Ultimate [Harry Styles]

Seventeen year old Rachel goes to London with her Uncle on a business trip for a month. Mainly because she's always wanted to go to the beautiful city. Also for experience in the business world since she'll be graduating. But maybe also to meet a guy. She gets to stay in a massive hotel suite with her Uncle, what if she runs down to a small grocery store by the hotel to get some goodies for her Uncle and herself when she runs into someone.
Harry Styles is one of the five boys in the biggest boy band in the world. The boys haven't had a summer off in three years, due to touring. So management decided to give the boys three months off to relax. How is he going to enjoy that time off? Read this love story to find out! .xx


19. Chapter 19 - Goodbye

Throughout the rest of the month, Harry and I got even closer than before. Either I would stay at his flat or Anne's or he would be at the hotel, every night. And you think, damn they must be getting it. But no, surprisingly, we haven't gone past making out yet. I just like falling asleep in his arms with him singing lowly to me. Or when we stay up all night watching movies and gossiping about our friends.  He's my best friend, and I couldn't ask for a better person to fill his spot. I love how him and Gary get along so well, and how they hang out sometimes when I'm with the girls.  They went to a football game together when I was with Riley and Danielle. Yeah, I still hang out with Dani all the time because she's an amazing friend.  Even though her and Liam are broken up they're still really good friends too. I don't see Cher and Jade that much anymore, or James, Edward or Ian. It's just been awkward since the incident with Ian. 

On a brighter note, Anne and I have been super close. She's like my Mom, and I love her like a Mom. She always invites us over for dinner and if we don't have plans I gladly accept. I can tell Harry loves his Mum so much and likes how easily her and I get along. Sometimes on those later nights we just watch a movie at her house and crash there. One time we were too exhausted to go up to his room so just fell asleep on the couch. That morning when Anne woke up, she snapped a picture of us snuggled together and put it on twitter. Now let me tell you, that got me a LOT of hate. But I try not to read it and I don't really care what some 12 year old who 'loves' Harry, says about me.  

But now it's sadly my last night in London. MY LAST NIGHT. Tomorrow I have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn and get on a plane that flies me back to my hometown. I'm so depressed. I have to leave this beautiful hotel and that bathtub! I swear I had at least 12 bubble baths in there! I'm going to miss One Direction too! Niall and Louis always tickling me and pulling jokes to hear my 'cute' laugh. I think they're high because my laugh sounds like some weird breathing problem. Zayn always gives me the best advise and let's me help him paint his apartment. And Liam is literally the sweetest person I've met. He's tucked me into bed at least 3 times when I stayed at Harry's flat and the boys were there. I don't know when the next time is that I'll see them. And their girlfriends! Eleanor and Perrie! Well, fiancé for Perrie! I was beyond ecstatic when they told Harry and I about the engagement! Eleanor and I have become so close! She always picks out the cutest shit for me to buy! And Danielle who taught me how to walk in heels. She's like my older sister, I love her so much! I've only met Liam's new bird once, Sophie? Sophia? Yeah, Sophia. She wasn't that friendly to me so I didn't try. Riley and Summer have been so nice to me since the beginning and everyone wants to stay in touch with me, even after I leave.   

But most importantly, Harry.  

He has made this trip 356 billion times more amazing than it could have even been. And I've gotten so accustomed to his gentleman ways and raspy voice with the British accent I could die for. The way his eyes darken when he kisses me, and the way they light up when the see me. I truly love this boy more than life. He's made me happier than anyone in the world. All the good morning texts and falling asleep in his arms, watching movies, and staying in the warm bed at his flat that smells like him. I'm not ready to let all that go. It's like a perfect dream you don't want to wake from.   

I'm certainly used to the media by now. Whenever we go out we get bombarded with questions about if we're together or not. All the magazines say I'm his secret girlfriend, or I'm just used for sex. Some fans say I'm a cover for Larry, like Eleanor. But I'm most certainly not a beard, and neither is Eleanor. One magazine said that I was pregnant, and that's the reason why Harrys keeping me around, because I'm mothering his children. Which is another false assumption. We're just coincidental best friends who have mutually realized they have growing feelings for each other. The press knows we like each other, everyone does, it's quite obvious. We've kissed in public before, and we hang out in public all the time.   

