Ultimate [Harry Styles]

Seventeen year old Rachel goes to London with her Uncle on a business trip for a month. Mainly because she's always wanted to go to the beautiful city. Also for experience in the business world since she'll be graduating. But maybe also to meet a guy. She gets to stay in a massive hotel suite with her Uncle, what if she runs down to a small grocery store by the hotel to get some goodies for her Uncle and herself when she runs into someone.
Harry Styles is one of the five boys in the biggest boy band in the world. The boys haven't had a summer off in three years, due to touring. So management decided to give the boys three months off to relax. How is he going to enjoy that time off? Read this love story to find out! .xx


15. Chapter 15 - Clubbing

The rest of the week went smoothly.  No more fights or kissing or anything.  All Harry and I did was lay around and watch movies on Netflix.  Either at my hotel or his flat.

It's now the 14th of June, a Friday.  Earlier in the week I had promised Harry I would go clubbing with him and his friends..  Or I guess our friends?  I decided to text Cher and Jade to come along with me, the boys, Perrie, Riley, Ben, Summer, and Gemma.  Gemma is Harry's sister, and I finally get to meet her.  I'm kind of nervous, will she like me?

Well, I better make a good first impression.  I grab my curling wand and go to work with curling my long unruly hair.  After a good 45 minutes doing that, I put my contacts in, and start on my makeup.  It takes me a good 3 times to get a nice straight line of eye liner on each eye.  I apply foundation, concealer, and bit of blush.  I also put some sparkly eye shadow on, making sure not to ruin my eye liner, and finally mascara.  Mascara is my absolute favourite because my eye lashes are already so long.  This just brings them out a bit more.  I look over and spot some lipstick.  I very rarely wear lipstick, it just bugs me after a while, but I decide to touch up my lips with it.  

Satisfied with my face and hair, I walk into my closet. What the hell am I going to wear?  I decide to brainstorm after I check my phone, remembering it vibrated when I was doing my hair.

Harry - I'll pick you up at 9.  Wear something tight! .xx

Rachel - Oh fuck you.

Harry - I was kidding!

Rachel - No you weren't.

Harry - Ok I wasn't.  Whateverrrrr

Rachel - Go away I need to get ready.

Harry - Fine. :P x

I throw my phone on my bed and go back to my closet.  I finally piece together an outfit that's kinda cute, and not too slutty.  (Picture on side)

Once Harry picks me up, the ride to whatever club we're going to is silent.  I turn on his radio and see what CD he has in.  It spits out the disk and it's DNA, by Little Mix.  You have got to be kidding me.  Don't get me wrong, I love Little Mix.  They're my jam, but Harry?

"Uhm..?" I say trying to hold in my laugh.

He takes his eyes off the road for a second to glance at the disk in my hand.

"Oh, Zayn made me buy about six of those.  And after we got out of the shop he popped one in and started singing alone to We Are Who We Are.  And I never took it out." He says, slighly laughing at the ridiculous story.

"Zayn's so cute with Perrie." I say smiling at their adorable relationship.

"If you want a copy, I have five extras.." He smiles and I laugh. 

"I'd love a copy!  Thank you." I say.

Once we pull into a spot Harry and I walk up to the entrance, cutting everyone in line.  Harry nods at the bouncer and we walk right in, getting a few complaints from the people waiting in line.

As Harry leads us into the loud club, arm around my waist.  Holding me close, away from the drunk strangers in the unfamiliar club.  He leans down so his lips are by my ear.

"By the way you look beautiful tonight." Harry says, loud enough so I can hear over the pounding music.  

We finally find the private room the boys rented out for out party in the club.  The four other boys are there, along with Perrie, Gemma, Ben and Riley.  They all greeted us and told us Summer was running a bit late and my two friends haven't shown up yet.

I see a girl with light hair, and dark underneath, she has green eyes sort of like Harry's, but their mouth's is what makes them look alike.  She's standing there smiling at me.  I walk over to her, pulling Harry behind.  

Harry clears his throat, "Erm, Gemma this is Rachel, Rach this is Gemma, my sister." He finishes.

"So you're the girl my Mom won't stop talking about." She says smiling at me.

"Anne talks about me?" I ask.

"All the time.  Oh Gem, she's gorgeous, and she plays sports, and is from a nice family.  She's absolutely perfect for Harry!  They're such a cute couple even though they're not dating!" She mimics her mom.  We both start laughing.  That does sound like Anne, I love her.

"Let's go dance." Harry suggests to me, pulling my arm.

"Hold on!" I say to Harry and look to Gemma, "It was really nice meeting you, and I hope we'll be able to hang out this week you're here!" I say to Gemma.

I send jade and Cher a quick text before Harry pulls me onto the dance floor away from my clutch.  Harry and I dance close, and I like it, he's a ridiculous dancer.

As I'm dancing with Harry I feel hands grab my hips, pulling my bum into their crotch.  I grab for Harry and he pulls me to him then behind him.  

"Fuck off." He says harshly to the drunk guy who tried to grind with me.

"H-Harry.  Don't you dare hurt him, he's drunk." I say placing my hand on his shoulder.  I feel his muscles tense up then relax under my touch.

"I-I'm sorry man, didn't know she was dancing with you." the guy says walking away before he gets murdered by Harry.  

Harry still looks furious, I pull at his shoulder so he turns to face me.  I put my hands on his cheeks and pulled his face towards mine.

"Listen.  Calm the fuck down, I'm fine.  He didn't hurt me." I say trying to calm him.  I gently press his lips to mine and pull back just as quick.  I feel his muscles relax, but I can tell he's still pissed.

