Ultimate [Harry Styles]

Seventeen year old Rachel goes to London with her Uncle on a business trip for a month. Mainly because she's always wanted to go to the beautiful city. Also for experience in the business world since she'll be graduating. But maybe also to meet a guy. She gets to stay in a massive hotel suite with her Uncle, what if she runs down to a small grocery store by the hotel to get some goodies for her Uncle and herself when she runs into someone.
Harry Styles is one of the five boys in the biggest boy band in the world. The boys haven't had a summer off in three years, due to touring. So management decided to give the boys three months off to relax. How is he going to enjoy that time off? Read this love story to find out! .xx


10. Chapter 10

The next morning I wake up to one of Harry's bloody morning texts.  How the hell does he stay up late texting me and still manage to be conscious before noon?  The world may never know.  Does he really expect me to get up?

1 Message from: Harrehlovesmesomuch!

Jesus he changes his contact name on my phone every time we are together.  When does he do this?

Harry - Morning gorgeous!  How are you this lovely morning? x

Rachel - Tired.

Ahem.  I'm definitely not a morning person.  I tend not to send messages longer than a word or two.  I'm barely conscious I mean.

Harry - Awh Babe! Come on and get up! We can get breakfast! x

Food? Hmm.

Rachel - No.

I can eat later.  Sleep now.

Harry - Babe :(

Rachel - Come over and sleep?

Harry - Ugh fine.

Rachel - Food later.

Harry - What?

Rachel - Never mind.

Harry - On my way. x

Rachel - Thanks Harreh:) xx

Right when I put my phone back on my night stand I hear a knock on my door.  The hell?  How did Harry get here so quick?

My Uncle walks in holding a mug of coffee and a.. magazine?  He throws it on the bed next to me trying to hide a smile.

"You might want to take a look at that." He says finally breaking into a smile.

I sit up and grab what looks like a People magazine and see a picture of Harry and I last night.  It was when we were holding hands after he bought me the beanie.  It's just the perfect picture at the right angle.  He was looking at me with the cutest look on his face.  Completely engulfed in me while I was talking.  

It's weird knowing my face is now all over the world now.  No doubt my Mom hasn't seen it, she reads all those magazines.  I'm probably all over instagram, twitter and tumblr.  I'm probably getting tons of hate since I was running around with Harry.  What if I get death threats?  Nah, who cares.

I flip open to the article, which has a different picture of Harry and I on it.  It was us getting off of the London Eye.  I'm smiling, obviously excited, and he's helping me with my step.   We both look happy, but when wasn't I last night?  The title of the article says 'Styles' New Bird?'  I quickly read through the article, it says Harry has been seen around London with 17-year-old American, Rachel Klein.  Styles put a picture of the two of them on twitter, with him kissing her cheek, saying he had a good night with his 'new beautiful best friend'.  Harry nor Rachel have mentioned anything about their relationship blossoming.  Haha because it's not.  Then the article said they would keep their readers updated on any news of Harry's love life.  Great the bloody paps will be following us around. 

I walk out of my room to talk to Gary about this and I find Harry in there talking to Gary on the couch.  Wait why is Gary here?  He should be at work.

"Why are you still here?" I ask.

"You told me to come." Harry says confused,

"No doofus I'm talking to Gary, it's only Friday, you should be at work." I say.

Gary looks at me, "My boss called me and said the class was canceled today." He explains.

"Then why'd you wake up so freaking early?" I ask not seeing his logic.

"Its 9:00, its not that early." He says.

"Oh whatever." I say walking back into my room and Harry follows me.

"Look at this." I say handing him the magazine.

"Bloody hell." He says, running his free hand through his hair, ruffling his curls.

While he's reading the article, I take this time to check him out.  Discretely of course.  He has these grey sweatpants on which are hung low on his tiny ass, and a white v-neck shirt on which I can see his tattoos through.  

I love his tattoos, the unspoken journal on his body.  He literally has so many, I can't keep track.  

I assume he threw on the clothes before he came over here because he confirmed to me before that he sleeps completely nude, and occasionally he'll wear boxers.  After he told me that he invited me to sleep with him, the cheeky bastard.  I graciously declined the offer.  He pouted for a total of 5 minutes afterward.  Sometimes I wonder if he's really 19.

"This is fucking stupid!  Why does the bloody media always think I'm either dating or sleeping with every girl I'm seen out with.  Why can't I be friends with any girls?  Hell, I can't even be friends with boys and they think I'm gay!" He rants, breaking me out of my thoughts.