But nothing's official yet. But I've fallen for him. Harder than I planned on doing so. I didn't want to completely fall until he made it official but it's hard when he's so perfect. It's going to suck when he's out touring the world and I'm stuck in school. I think it'll be worse seeing him on TV, and on magazines and on social networks because I'll miss him more. Plus all the stupid shit the paps are going to make up. Sometimes I really wish he was normal, and so does he, but his job is truly amazing. He's so grateful for being this lucky too. He always tells me how thankful he is to his fans.  But I think when I really 'fell' was on my birthday. The entire day he was with me, filling it with surprises. 

First, I got to sleep in until 10, which he knew I loved. We went out for brunch with Gary and had a lot of fun. Then towards the afternoon we went to my favorite laser tag place with all of our friends and played at least 3 games. Then he took me to my favorite store, Forever 21. I found some really cute outfits and even modeled some clothing Harry picked out. When we first went in I told him that he's not paying for anything I pick out. He just rolled his eyes ignoring me,  and walked over to a rack of clothes. When We went to check out, my total came out to be around $200. I went to pay for it bit Harry pushed my hand away, handing the cashier his credit card. We then had a small argument about who should get to pay. Him finally winning, saying that it's my birthday and I shouldn't have to pay for anything. I grumbled all the way to his Range Rover, him carrying my bags. When we got in he didn't start the car right away. He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for letting him buy all my new clothes. He gets too much joy out of buying me things.  Then around 5 we all went out to eat at Nando's. Now, don't call me a carrot. That place is fucking delicious.  The entire day Harry would say "Rachel!" And I'd turn to him and he'd peck my lips. He stole at least 5 kisses all day. He would even do it in front of his friends. Then around 7 in the evening, Harry took me to this cute little café that He's never taken me to. When we walked in, no one else was in there, so I guessed Harry just rented the place out. He led me to a table and pulled the chair out for me. Once he sat down, immediately someone came out holding a box. When they sat it down I realized it was a box of chocolates. Someone else who worked there followed out holding a tray with a bottle of wine and two glasses. The whole time Harry was watching me to see my reaction. I watch in awe as they open the box of sweets and pour the wine. Once everything's in its spot the turn and leave. Not saying a thing. Harry was grinning at me, obviously happy at my reaction. The rest of the night Harry and I fed each other chocolates and drank the expensive wine. He flirted and laughed with me the entire night. I loved every single thing about it. Even when he fought to buy all my crap. (Which I'm still mad about.) The sad thing is, Harry still hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend. And I'm leaving tomorrow. I feel like once I'm gone Harry and all my new friends I made are going to forget me. I'm going to miss everything.   

But right now, I'm laying here in my bed with Harry. We're just facing each other, his arms around my torso, legs intertwined. He knows there's so much I want to say but don't need to because he's thinking the same thing. Reminiscing the incredible memories from the past month.  "Remember that time we went bowling, and Louis slid down the entire lane." Harry says, chuckling at the memory.  How could I forget? Louis was so crazy that day. The reason he slid down the lane was because I dared him. But then we got kicked out of the bowling alley, so we went to the nearest pub to get a few drinks.  I giggle along with Harry.   "Remember that time the media said I was pregnant and a bunch of our family was calling us asking if it was true?" I ask laughing as Harry's face turns white. "That wasn't funny, I thought your Uncle and Dad were gunna kill me. I'm not kidding I could just see your Dad flying over here to kick my ass. Also Gary was going to murder me in my sleep." Harry says, eyes wide. I just laugh at him. After a bit we both fell in silence, just looking at each other.  "I'm going to miss you so much Rach." Harry says, frowning.  I swallow hard, "I'm going to miss you more, trust me." I tell him. "The thing is no you're not," He whispers, pulling me closer to him, "because I'm going to be sitting in my flat watching Netflix while you're back in the states playing volleyball and being a normal teenager. Starting school and going to parties. Sometimes I wish I was normal.." He trails off. "I'm glad you're not, because then you wouldn't sing to me as much." I say and he smiles. "As long as you're my homecoming date this year, because it's my senior year, I need a hot date." I joke. "Of course I'll be your date!" Harry says. "Really? You'd do that?" I ask. "I don't want some loser taking you to a dance." He says like it's the most obvious thing in the world. "You promise you'll be my date?" I ask. He leans his face closer to mine and says "I promise." Before pushing his lips to mine.  The kiss quickly turns into a snog, his tongue exploring my mouth. He shifts from beside me to over me in seconds. Pinning me down with his body, most o his weight on his elbows, on either side of my face. After a while, I pull away. Both of us breathing hard.  "We should be getting to bed." Harry says after a few seconds of silence.  "I guess I just don't want this night to end." I say. "Me either, baby." He says kissing my forehead.  I burry my forehead in his neck and tangle our legs together. My arms wrapped around his torso.  "I love you." I mumble into his chest. "I love you too." He whispers before I fall into unconsciousness.   