"I could do that all day." Harry says.

"Do what?" I ask.

"Just kiss you." He says smiling.

"Oh." I blush.

"Awh! Is Rachie blushing!" Harry asks teasing me.

"No." I say quickly and playfully punch his arm.

"Whatever. Let's go get a drink." He pulls me out of the mass of sweaty bodies and to the bar.

He orders something fruity for me which I silently thank him.  I haven't drank much before London, probably because it's illegal where I live.  Hint my sarcasm.

"Like it?" He gestures to the drink.

"Yeah, what is it?" I ask, interested in what this fruity drink is called.

"It's called Sex on the Beach." He says casually and I almost spit it out.

Coughing a bit from choking on the drink, I finally compose myself.

"You alright?" Harry says laughing at me.

"I'm fine." I say.

Cher and Jade finally show up saying they had a bit of dilemma.  I shrugged it off and went back to dance with Harry.  We danced for a few hours, but it didn't seem like that long.  Sooner or later it was 1 in the morning and I was pissed drunk.  Harry was literally holding me up.  

"Harrrrrrrreh. I'm tired!" I whine to him.

"Alright Sweetheart, Let's go." Harry says, leading me into the room the boys rented out to grab my clutch.

"Byeeeee guise!" I say to Zayn and Perrie when we see them on the way out.

"See you later guys!  Hey Harry are you okay to drive?" Zayn asks.

"Yeah I'm fine.  Only had a few." Harry says completely sober.

Once he gets me to the car, he buckles me in.  All while I'm mumbling about how he takes care of me.

"So, my flat or your hotel?" He asks me.

What's a flat?  Oh wait, don't the British people call their apartments that?

"Uh, Your flat." I mumble to him.

"Alrighty." He says.

And that's all I remember before falling into unconsciousness.


I wake up the next morning to rustling in the kitchen.  Gary?  Then I look around and see I'm not in my hotel bed, but in Harry's flat.  He must have just brought me here after I passed out.  I sit up and a huge wave of pain crashes through my head.  

Fuck.  Hangovers suck, I'm never drinking that much again.  I get out of Harry's bed and realize I'm only in my bra and panties.  How did that happen?  I walk over to Harry's drawers filled with clothes and pull on some of his gray sweats and a black tshirt.  I go to his bathroom and see my hair is a mess and pull it back into a pony tail before walking out in the kitchen to fins not only Harry, but Gemma as well.  

"Rachel! Hi!" She says kind of loudly and I flinch with my headache.  

"Hey." I say with a smile and turn to Harry.

"Do you have anything to cure this bloody headache I have?" I ask.

He laughs a bit and looks at Gemma, "First actual hangover, today will be fun." He says to her.

"What time is it anyways?" I ask.

"1:54 in the afternoon, Hun." Harry says.

"I slept for like thirteen hours!" I exclaim.

"Actually you slept for about twelve hours, because we left the club around 1, you passed out in the car, I carried you up here and you woke up when I was undressing you, then you tried to seduce me, which took about twenty minutes to refuse you and get you to go back to sleep, then you laid down for a bit while I was getting ready for bed and then you ran into the bathroom and threw up three times.  Then you actually went ot sleep around two." Harry explains the  part of our night I didn't remember.

"Oh, fuck." I say, that was bad.  I tried to seduce him!  That was probably really embarrassing.

"I'll go get you some Advil." He says walking out of the kitchen.

"So, since I have to leave tomorrow, I think-" Gemma says.

"You're leaving tomorrow! I thought you had a whole week!" I interrupt her.

"I did but work called and they want me back." She says frowning.

"Awh, that's so sad. I just met you!" I pout.

"I know right!  So we have to make the best out of today!" She says as Harry comes back in with two pills in his hands.

"I got some advil, let me get you some water." He says grabbing a glass to fill with water.  The hands me the pills and the glass cup.

"Thanks." I smile at him.  He takes such good care of me.

Gemma smiles at the two of us together.

"Harry you need to take us to Rachel's hotel so she can shower and change so we can go to the spa and go shopping!" She says, Harry groans.

"Really?" He asks pouting.

"Don't you want to spend time with your sister?" I ask him.

He sighs in defeat, "I guess." He says.

Once we get to my hotel, I introduce Gemma to Gary and leave the three of them to chat while I get ready.

I shower, blow dry my hair, and put some jean shorts, a ramones tshirt, and my white converse on before walking out and grabbbing my phone and bag. 

"Ready." I say to the two of them on the couch. 

"Rach, that was a record time!  Only a half an hour!" Harry says teasing me.

"Piss off, Harry." I say.

"Oh you love me." He says smiling.

"We'll see." I say walking out the door with Gemma behind me.

"Come on Harry." Gemma says, and out we go to find this spa Gemma loves.


HI guys!

I'm really sorry this chapter sucks.  I can't even explain how excited I am to write Harry and Rachel's first proper date!  Which will probably be in the next chapter.

This is just a filler chappie.  I mean she had to meet Gemma. :)

So now I'm going to bed:) Because U'm gunna get up and run, because I have to so I can get a good time for try outs next week! 

I'm so nervous.  I'm ready for tryouts to be over with and the season to start.  I absolutly LOVE my coach, basically because I've had her my entire life for volleyball, besides last year and club.  I am so completely excited to play for her this year and I'm excited to kick some ass this season.

Sorry for my rant about volleyball.

It's the only thing exciting about my life.  Without it I'd be fatter than I am.  Oops.

But my author notes really suck.  Sorry, I love you!

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! 

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