Ultimate [Harry Styles]

Seventeen year old Rachel goes to London with her Uncle on a business trip for a month. Mainly because she's always wanted to go to the beautiful city. Also for experience in the business world since she'll be graduating. But maybe also to meet a guy. She gets to stay in a massive hotel suite with her Uncle, what if she runs down to a small grocery store by the hotel to get some goodies for her Uncle and herself when she runs into someone.
Harry Styles is one of the five boys in the biggest boy band in the world. The boys haven't had a summer off in three years, due to touring. So management decided to give the boys three months off to relax. How is he going to enjoy that time off? Read this love story to find out! .xx


3. Chapter 3 - Making New Friends

I'm going to put my author notes at the bottom, because I've read books on here either way and I happen to like it on the bottom. :)

The next day, we got up really early because Gary had to teach a class today.  I woke up and hopped into the shower.  After I blow dried my hair so its straight, I quickly put in my contacts and throw on some makeup.  I put on a mint green dress, with a light brown belt around the waist.  I put on my gold watch and pull out gold glitter heels, carrying them into the main room.

When I walked in Gary was drinking some Starbucks and I grabbed mine off the counter.  

'Thanks for the coffee." I say taking a sip.

"No problem, there's one right in the lobby.  Isn't that great?" Gary asks.

"Oh that's awesome." I say while slipping on my heels and putting my bag on my shoulder.  Coffee cup on hand, Gary flips off the TV and we walk out. 

Once we were there, Gary introduced me to his class.  I shyly wave to all the British men.  I get some 'Good morning, Loves' and some kinda creepy winks from the older men.

The next day, Tuesday, Gary and I repeat going to work.  We get off of work at 5:00 P.M. and then hung around the hotel until we got hungry.   

After a few hours, I was craving cookie dough.

"You know what sounds good?" I ask Gary.

'Hmm?" Gary says looking over to me.

''Cookie dough!" I say.

'Oooh I does!" Gary says.  Then an idea springs into his mind. 

'There's a grocery store down the street.  If you want you can walk down there and buy some.  We can get some to bake and some to eat raw." He explains.

"Sure! I'll go!" I say, running into my room to grab my bag and shove my white converse on.  I was still in my mint green dress, but I didn't care, the converse went with it.  

"Okay, I'll be back in a bit!" I say, grabbing my key-card and running out the door.

Once at the store, I find the cookie dough section by following the signs hung from the ceiling.  My eyes were scanning down all the flavors and brands.  I grab some peanut butter, and look down the stores frozen food section to see chocolate chip rolls.  My favourite!

With my attention on the cookie dough, I accidentally bump into someone cart.

"Oops! I'm terribly sorry! I'm quite too clumsy sometimes." I say to the stranger.

The lady I ran into smiles at me.  She's super pretty with green eyes, black hair and and dimpled smile.  She looks to be in her late forties maybe?  Her face looks familiar, but I brush it off.

"Oh no, love!  It's my fault!  I'm sorry." She exclaims.

She looks so familiar!  I swear I've seen her before, but that's highly impossible!  I've never been to this country in my life.

Oh haha.  Well, again I'm super sorry." I reply to her.  About to turn to the cookie dough she speaks up. 

"Oh you're fine hun!  I can't help but notice American accent.  Are you visiting London?  I'm sorry, I'm being incredibly rude!  I'm Anne." She says, sticking her hand out.

I smile at Anne and shake her hand.  Damn the people are so nice and friendly here!  

"I'm Rachel.  It's very nice to meet you!  And to answer your question, yes I am here visiting.  I'm here for a month with my Uncle on a business trip.  I basically his personal assistant for three day of the week.  We're staying in the hotel down the street, and I just ran down here to gran dinner." I say gesturing to the tubes of cookie dough in my hands.

"You're not eating that for dinner are you?" She asks with a look of astonishment on her face.

Not wanting to lie to my new friend, I nod.  Kind of embarrassed.

"Hun, as a mother, I can't let you and you're Uncle eat cookie dough alone for dinner!  How about you two come over to my house for dinner?  I'm making pasta for my son and I.  My husband is on a business trip at the moment.  I'm sure Harry won;t mind guests, and I love cooking for people." Anne says.

Astonished with the kindness and hospitality Anne was giving my Uncle and I.  

"Let me ask my Uncle" I say, still pretty shocked.


Ohhh. Is Gary going to say yessss?  Sorry i haven't been posting. I've been busy and I actually cut off this chapter short because I have to go to bed.

Anyways, sorry for any typos.  I suck at typing.

My bum is numb.  I need to walk around or sit differently.  I'll post the next as soon as I get it typed! 

I got to spend some time with cousins I haven't seen in a while!  So that was exciting. :)  Okay I really need to sleeeeep now! Byeee!

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-Rachel .xx

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