"He calm down, it's fine.  Just put something on twitter that we're just friends.  If it comes from you the fans and media will believe it.  Don't let them feed your fans inaccurate information.  You don't want them angry with you, do you?" I say calming him.

"No.." He whines.

"Now come here, and we'll post the tweet together." I say opening him arms to him.

He walks over and falls into my arms causing me to fall back on the bed with him of top of me.  His face cuddled in my neck, and arms around my waist.  He stays there, and I let him.  We just lay there for a few minutes, my hand running through his hair repeatedly.  He seems to like that.  

"Harry...?" I say.

"Hmm?" He hums.

"Are you gunna send a tweet out?" I ask.

"You really don't want to be known as my new girlfriend all over the world? I'm hurt." He fake pouts lifting his head up to meet my eyes.

I giggle, "No I love it, but it's not true." I say.

"Not yet." He says so quietly I barely hear him.

He grabs his phone and goes into his twitter app, he gets up off of me and sit beside me on the bed.  He composes a new tweet and types something about how we're not dating and to please refrain from sending me hate.  We also see that Louis and Niall have already tweeted something about not sending me hate, even if we were together.  How they wouldn't like it if they were in my position.  I love these boys.

He locks his phone and throws it on the floor.  

"Rachel please it's 9:00 in the morning, go back to bed." He mimicks me in a girly voice.  I punch him playfully.

"Shut up, I like my sleep." I say pulling myself under the covers as Harry does too.

I lay down and then feel Harry's massive hands pull me into him so we're spooning.  That's the last thing I remember before falling asleep in Harry's arms.


We wake up again around noon and I decide to take a shower.  We don't go out because we don't want the Paps raiding us again, but I still want to be clean.  

I throw on running shorts and a volleyball camp t-shirt and comb through my long damp hair.  Once I get the tangles out I blow dry it and run my fingers through my long bangs.  Eh, good enough.  

I walk out of my bathroom and into my room where Harry is laying on my bed on his phone.  

"I just made a vine of your hotel room," He says.

"What!  Now people will definitely think we're dating if you're in my hotel room!" I say.

"So." He says, "I don't care anymore."

"Uhm, alright." I say.  He has weird mood changes.

"So I was thinking since we're staying in the hotel today we could skype my friends?" I suggest, "Please, they'd really love me forever and they already love you and are dieing to meet you, even if it is over the computer.' I ramble.

He chuckles at me, "Sure, babe." He says simply.

I look over to him, "Really! Thank you so much! I'll text them right now to get on their computers because I have a surprise." I say grabbing my laptop.

I sit my laptop in front of Harry and I sitting on the bed.  My friends immediately text back saying they're both at Kat's house and they're expecting a pretty amazing surprise because I'm interrupting their Pretty Little Liars marathon they've had all night.  I tell them to log onto skype and call them.  When they answer they act all weird not looking at the screen yet. 

"Heyooooo!" Sydney says smiling and Kat comes up from downstairs yelling.

"WE MISS YOU SEXXXAHHHH." She yells running into Syd and into the view of the camera.

Then they look at us and literally freeze.  Absolute silence fills the cam and they just stare at Harry, mouths slightly open.

Harry and I start laughing, this is great.  

"I.. think they.. they went int.. cardiac..arrest!" I say in-between laughs. 

"Hahaha Hello Ladies, it's nice to finally meet you, Rach has told me a lot of things about you two." Harry says casually throwing his arm around me, I grin.

"Uh.. H-Hi.." Sydney says, eyes still wide and shock still across her face.

I don't know where Kat went because she just dropped.

"Where's Kat?" I ask.

"Uh.. She's putting... uh makeup on." Sydney says.

"I just can't even believe you met Harry and now the two of you are skyping me." Syd rambles.

"Yeah it's great." I say, "I told you I had a surprise." 

"Yeah, didn't think it'd fucking be Harry Styles okay?" She says.

Kat then comes and sits down next to her.  She's smiling and has some mascara on.  Always the charmer.

"Okay, so you're Sydney" Harry says pointing to Syd, "And you're Katelin?" Harry questions.

"Yeah, but you can call me Kat." Katelin says.

"And you can call me whatever you want." Sydney says to Harry and we all laugh.

"So have you seen any magazines lately?" I ask.

"Like today?" Harry says.

"Uh, no.  Why?" Kat says.

I hold up the one we were looking at earlier. 

"Because I'm in them with Harry!" I say.

"Holy Shit!" Sydney exclaims.  

"They think you're dating!" Kat says excitedly.

"Jesus!  This is amazing!  My best friend is fucking famous!" Sydney says.

"And she knows Harry Styles!" Kat yells.

