Ultimate [Harry Styles]

Seventeen year old Rachel goes to London with her Uncle on a business trip for a month. Mainly because she's always wanted to go to the beautiful city. Also for experience in the business world since she'll be graduating. But maybe also to meet a guy. She gets to stay in a massive hotel suite with her Uncle, what if she runs down to a small grocery store by the hotel to get some goodies for her Uncle and herself when she runs into someone.
Harry Styles is one of the five boys in the biggest boy band in the world. The boys haven't had a summer off in three years, due to touring. So management decided to give the boys three months off to relax. How is he going to enjoy that time off? Read this love story to find out! .xx


16. Chapter 16 - First Date

Hope you enjoy this chapter:)  My friend forced me to write it....lol.


"I'm really sorry I don't get to stay the entire week.  One of my co-workers got sick so I have to go back and fill in." Gemma says with a frown.  "But I'll be back as soon as I can get time off again!" She smiles throwing her arms around me.  I hug her back tightly.  I really like her, she's a lot like me and we click really easily.

"I'm gunna miss you!  Call me whenever, okay?" I say as we pull away from our hug.

"I will!  Thanks for getting up this early to see me off." We laugh and she turns to Harry.

"Goodbye Harold!" She says hugging him tightly.

I smile at their closeness, my brother and I have always been close, but not that much.  Probably because neither of us is a international popstar who travels the world.

"Do you want a ride to the airport?" Harry asks when they pull away.

"No!  It's fine, I'll get a cab!" She says winking at him and walking down the hallway towards the elevators at Harry's flat.


Harry turns towards me. 

"So about that date you promised me...." He says clapping his hands together.

I take a few seconds to think.

"You made her leave for this, didn't you." I say, reading those bright green eyes.

Surprise fills them because I caught on so quick.

"I..erm...Yeah I did." He says quietly looking down at his brown worn boots.  Then he quickly adds, "But only because I love you soo much!" He looks up to me and a grin spreads on his face and he pulls me into a playful hug.

"I can't believe you blew off your sister for this, you ass." I say, playfully hitting his chest.

"Calm down,..ok.  She didn't leave, she just went to Mum's." He says.

"Why didn't you just say that instead of lying to me?" I ask, playing with a button on his shirt.

"Because I didn't think you'd catch on and I didn't want to seem like a complete asshole, but I had to do it because... the concerts tonight." He explains.

"....What concert?" I ask.

"Erm, a friend of mine..." He says.

"The boys?  You aren't on tour.." I say confused.

"No we're not." He says slowly, a bit confused.

"You have other friends besides the boys?" I ask.

"Yeah, like Ben, and Lou and Tom, and Summer and Riley, and Brad.. well not Brad really anymore, he's always been an ass." Harry rambles.

"Yeah, yeah!  Besides them, like I haven't meant any performers." I say.

"Okay, let me ease this down for you." He grabs my shoulders, "Do you like Ed Sheeran?" He asks.

"Yeah." I say in a normal voice, then I catch the memo. "HOLY SHIT.  We're going to an Ed Sheeran concert tonight?!" I scream.

"Yeah." He smiles at my reaction.

I grab his cheeks and pull his lips to mine.  I couldn't have been happier in my life.  Harry Styles, a very attractive boyband member, is taking me to a goddamn Ed Sheeran concert.  I can't even explain how excited I am.  I pull away so he can't deepen the kiss.

"If I get that reaction out of you, we can go to all the Ed Sheeran concerts you want." He says and pecks me again.  I smile into the kiss.

"When is it?" I ask.

"It's at 7, but we'll leave around 5:30." He says smiling back down at me.


I decide to leave my hair in my natural waves and put some studded jean shorts and a black tshirt that has a big leopard cross on it.  Harry comes out of his room with a sweatshirt on and his signature skinny jeans and boots.  His hair is flung up away from his face and his eyes look bright.

"Babe, you might want a sweatshirt.  The concert is outside, and I know it's summer but it'll get chilly at night." He says.

"Oh okay, erm.. can I borrow one of yours?" I ask him.  " Because mine aren't as warm as yours and they don't smell like you or-" I get interrupted.

"Of course you can have one of mine." He smiles and walks into his room to his closet. "There's my university of London one and some football team ones like Manchester United, my favourite team.  And I'm already wearing my Ed Sheeran one, but you can have it if you want."  He explains going through his sweatshirts hanging in his closet.

I giggle, "Uhm, No it's fine, stay in that one.  I want the Manchester one!" I say and he pulls it off the rack and hands it to me.

I bring it to my face and smell it.  He laughs at me.

"Come on let's go." He says lacing his fingers in mine.