*I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL, I NEVER HIT SO HARD IN LOVE, ALL I WANTED WAS TO BREAK YOUR WALLS, ALL YOU EVER DID WAS WRECK ME.*    I groan as I hear my alarm go off and the bed moving as Harry leans over me to grab my iPhone. Jesus it's early.  "Harold." I say as Harry still fumbles for the phone. "Yeah, got it." He says in his raspy morning voice once he silences my alarm.  "Come on babe, we have to get up." He says nudging me. "Why the hell do you get up so early?" I ask, angry I'm being awakened so early.  "You're leaving today babe, it's not my alarm." He says and it hit me. Shit. I really am leaving today. No, I'm not ready to leave.  "Come on Princess, get up." He says, pulling the duvet off of me. "Bloody hell." I say, trying to pull it back. Of course he's too strong and easily pulls it away from me and out of my reach.  "Fine, I'll sleep without it." I say, turning and burying my face into the pillow.  "Fine have it this way." He says then I feel him grab me and lift me off the bed. He carries me bridal styles from my room the main room of the hotel. He goes to the kitchen and sits me on the island counter.  "Want some tea?" He asks.  I sigh in defeat, "Sure."    Once Harry is finished making my tea, he and I sit on the couch drinking it in total silence. We don't know what to say to each other. And we dont want to say goodbye.  Gary comes out of his room with his suitcases in hand.  "Hey guys! Rach, I'd go get ready. Our plane is in an hour." He says sitting his bags down on the floor by the door. "Okay." I say quietly, sitting my mug on the coffee table and walking to my room.  I change into yoga pants and a tshirt and zip up my already packed bags. I brush through my straight hair, give up and just leave it how it is. Everyone has that feeling of dread when they leave vacation. And I definitely feel it now. I'm not ready to Leave the friends I made here. Just not yet. But I have to go back.  I walk out lugging my suitcases behind me. Harry sees me and quickly gets up and takes them from me. Piling them next to Gary's on the floor near the door. He's such a gentleman. Now I have to adjust back to the assholes who I live by. Ugh. "I can drive you guys to the airport so you don't have to get a taxi." Harry offers.  "Really? Thanks man." Gary says shaking Harry's hand.  "No problem, Gary." Harry says smiling.  "We should get going. I want to go a bit early just in case." Gary says.  "Alright." I say in a monotone voice.  I grab my carry on bag and sling it across my back. I go to grab one of my suit cases but Harry bats my hand away grabbing both of my huge bags.  "Oh. Okay thanks." I say. Fuck. Why does he have to be perfect. All I want to do is kiss him again. To have those plump pink lips on mine.  Gary checks us out of our hotel then we load our bags into Harry's Range Rover. I'm gunna miss this car so much.  It smells so good, like Harry's cologne.  Once we're at the airport. We have a few minutes before we get to board. Harry says goodbye to Gary. Saying it was nice to meet him and shaking his hand.  "I'm going to go get in line." Gary says, mostly to just give us our privacy.  I'm trying to hold in the tears. God this sucks.  I swallow hard. "I'm going to miss you so much." I say falling into his arms. A few tears running down my cheeks. Crap. I'm an ugly crier. "Im going to miss you too baby." Harry says, hand in my hair rubbing my head. He's never called me baby. Just like a playful babe. Baby sounds so couplely. (Yes I made up that word ok) Flight 836 to Los Angeles California will be boarding now. The announcement goes off. Gary and I grab out bags and walk towards the entrance. Leaving Harry stand there. I look back once to see him looking at us, thinking deeply. He looks so sad.  We make eye contact and he waves.  "Bye." I say waving back.  