"HAVE YOU MET THE REST OF THE BAND?" Kat yells through the skype call to me. "HAVE YOU MET NIALL?" She questions.

"Uhm. Yeah I met all of them." I say.

"I'm so jealous!" Sydney says.

"They're really sweet and funny." I say.

"Yeah we already know that." They say.

We laugh, "You guys are crazy." I say.

"We know." Kat says.

"So I was wondering if like, next month once Rachel goes back home, me and the boys could come and hang out with you guys for a week or so.." Harry suggests.

"Holy fuck, YES. Please, bring your attractive friends that have angel-like voices like you do." Kat says, practically begging him to come.

"I'll be sure to." Harry says laughing.

"Isn't he so nice." I say to them like he isn't here.

"Holy shit yes, Rachel he's amazing." Sydney says.

"Oh I'm just nice to you?" Harry questions, pretending to be hurt.

The other girls giggle.

"Yep." I say teasing him.

"Ugh!  I can't believe I was even friends with you!" He says in a fake girly voice, throwing his hands up.

"I'm just kidding Harreh! You're perfect, and sweet, and smart, and perverted, and attractive, and-"

"Attractive?" He says playfully cutting me off, pulling one eyebrow up. "You think I'm attractive?" He questions.

"Who doesn't?" I say, surprised my friends are staying silent on the other end of the video chat.

"Awhh!  Does Rwachel have a cwrush?" He says in a baby voice teasing me.

"No." I answer quickly and quietly looking down at my hands.

"I think she does." Harry says in the same baby voice, handing inching over to tickle me.

"Oh shit." I say and he attacks my sides with his hands.

"HARRY STOP! HARRRRRY! I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL ROUND-HOUSE YOUR ASS." I scream as he has me pinned down on the bed in front of my two friends.  They're just laughing at us. Harry stops tickling me but stays on top of me.

"Get off me." I say.

"No." He says leaning down to kiss my neck.

"If you give me a fucking love bite I might just have to kill you." I say.

"That's wouldn't be nice." He purrs into my ear.

"Sex can wait!" Sydney yells through the skype call.

"Use protection!" Kat says.

"Not helping guys." I say.

As Harry is focused on leaving a mark on my neck, I flip us over so I'm straddling him. 

"Ooh, I like it when you're on top." Harry says winking.  Bloody hell.

"Okaaay.  Well now you've seen his perverted side." I say laughing a bit while getting off of Harry.

"Jesus Rachel, you're so unbelievably lucky." Sydney says.

"Ohh yeah totally." I say sarcastically, Harry smirks.

"So Gary didn't have to work today so he's making lunch." Harry says.

"Ooh! They're on first-name basis." Kat says winking.

"Gary and I are good friends." Harry says.

"Hahah that's perfect." Kat says.

"You know who'd be a really cute couple?" Sydney asks.

"You and Louis?" I say since Lou is her favourite.

"Me and Niall?" Kat says.

"No, Rachel and Harry." She says smirking devilishly at me.  Way to over flow Harry's ego.

"We would." Harry says smirking at me pulling me closer to him on the bed.

"Sydney I swear I'm gunna kill you." I say.

They both laugh at us.  I know her fucking plan, she wants Harry and I together.  It's so obvious, they always used to say that I'd look cute with Harry before I met him.  When we'd have sleepovers and they'd fangirl over them and 'ship' me with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer.  It was always Harry and Ashton.  I just kinda shrugged it off, but it's kinda ironic that I met Harry.

"You guys!  Lunch is ready!" Gary yells from the other room.

"Well, We have to go eat! Byeeee guise!" I say waving to the camera.

"Bye Ladies! It was nice to meet you! And I look foreword to actually meeting you soon!" Harry says waving to my best friends.

"Byeeeee!  I can't wait to meet you too!" Sydney says.

"Byee!  Tell Niall I say Hi!  Fabulous meeting you!" Kat says waving back to us.

I end the call and shut my laptop.  

"Let's go eat!" I say jumping up and grabbing Harry's hand to pull him with me.

"Alrighty!" He says following me.


So I updated! And I havent done it in forever so I made this one extra long! haha Sorry if it sucks...

So last, last sunday, the 14th of July I went to my first One Direction concert and it was fucking amazing!

UHm I've been writing and if I don't get a lot of feedback and votes and reads and stuff I probably wont continue this story, I mean I love to write but I feel like I'm doing it for nothing.

So I wont update unless this gets 5 votes at least. Please just press the little button.

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I love you guys so much!  Thank you so much for reading!

-Rachel .xx


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