Ultimate [Harry Styles]

Seventeen year old Rachel goes to London with her Uncle on a business trip for a month. Mainly because she's always wanted to go to the beautiful city. Also for experience in the business world since she'll be graduating. But maybe also to meet a guy. She gets to stay in a massive hotel suite with her Uncle, what if she runs down to a small grocery store by the hotel to get some goodies for her Uncle and herself when she runs into someone.
Harry Styles is one of the five boys in the biggest boy band in the world. The boys haven't had a summer off in three years, due to touring. So management decided to give the boys three months off to relax. How is he going to enjoy that time off? Read this love story to find out! .xx


17. Chapter 17 - 5 Seconds of Summer

Once Harry and I wake up the next morning, Niall calls asking Harry if he wants to come and hang out with the 5 Seconds of Summer lads.  I guess they are a Australian boy band that opened for One Direction on their last tour.  

"Can I bring Rachel too?  I'm sure the boys would love to meet her." He says to Niall on the phone.

A minute later Harry's off the phone and telling me to get ready so I can go meet another boy band.  Fabulous.

An hour later I'm ready to go, showered, hair blow dried, makeup.  I decided I'd wear some cut off jean shorts and a Jack Daniels whiskey cut-off with a dark gray bandeau underneath.  The cut-off was originally a tshirt but I cut the sleeves and tore it down the sides a bit.  I tucked the shirt into my studded jean shorts and grabbed my converse.

Harry and I take his Range Rover over to Niall's apartment.  When we get there Niall and four other guys greeted me.  It's obvious by their accents that they're Australian.

Niall invited us in and introduced me to the four new faces.  Michael, Calum, Luke, and Ashton.  They politely greet me with smiles.  One of them actually gave Harry an impressed look.  I don't know what that was about.

"So the game is about to start.  Sorry, Rach, for boring you to death." Niall says winking at me.

"What? No, I love soccer." I say and they all give me a weird look.

"She means football, remember she's American." Harry says laughing a bit at the other boy's reactions.  I blush.

"Sorry wrong country." I giggle.

We all walk into Niall's large living room.  There's a few couches and a massive flat screen that has a bunch of "football" players running around on it.  I turn to see Harry's looking at me as I observe the television.  When our eyes meet he nods for me to come sit by him, a small smile on his lips.

"I'm gunna get some water." I say to no one in particular and walk to Niall's kitchen.

I grab a glass from Niall's cupboards and get some ice from the fridge.  I hear someone walk in the kitchen but I don't know who while my back is to them.  After getting my ice,  I turn to see the curly haired boy from that other band.  I think his name is Ashton.

"Hi." I smile to him.

"Hello Lovely." He smiles back pulling a pitcher from Niall's fridge.

Well this is awkward.  What the fuck do I talk to him about?  

"So, you're Harry's girlfriend?" He asks me.

"Oh, uh. No." I stutter.  I mean not technically, it was just one date.

"Brilliant, so how'd you two meet?" He asks.

"It's a long story." I say.

"I've got time." He says cutely, taking a seat at the island in Niall's kitchen.

I guess he's genuinely interested.  I sit down in the seat next to him and start talking to him about the reason I'm here in the first place.  I tell him about meeting Anne, to hanging out with Harry, and everything in between until now.  He tells be about touring with One Direction last year and how it really helped them launch their career.  About how he misses his family back home but wouldn't change his life for anything.  He tells me about all of the amazing fans they have and all they do for them.  He asks me about home, how old I am, where I'm from.  I tell him about my brother and parents, my best friends, school and volleyball.


"You're amazing." He pauses.

"Maybe we can hang out sometime?" Ashton asks shyly.

We've been sitting in Niall's kitchen for about an hour just talking.  He seems super interested in me, so I tell him a lot about my past.  He seems like a nice, friendly guy. 

I really like Ashton, he's a really great listener and is super cute!  He has dimples and curly hair like Harry's, which kinda makes me think I have a type now.  All I know is if things don't end well with Harry, which I hope to god they do because Harry's my best friend and I love him so much, I'll still keep in touch with Ashton.  He seems like a really good friend.


Ashton's POV

When my eyes fall upon the girl who walks in with Harry, my heart starts beating a bit faster.  I am immediately attracted to this girl that just entered my life.

When Niall introduces me I smile at her, learning her name is Rachel.

Niall jokes with her that she'd be bored while we watch football, but she says she likes watching it, but calls it soccer, the American name for it.  We all look at her awkwardly because we never call it that but we soon laugh it off as Harry clears it up that she is indeed American.  As if her accent didn't tell us enough.

When we go into the living room to watch the game I see Harry and Rachel having a silent conversation.  He gestures for her to sit by him and my heart falls a bit, but boosts back up when she announces that she's going to get some water.  I take this as my chance to talk to her more so follow her in there to get myself something to drink, even though I'm not thirsty.  When she notices my presence in the same room she's in, she turns to me.

"Hi." She smiles.

"Hello Lovely." I greet her, returning the smile.

She looks as if she doesn't know what to say.  So I ask her the question that I've been dieing to ask since she walked into my life.

"So, You're Harry's girlfriend?" I ask.

"Oh, uh. No." She stutters, blushing slightly.

Her answer lightens my core.  But that still doesn't mean he hasn't slept with her yet.  Or if she actually has feeling for him.

"Brilliant, so how'd you guys meet?" I ask, trying not to sound too happy to hear that they're not dating.

"Oh it's a long story." She shrugs.

"I've got time." I say, shooting her a smile, dimples in view.  I notice that her eyes seem to wander to them when I do that so I like to show them off around her.

She tells me about meeting Harry and why she's even in the UK.  She asks about my band, so I tell her about touring with One Direction and how fun it was.  How it really helped to launch our career.  We talk about home.  How old is she, what part of the states is she from?  I learn that she's 17 and she's from a small town outside of LA called Hanover.  I learn she has a 21 year old brother and I learn about her two best friends, Katelin and Sydney.  How she hates school, but loves volleyball.  How she plays school ball in the fall and club volleyball in the winter.  In the spring she helps coach at her old grade school and in the summer she has open gyms and work outs all for volleyball.

I'm so amazed by the girl sitting beside me all I can say is, "You're amazing."  Then I pause.

Should I do it?  Will I come in between Her and Harry?  Will she even like me?  Is it worth it?  I think it is, since I'm completely interested in this girl I should have a chance with her.

"So, maybe we can hang out sometime?" I ask, trying to hide my blush, eyes darting to the floor.

"I'd love to!" She lights up and pulls me into a hug.  Which wasn't far since we seemed to keep inching closer to each other while talking.

When she pulls away, I don't know what comes over me.  But I tip her chin up and press my lips to hers.


Harry's POV

"So how was your date last night?" Niall asks me during a commercial.

I smile at the reminder.

"It was really good.  Rachel was more than delighted to meet Ed and literally freaked out when I told her.  She jumped on me and started kissing me, not even kidding." I say.

"You lucky bastard." Niall says, grinning at me.

"Where is Rachel, anyway?" Luke asks.

I look around the room.  She never came back from the kitchen when she went to get water.

"Yeah, where's Ash?" Calum asks, noticing his absence as well.

"I'll go see what they're up to." I say, getting up and heading to Niall's kitchen.

I walk through the door and turn to see Rachel and Ashton sitting at the island kissing.  Ash's hands on her cheeks, her hands grasping his hair, like she does with mine.  What the actual fuck.


Hey guise! Sorry for not updating sooner, I'm just super busy with school starting and volleyball everyday.  

I really hope you like this update.  I love creating drama:)

I decided I'd update while waiting for After 2 to update, because that story is the best ever.

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