Ultimate [Harry Styles]

Seventeen year old Rachel goes to London with her Uncle on a business trip for a month. Mainly because she's always wanted to go to the beautiful city. Also for experience in the business world since she'll be graduating. But maybe also to meet a guy. She gets to stay in a massive hotel suite with her Uncle, what if she runs down to a small grocery store by the hotel to get some goodies for her Uncle and herself when she runs into someone.
Harry Styles is one of the five boys in the biggest boy band in the world. The boys haven't had a summer off in three years, due to touring. So management decided to give the boys three months off to relax. How is he going to enjoy that time off? Read this love story to find out! .xx


14. Chapter 14 - The Make-up

"Fuck." Niall says once we're outside.

"What?' I ask him.

"I'm so glad I'm not Harry right now.  You're harsh."  He says looking over to me.  "Harry was not expecting that reaction from you.  He gets in fights all the time, he's not used to people blowing up on him like that." He explains.

"I don't like how he thinks he has ownership over me.  He hasn't even asked me on a proper date.  I wouldn't have blown up on him as much if it was some random guy I kissed and he punched, but since it was you.  One of his best friends.  That's what really made me angry." I say to Niall.

"I will still take you up on that offer for sex though." Niall says laughing.

"Never in your wildest dreams, Niall." I say trying to hide a smile.

He laughs.

"Come on let's get a cab." He says.


When the taxi pulls up in front of my hotel I turn to Niall.

"Wanna come up?" I ask.

"I think I've done enough damage tonight.  If Harry finds out I actually went up to your hotel room with you he'll probably kill me." Niall says laughing a bit and gets a weird look from the cab driver.

"Alright.  I'm so sorry about tonight." I say reaching for his face, where a bruise is already forming around his eye.

"No it's really my fault." He says smiling at me.  I place a kiss on his cheek then get out of the cab.  I go to hand the cab driver the money but Niall slaps my hand away.

"I got it." He says and winks at me before the cab drives away.


Once I get to my room I'm so tired I literally take my clothes off and drop onto my bed.  Immediately falling into unconsciousness.

When I wake up I check my phone and see it's 11:34.  My phone says I have a bunch of voice mails and texts from Harry.  What?

 Then it all comes back.

The movie.  The club.  The drinking.  The kiss.  The punch.  

I scroll through the many texts and see Harry's apologizing in most of them.  Saying he didn't know what he was doing because he was drunk.  He was mad and went on instinct.  One text really stood out to me, almost making me laugh.

Harry - I'm sorry for being a jealous prick last night.  It just really angered me seeing Niall all over you.  Please call me when you get this.

And this one.

Harry - Did you really have sex with Niall?

I'm still pissed at Harry for just punching Niall.  But I feel like I was really cruel last night.  I know he just wants to protect me, and that he was still shaken up from the night before.  But he should trust his best mate.  I know Niall would never hurt me.

I'm not going to break up our friendship over us overreacting while we're drunk.  He's too valuable to me.

I decide to get up and shower, because I'm a mess.  Right before I get in the shower, my phone vibrates on the counter.  I grab it and see Niall texted me.

Niall - Hey Rach, you don't have to text me back because you're probably sleeping, but I'm just textng to make sure you're okay :)

I decide to send him a quick reply.

Rachel - I'm fine:) Thanks for checking up on me.  About to get in the shower, I'll text you later. x

I hop in the shower, shampooing and conditioning my hair, shaving, all that jazz.  Once out of the shower, dressed, and hair blow dried, I finally feel clean again.

I check my phone to see Niall replied to my text before, telling me to text him later.

Right when I'm about to reply to Niall my phone starts buzzing, indicating I have a call.  I look to see it's Harry calling.  Fuck.  What do I do?  I should probably answer.. or should I wait a day before talking to him.  I could barely go 2 hours without talking to Harry before.  I really want to talk to him, just hear his voice.  I should really apologize to him.

I click the send button and hear his voice come on the line.

"Rachel?" He asks.  He sounds surprised I answered.

I take a deep breath before answering.