This is probably the last time I'll see Harry except on magazine covers and in videos.  Once Gary and I find our seats I just sit and check my phone. Im going to be so depressed without Harry. Going back to my normal boring life absolutely sucks. People are bustling around putting their bags in the upper hatch and finding their seats.  "Sir, you can't be in here if your not flying." I hear a flight attendant say sternly.  "I'll just be one second." I hear a familiar deep British voice say.  "Wait aren't you Harry Styles?" The attendant asks. "Uh, yeah." He says distractedly. I turn around and see the boy who's caused me so much joy and pain this month. I stand up out of my seat and he walks down the aisle towards me. "Harry?!" I say. "What are you doing? We're going to take off soon what-" I get cut off with his lips on mine. Oh my god his lips are so soft. My stomach erupts in butterflies. The good kind though. His hands are on my cheeks and mine going up to tangle in his curls. He pulls back.  "Do you know how hard it was not to do that to you every time I've seen you this entire fucking month?!" He says. "Rachel, I can't believe I could stand this long to fucking wait for this. I love you, baby. Will you please be my girlfriend?" He asks.  OMG FINALLY.  This fucker waited the entire month until I'm on the fucking plane home to ask me to be his girlfriend. Jesus. "YES! Yes! I'd love to!" I say jumping into his arms so my legs are around his torso. I grab his cheeks and kiss him. Everyone on the plane starts applauding. I'm so excited. I've been waiting for this all month.  "Why the hell did you wait until I'm leaving on the fucking plane!" I say pulling back.  "I couldn't work up the nerve I guess." He says blushing.  "Awh Haz! You're such an idiot." I say smiling. He kisses me again. Savoring the taste if his mouth on mine. He's truly perfect.  "Mr. Styles, I'm afraid you have to go now." The flight attendant says. "Alright. Ill see you soon right?" He asks.  "Yeah, I'll see you soon." I say back. He winks at me before turning around and walking to the door. Not before turning around a blowing a kiss before exiting the plane.  I sit down next to Gary smiling to myself licking my lips.  "So...I got that all on camera." Gary says to me.  I look over in disbelief.  "Nuh-uh!" I say.  "Yeah, He told me he was going to do it now, and I taped it ." He says.  "OMG let me watch it!" I say grabbing his phone. "This is completely adorable!" I say while watching the video.  I send it to myself and watch it again. I screenshot a part where I'm kissing Harry while he's holding me. I send the video and picture to Harry.  Rachel - idk maybe cutest couple ever? Harry - Yes! He got it on video! x Rachel - haha you're so cute. x Harry - ugh ik, so are you;) And that pic is goin on twitter. I just sent the video to all the boys, my Mum, Gemma, Lily, Summer, El, Dani, and Perrie. Rachel - Jesus. Haha I sent it to my family and friends you still have to meet!  Harry - amazing baby! And ill meet them soon! :) .xx Rachel - Can't wait x   My phone goes off that I have a twitter mention.  @Harry_Styles: Asking @Rachel_klein5 to be my girlfriend. Yep! I'm not single anymore! I'm with the most beautiful girl in the world.    And he tagged the video in the tweet. That'll be all over the Internet in 5 seconds.  I retweet and favourite it and see that he changed his profile picture to the picture of us kissing.  God I love him:)

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