? You make me sick, you know that?" 
Jonathan's face had a look of fear on it, as if Jared was the scariest person in the world. 
"Thank you," I mouthed, waiting for the bell to ring. 
I walked to my next class, bumping into others who were rushing past. They all were just trying to get to class. A group of girls were gossiping in the corner, the jocks were pushing each other as they walked, the nerds were discussing a math problem and everyone else was just pushing their way through. I got into the classroom and saw Luke talking and laughing with a gorgeous blonde girl. I felt something deep inside me, and it wasn't a good feeling. I was jealous. She was so pretty, her blonde hair was shiny and loosely curled while my brown hair was straight and boring. She had gorgeous blue eyes, they were deep and it seemed like you could stare into them forever. Mine were a hazel/green/brown color, they weren't nearly as pretty. They seemed to be having a good time together, making me want to cry. My throat burned, my eyes stung, but I refused to cry. I couldn't let Luke see me like that. I walked up to them, smiled, and said "Hi Luke!" 
"Grace!" He exclaimed. He hugged me and looked at me. "How was homeroom. Are you okay? Do you like school so far?" 
"Well it's... Interesting. I met Jared, he was nice, Jonathan, he was... Weird and I met Stacey, she seemed, um, bitchy."
Luke laughed. "You met the three worst people in school!!! Aww, I'm sorry!!!" 
"Jared isn't bad at all, he was very nice to me! In fact, he asked if we could go on a date sometime. I told him that would be great! He saved me from Jonathan and Stacey, he's so kind." I explained.
Luke looked worried. "You aren't seriously going to go on a date with him, are you? He's the head jock, he's so annoying to me! You can do better!"
"Well thanks Luke, but I might see how it goes with Jared. You know?" 
The bell rang and I sat down next to Luke. The blonde girl had gone away and I felt much better, I was happier now that she was gone. The teacher stood up and called me up to the front of the class. I walked up there and she turned me around. 
"Class, this is our new student. Introduce her to your other classmates, she came all the way from Michigan. Her name is Grace Daniels. Thank you." 
A boy whistled and the teacher looked around to try and see who it was. I walked back to my seat and sat down. Luke whispered, "Someone whistled. Obviously, you are liked here. Just, don't forget to remember me." 
I smiled. "Luke, how could I forget you?" 
We listened to the lesson and finally got out of the class. I got through my first day and met Luke in the parking lot by his car. He unlocked it and opened my door for me, closing it as soon as I slid in. He climbed into the driver side and started up the car. 
Luke's POV
I looked over at Grace after I had started the car. She was looking down at her phone, obviously texting someone. I looked over to see Jared's name. I felt a twinge of jealousy and decided to distract her. 
"Grace, what do you think about school?" 
"It's good, Luke, I just wish we could have every class together!" She responded.
"Me too." 
I started backing out and began driving down the road. I kept looking over at her smiling face.
"She is so gorgeous. Ugh I want her so much. Luke, no. Don't ruin your friendship." I thought to myself.
I pulled into her driveway and said "Well, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning, same time! And we've got a gig tomorrow, you'll need to plan out outfits!"
She smiled, "I wouldn't miss it for the world. After school, let's go to your house and pick out your outfit and the other boys' outfits for the show. And, I'll do your hair." 
I slowly pulled out and watched her as she looked back and waved. I'd see her tomorrow. I could be happy again. I drove home, sad that I wasn't with her. I don't know why, but it felt like if I wasn't with her, my life would be awful for all eternity. 
Gracie's POV
Luke drove away and I watched his car until it was out if sight. Jared asked if I wanted to go see a movie tonight and I thought, "why not? It's only the first day of school." 
I asked my mom about it and she laughed. "A date? Already? Wow, you must be well-liked. But what about Luke? What's happening there?" 
"Mom, I told you, we're just friends. We can't be something more, ever, I don't want to ruin our friendship!" Something deep inside me wished that we could be more, but I decided to ignore it. 
"Okay honey, well have fun! And be safe. I don't know this Jared all that well."
"You didn't know Luke all that well either, but look how much you love him!" I reasoned with her. 
"Alright, still, have fun and be safe."
Jared pulled up around 7:30, tomorrow was a school day, and I got in the car. He drove to the movie theater and we decided on a scary movie. Well, Jared decided on a scary movie. He didn't really let me have a say in what we were going to watch. I'm sure he wanted me to be scared and to hold onto him, but the joke's on him because I love scary movies. We walked into the theater and sat down. Jared whispered, "If you get scared, I'm here. I'll keep you safe." 