"Harry." I simply say.

"You answered." He says, relief in his voice.

"Yeah." I reply.

"Can I come over?" He asks.

I take a bit to respond, weighing out the pros and cons.

"I guess." I finally answer and I hear him let out a breath on the other end.  

"I'll be over in 5."' He says.  Please, his flat is 10 minutes away.  He'll probably get a ticket, hah.

I sit on a sofa, waiting for him.  He literally gets here in 5 minutes.  Wow.

He comes right in, pauses and looks at me sitting there.  Dammit, I forgot we gave him a key.  He comes over and kneels in front of me.  He has dark circles under his eyes like he hasn't slept at all.  He seriously looks miserable, but still perfect at the same time.

"Listen, I'm so sorry about how I acted last night," His voice is quiet and unsteady.  "I was drunk and when I was walking back from the bathroom and caught a glimpse of you dancing with Niall, it confused me." He pauses for a second. "And then he pulled you closer to him, and I couldn't believe it was him and not me.  Jealousy just coursed through my body.  Then when he kissed you," He pauses again and swallows.  "It literally broke me." His voice cracks, eyes glazed, he puts his hands on each of my knees.  "And baby, I'm so sorry about how I overreacted.  And I am a pussy for not asking you on a date.  And I'm so sorry." He finishes and drops his head.

I reach my hand out to his cheek and he slowly brings his head back up.  One single tear sliding down his face.  He's literally so perfect.  I wipe his tear away, and try to blink mine away.  I'm afraid that if I talk I'll just burst out crying.  I'm not good around crying people and this is my first time seeing Harry cry.

"I-I'm sorry too.  I overreacted to you punching Niall.  It just bothered me that you would punch your best friend.  But I don't want this to break our friendship." I apologize.

"I'd take anyone out for you.  I want to protect you.  And I don't care who it is, as long as you're mine.  I know we've only known each other for about two weeks, but I've never been this attached to a girl before.  It's always been a new one each night.  And to be honest, I just wanted to shag you the first time we met.  But then I got to know you, and see how brilliant you are and how you are such a beautiful person, and I want more.  So Rachel, please, will you go on an official date with me?" Harry pleads.

"Yes, please, yes." I say without even hesitating.  I pull his face to mine and crash my lips to his.  Fireworks literally shoot from my lips to my stomach, butterflies exploding.  He takes a few seconds to register what I just did, then he kisses back.  But I pull away before it gets too heated.  Kisses with Harry are perfect.  Way better than what I had with Niall last night.

"So we're back?" He asks, getting up from his knees to sit by me on the couch.

"Of course." I say smiling at me.

He flips the tv on and throws an arm around me.  The tv's low and we finally get comfortable after about an hour.  Him laying on his back on the couch and me with my head on his chest.  It's about 2 in the afternoon, but I bet he's completely knackered since he probably didn't sleep much last night.  We just stay there, and I'm pretty sure he's asleep.  But it surprises me when he speaks.

"You know, According to Greek Mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces.  Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves." He pauses, " I think you're my other half." He says quietly.

I don't respond, I just think about what he said until I fall asleep in his arms.


So that was probably supposed to be cuter than I actually wrote it, it's probably cuter in my head too.  idk

I feel like no one reads this anyways..

Omg everyone go read After and After 2 because that fanfic is 69669996 thousand times better than mine.  No doubt about it:)

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Hahaha the boys are in Vegas and 5sos is going crazy.  I think they're going to get married to each other? Idk Crazy boys.  I LOVEEEEE THEIR KEEEKS THO.

Harry should actually post on his keek maybe?  That's a good suggestion.

He should actually talk in a vine too.  He never talks in them:/ I don't know why that bothers me.

I was listening to Turn Your Face by Little Mix while writing this.  Go listen to it, it makes me cry.

Shoutout to Ninjatickles, go fan her!  We're friends, oh and also she met Harry styles and his lips have touched her face and her lips have touched his and I'm so jealous but I still love her. 

I have nothing more to say.  My author notes are so lame.  












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