We arrive to the concert and get right through the gates and find our seats.  Which happen to be six rows away from the stage.

"I..I can't believe this. Six rows away, I can't even believe this." I say looking from his face to the stage, back to him, then to the stage.

"I'm glad you're happy." He says, "Let's sit down until the show starts." 

"Okay." I answer and we sit in our seats.

Throughout the time before the show starts, Harry has had about 30 girls see him and scream, asking for an autograph and picture.  I happily offer to take the pictures for the fans.  I don't want to seem rude and I love that Harry has fans.  If I was a fan I wouldn't want some snobby bitch that my idols with to be rude.

After everyone who's sitting around us is done fangirling- Yes I know what fangirl is, I have two best friends that do it all the time- everyone settles down to enjoy the show.

When Ed comes out I freak out and Harry laughs at me.  Everyone stands up and sings along to the first song he sings, The A-team.

Harry leans over to whisper in my ear, "So why weren't you this excited when you met me?" 

"I didn't listen to your music, I listened to Ed's.  It was my crazy friends that like you and the boys." I answer.

"I'm hurt that you didn't like us before!" Harry fake pouts.

"Who says I like you know?" I tease and he fake gasps.

"Oh I see how it is." Harry says crossing his arms and fake pouting again.

"Oh stop it." I say nudging his arm.

"You know, any of these girls around us would die to be in you're position." He says trying not to laugh.

"Awh Harreeh, I'm sorry.  Come here." I say uncrossing his arms and putting mine around his waist.  He immediately hugs me back and I can feel him laughing as my head is on his chest.

"You know," I look up an him, "The girl who's sitting beside me didn't freak out when she saw you, but she did when Ed came out.  She was almost as bad as me." I tease.

He gives me a dirty look.  I turn to the girl.

"Hi, I'm Rachel." I introduce myself.

She looks at me and smiles, "American?"

I laugh, "Yeah." 

"Oh sorry, I'm being rude, I'm Meghan." She says holding out her hand, which I gladly shake.

"So you love Ed too?" I ask.

"Yeah but none of my friends do, that's why I came alone." She explains.

"Well, now you have a friend who does." I say.

Harry just watches us the entire time, right arm still touching my waist.

"Is that your boyfriend?" She asks gesturing to Harry behind me.

"Uh, no.  But we're on a date." I explain and smile when I say that we're on a date.

"Oh how sweet!  He looks like that one curly haired guy in One Direction, what's his name?  Uh, Jerry?" She asks uncertain.

I laugh, I literally laugh out loud covering my mouth.

"No, It's Harry Styles and this is him." I explain still trying to mask a giggle.

"Oh my gosh!  I'm so sorry!  I'm not really a big fan so I wouldn't know." She apologizes looking from Harry to me.

"No it's fine." I say smiling at her.

She changes the subject, obviously embarrassed.  

"So you're from America?" She asks.

"Yeah I'm here for the rest of the month of June, I'm here with my Uncle on a business trip.  He works at Caterpillar, and I help him out while he teaches classes here." I explain to her.

"Oh that's so cool!" She exclaims.

"Yeah it's really fun!  And I've been meeting a bunch of amazing people here, so it's a lot of fun." I say.

"Well maybe we can hang out again before you leave?" She suggests.

"Yeah, I'd like that!" I say and she hands me her phone to put my number in.

I give it back to her.

"Okay well better enjoy the concert!" She says, turning her attention back up to Ed.

I look over to Harry.

"How come you make more friends in a week than I have in my entire life." He teases.

"I don't know, guess I'm a friendly person." I wink at him and turn to the stage.

Ed really has an amazing voice.  I love every single one of his songs.

Once the sun goes down the night air comes rolling in and I start to shiver a bit.  I turn around to my chair and grab Harry sweatshirt that I picked out earlier and put it on.  He glances over and sees me in his sweatshirt and smiles.

He pulls me in front of him and puts his arms around mine and his head on my shoulder, softly singing the lyrics to the same song Ed's singing in my ear.  I lace my fingers with his in both hands and that's how we stand for the rest of the concert.

Once it's over and Ed leaves the stage I pout.

"Why does it have to be over." I whine to Harry.

"Well, it dosn't have to be.." He says.

"What are you hinting at?" I ask

"Well, since Ed's my best friend, I sort of have backstage passes..." Harry trails off.

"OH MY GOD." I scream jumping into his arms and hugging his around the neck.  My legs locked around his waist.  He holds my thighs but then his hands wander to my ass.

I pull back and give him a look saying 'I hope you drink a knife' and his slides his hands back to my thighs before letting me down.

I turn to sat goodbye to my new friend Meghan and give her a hug. 

