Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


4. Writing Class Memories

The second bell for free period had just rang, which meant it was time to go back to class. Creative writing to be exact. 


There were only about 5 students in this class. Just shows you how much today's society cares about journalism and reading. Today, there would would only be 4 kids in class.. Since Liam ditched. 


He was always so passionate about poetry and such. He would sometimes slip little poems into my locker. I had to act as if I didn't know they weren't from him. The poems just stopped one day though and he stopped showing up for class. It hasn't been fun since then.


I let out a sigh and took a seat on one of the small rugs. This class was all about relaxing and letting out inner feelings out with writing. There weren't any desk in this class, unless we requested one. We could lie on the couch and write, we could write on the floor, literally anywhere as long as we stayed in the room. 


"Ok, class. Today, I have a specific topic for you guys and gals to write about." Mr. Franchesco had said, sitting on his stool. We all looked up at him in curiosity. He never made us write about anything specific, which is what made this weird. 


There was a silence in the class. 


"Well, what is it Mr. F?" Someone finally spoke up.


"Oh right, the topic. I was wondering why you were all so silent. Ok, the topic for today isn't something incredible. It's very simple. I want you guys to write about a loss. Maybe a loss in family. A loss in maybe some kind of sports game. Anything that relates to losing something or someone. Ok kids, ready and go!" 


Each of us walked over to our specific locations. Jeffrey would take the teacher's seat. Joline would sit right in front of the door, with a pillow some how attached to the knob. Seanna would turn one of the tables into a dome for the next 45 minutes, while I lay along the window sill, taking in the sunlight, scaring random pedestrians who would walk by the school, finding a girl who would position herself in the most awkward positions.



"Genny, what in the world are you doing?" Liam asked me. I rolled over onto my stomach, placing my chin in between my arms, thinking.


"Trying to get comfortable." I adjusted myself again, this time onto my back, placing my hands on my stomach. 


He looked at me confused. "Maybe it would help if you weren't on a window sill." 


"Shush Liam! Mr. F said we can stay anywhere we want in this room, and so I shall take advantage of this." He laid down on the floor, underneath me. 


"I think you're taking it a little too literally." 


"BUT I'M COMFORTABLE LIAM WHY WON'T YOU LET ME BE HAPPY!" I whisper-screamed jokingly. We both burst into small fits of laughter. 


"Whatever floats your boat Miss Walker." 


I threw his notebook down to him, making it land flat on his face. I reversed my position so I was on my stomach again so it was easier to write. First topic: My Best Friend.


"Two years ago, when I first took this class, I was so inspired to write about all the happy things in life. Then I got older. People changed.

Now I'm 17, well almost, taking this class for the third time, simply because that's how much I love to write. There was someone who loved writing as much as I did. He was the first person I ever 'professionally' wrote about in this class. He was so full of life. Always smiling, full of joy and knowledge. He always tried to make people smile. That was his job 24/7 at the time. Now the smile is gone. All he brings now is loneliness. I haven't talked to him in almost two years. The last memory I have of each other was my 15th birthday. He planned the whole thing. The whole night was magical until he met my boyfriend Archades (pronounces RKD's). He got upset that day and the next time I saw him in school, he was wearing all black with a shaved head. He wore chains where his belt was suppose to go and he had a group of bullies behind him. The kids who once bullied him were on his side. Ever since then, he's caused terror through out the school. 

It was honestly the worst thing ever seeing my best friend going from this angel, to this person I couldn't even recognize. 


I haven't talked to him since, and yet, everyday, I secretly observe him from afar. I defend him, keeping his former image as the angel the teachers all saw him as. I guess you could say I wish we were still best friends, because I really miss him. He was my only friend, and the longest one I've had for that matter. Our 7 years of friendship anniversary was two weeks ago, if we had one. 


I can no longer call him my inspiration. I can no longer be inspired by sunlight and happiness. Sure, my boyfriend keeps me happy, but he isn't inspired by it like he was. 


You could say this was a lose-lose situation, me losing both ways. I lost the greatest thing in my life, as well as my inspiration and happiness. And so, even two years later, I still don't know what made him snap." 


I closed my journal, just in time for the bell to ring. I wiped my almost teary eyes and put my journal into the basket for Mr. F to observe later. 

Walking out into the hall way, I thought about my first day in that class again. I remembered me and Liam just laughing about stupid things and then writing them all down, only to receive an A from Mr. F on them , even though they weren't real pieces of writing. I remembered how everyday, when Liam walked into class, he would comment and judge me on my position on the windowsill. I would stick my tongue out at him. Mr. F would then yell at us for being childish and make us write extra paragraphs. 


Class just isn't as fun without him anymore. I miss being judged and made fun of that kid. 

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