I smiled. "We'll see how scared I get." 
The movie began and after a few moments, it started getting suspenseful. Jared grabbed my hand and whispered, "You're safe with me." 
I giggled because I wasn't scared at all. Jared's hand tensed up whenever something "scary" happened. I sat there and enjoyed the movie. It wasn't nearly as scary as reviews said it was. I could tell Jared jumped at a few parts. I wasn't about to tell him though, I wanted to see how he'd react after the movie was over. 
The movie soon ended and we walked out. Jared looked a little scared still and I asked, "So what did you think of the movie?"
Just as I thought, Jared said, "It wasn't scary at all. I've seen way scarier movies, not that those ones scared me any." Then he said something I hadn't expected. "You didn't seem scared at all either. Like, what the hell, what kind of girl are you?" 
I got a little defensive, but I kept my cool. "Well definitely not a type like Stacey! Now, she would be scared, wouldn't she? But see, I'm not like that. And I know that's the kind of girl you usually date."
His face looked surprised. "How do yo know that?" 
"You're an athlete, and when you talked to Stacey today I could tell you guys have dated already. You're just used to those kind of girls. Considering the way I dress, I may look like one. But I certainly am not. You may like me for that, but my suggestion to you is to explore. There are tons of girls out there who are different in many ways that would love to date you!"
Jared stood there for a moment. Then he finally spoke. "But what if I want you?" 
"Well it'll take a lot more to get me." I smiled and started walking towards his car.
He opened the passenger side and shut the door behind me. Jared opened his door to get in and as he began sliding in, he hit his head on the top of the car. 
"Ow!" He yelled. He fell backward, hitting his head hard on the pavement. His head was bleeding and I had no idea what to do. I got out, rushed over to him and tried to pick him up. He was heavy though, and I was weak, so I dragged him over to the passenger side. To control the bleeding I wrapped my shirt around his head and felt thankful I had a tank top on underneath. I climbed into the driver seat and started the car and rushed out. I immediately became confused. Where was the hospital? I took out my phone and turned on the GPS. It gave me pretty clear directions as I drove quickly through the cars. I ran a red light and soon enough, the cops where right behind me. I slowed down and pulled over. The cop got out and walked over to my window. 
"Ma'am, the light was red. License please." 
I pulled it out and handed it to him, all the while explaining what happened. He ran over and checked out Jared and said, "He needs to get to the hospital, he looks like he has a concussion."
"Officer, I have no idea where the hospital is, do you think you could drive us there?" 
The officer locked his car and got in the drivers seat. He sped through the cars until we arrived. He also carried Jared in, and as soon as Jared was with a doctor, I turned around to thank him. 
"Thank you Officer..." I read his name tag, "Petty. This means a lot!" 
"You were doing the wrong yet right thing running through that light. I won't give you a ticket, this was definitely an emergency. Is he your boyfriend?" 
"No, we had just gone to see a movie together, I just moved here. I'm making friends." 
"Oh, I know you just moved here. Your license says "Michigan" on it. You need to get one from here, missy." 
"Sorry Officer, I'll do that as soon as possible. I promise." 
Officer Petty left and moments later, a handsome, dark-haired doctor walked out. 
"You're lucky you got him here when you did. Even 30 minutes later and he would've had some brain damage. I suggest that he stays here and you call his parents and you go home. He'll need to rest up a bit." 
"I grabbed his phone from his car, explaining to his parents what happened. They sounded worried, but they thanked me and they said they were going to come here as fast as they could. 
When they got here, they told me to drive Jared's car home and go to sleep. I saw Jared before I left and I whispered, "Hey, see you soon!" 
He smiled and soon fell asleep. I walked out of the hospital and got in the car, slowly driving home and thinking about the events of the night. I pulled into my house and walked past my mom, straight to bed. I climbed in and seconds later, I heard her coming up the stairs.
"Grace, what's wrong? And why is Jared's car in the driveway?"
"Nothing's wrong mom, and Jared got a concussion so I drove him to the hospital and his parents told me to drive his car home. I'm just tired, it's been a long night."
"How'd he get a concussion?" My mom asked, a worried expression on her face.
"He was climbing in the car and he hit his head and then fell back on the pavement, hitting his head again. It cracked open and in a panic I ran a red light trying to find the hospital. An officer stopped me but he understood why I was rushing and he drove us there. So yeah, I'm tired and I've got school tomorrow." 
"Okay honey, goodnight!"
I fell asleep just a few minutes after she left, I truly was tired.

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