"Text me soon!" I sat to her before she leaves.

"Are you ready to go meet Ed?" He asks.

"Yes!" I squeal.

Harry leads us through some door and weaves us through people.  We flash our passes to a few guards and boom.  There we are standing in Ed's dressing room and he's getting all the mics unclipped from him and the ear piece taken out.

He looks over to us.

"Harry! Hey man!" He says brushing the people off and walking over to hug Harry.

The he looks to me.

I think I forget to breathe.

"Hello, you must be Rachel?" He says.

He said my name with his angelic voice.  Holy shit.

"H- Hi." I stutter as he pulls me in for a hug.

I'm hugging Ed Sheeran.  No big deal.

We pull apart.

"So you must be the girl Harry keeps texting me all about." He says.

I'm afraid I blush.

Harry sends Ed daggers.  Ed laughs.

"It's really nice to meet you. I'm a huge fan." I finally get out.

"Oh thanks, Doll." He smiles, "I hope you enjoyed the show!" He says.

"Of course I did!  It was completely amazing." I complement him.

"Thank you, Love.  So how did you and Harry meet?" He asks looking between us.

"Well I'm here on a business trip with my Uncle." I start.

"And she decided to go to the store to get cookie dough for dinner and ended up running into my Mum." He explains.

"And of course a loving mother like Anne, saw I was going to eat that for dinner and decided to invite me and my Uncle over for dinner." I say.

"And I was there that night and we sort of clicked." He says.

"Well I hated him at first and Harry just wanted to shag me." I explain, Ed laughs, "But Anne decided to have Harry show me around the city when I'm not working and I got to meet the boys and his other friends and you and now we're on our first date." I finish.

"I see, where are you from in the states?" He asks.

I'm from Hanover, California, a small town quite close to L.A." I explain. (No the city isn't real, I don't think, I made it up so don't go look it up because it's fake.)

"Oh awesome! I'll have to visit you the next time I go to L.A." Ed says.

"I love that!" I light up.

"Alright well I have to go, but we'lll have to hang out before you leave alright?" Ed suggests.

"Absolutely." I say, he hugs me again and shakes Harry's hand and we leave.

One back at Harry's flat I'm in bliss.

"Was he hitting on you?" Harry asks a bit to himself.

"No." I answer.

"Oh whatever, He'll know you're mine." He says standing closer to me.

"I'm not a position." I say turning around quickly so my long hair hits his face.

"I'm gunna go shower." I say.


Once out of the shower I decide to change into yoga pants and a tshirt.  Instead of blow drying my hair, I decide to leave it wet and air dry.  

I walk out of Harry's room and find him sitting on the couch watching TV.  He glances over at me, then takes a double look.

"Fuck.  What are you wearing?" Harry asks.

I look down at my clothes.  

"Yoga pants-" He cuts me off.

"Exactly." He says standing up and walking towards me.

I'm confused. 

"You've seen me in yoga pants before.." I say.

"Not those." Harry says eyes still wandering all over me.  I feel uncomfortable.

"Harry I-" I start ot say I'll go change since I obviously look too fat in these but he cuts me off with his lips on mine.

At first I'm surprised, then I kiss back.  He places his hands on my cheeks, holding my face and deepens the kiss,  I immediately give him control, his tongue exploring my mouth.

He picks me up bridal style, not breaking the kiss and carries me into his bedroom.  We break the kiss and he throws me on the bed.  I giggle a bit before he unbuttons the last three button son his shirt and slides it off his arms.  Then he crawls on the bed up to me, holding his weight up on his elbow before ducking his head down to mine and kissing me again.  After a bit it gets pretty heated, sooner or later my shirt joins his on this floor, but before this gets any father I stop him.

"Mmm, No." I say pulling away from his hungry lips.

"What?" He questions.

"I- I'm not ready.  We- we can't-" I don't finish, he understands.

He gets up off me, picking my tshirt up off the ground and hands it to me.

"I- I'm sorry." I say quietly.

"No, babe it's fine.  I don't want you to feel like you have to, because you absolutely do not have to." He says.

"Thank you." I smile.

"It's fine." He smiles back and goes to change into pajamas, which for him consist of boxers.

He comes out in tight fitting jack wills boxers and slides into bed next to me.  I turn to face him and kiss him on the lips before falling asleep in his arms.


I hope you enjoy this because while I wrote it, it took away a lot of slleeping time for me.




Anyways, My friend Meghan forced me to write this last night and finish it today.  

I ran before I came in and typed this so that sucks.

I'm hungry and I'm gunna go shower then sit around all afternoon.

I hope you have a fabulous day, whoever you are.

You all are my Sexy Candy Pandas.






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