Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


10. Vacation at the Walkers

He followed my upstairs as he kept the conversation going with my dad who was still in the kitchen.


"Ok Mr. Walker! I'll talk to you later!" He finally screamed. I waited at my door as he walked into my room, taking a seat on my bed. 


"I forgot not all adults sucked. Your dad is an amazing man." Liam said, still laughing. 


"Um.. Yeah. Try living with him." I said, not really having any come backs. 


"I did, remember?" I tried scrolling through my memory as he put his leather vest on my one of the door hangers. 



"Is it ok if I leave my jacket there?" Liam asked me, pointing to the red hoodie. 


"Um, sure. I have nothing against it."  I laughed, throwing another one of his hoodies at him. I scavenged through his suit case, finding one of my favorite one of his and put it on. 


He walked over with a curious look on his face. "Did you have that on earlier.. Wait.. Isn't that mine hoodie?"


"Uh.. Nooo, what makes you think that?" I replied, not so slyly. 


"Come on Genevieve. Take it off." 


"But it's soo warm." 


He rolled his eyes at me. "You can keep it until I leave, ok?"


I smiled, nodding my head. I embraced the warmth of his jacket around me before he ran up to me, tackling me onto the bed behind us. 


"Woah, what's going on in here?" My dad asked, walking in unexpectedly. Don't you just love when parents do that?


"Nothing dad, me and Liam are wrestling. Obviously, I'm winning." I lied, still struggling underneath Liam. He finally got off of me, bringing me up with him. 


"Sorry about that Mr. Walker. And thanks for letting me stay over while my parents are on vacation." 


"It's no problem Liam. No funny business between you two though, understood?"


"Yes Daddy.." I said. Sometimes my dad could be fun. Sometimes he could be a total kill joy.

He looked at the both of us mysteriously a bit. "Well, ok you two. Be careful. And if you plan on doing anything, there are condoms in the bathroom. I'm going out to get food. You guys want anything?" 


Oh my god Dad.. Oh my god.


"I think we're all good here. Thanks though. And don't worry, I don't think Genevieve and I will need it." 


My dad nodded his head, before walking out, leaving the door completely shut. 


"Well then..." Liam said, now standing in front of the door, grabbing one of his hoodies. 


"Why in the world does my dad have condoms?" Still surprised at my dad's words, I ventured into the bathroom and opened up all the drawers to find a pack of condoms farther back. "Ok.. Let's not touch those so dad doesn't think we used them." I made an awkward face as I ran back to my room, crashing into Liam. 


"Guess I'm not the only one who likes tackling." He said, wrapping his around me. I wrapped mine around his, letting us hug each other. I stood back. We observed each other. 


"So where did you go?" He asked, breaking the staring silence. 


"Bathroom. My dad seriously has condoms in the bathroom. Omg." He burst out laughing. "Liam! That's not funny! And why do you ask me? Where are you going all dressed up in your winter clothes?" 


"Well, Miss Genevieve, would you like to come ice skating with me?" 


"But I don't know how?"


"And that's what I'm here for!" He yelled softly, going through my drawers while throwing any random hats and gloves he could find. 


"Thanks.." I said unsurely, putting on the clothing. "Are you sure it's safe though?" 


"I'll be here to make sure you don't get hurt, ok?"


"Ok Liam," I smiled as we both  made our ways to the window, glancing at the weather. 



Unlike that day, it had just started raining. 


"I miss the snow.." I said to myself, thinking about that day 4 years ago. It was when we were in 8th grade... I think. It was winter vacation and obviously, his parents were away so he stayed at my place. 


This isn't a very important memory. It was important because of two small reasons.. Maybe 3. One, I learned how to ice skate. 2, I got to keep his jacket, and 3, him staying over led to our first fight. I'll explain that later, I don't really want to think of a bad memory right now. 


I snapped out of my narration as Liam asked me something. 


"Isn't this my hoodie?" He said, pointing at the red jacket hanging besides his newer one. 


"Yeah, you gave it to me, remember?" 


He squinted his eyes, shaking his head. "Wait.. Wait... Did I let you keep it after I made you go ice skating and I felt bad cause you kept falling?"


I tried not to smile, but did so anyway. "Yuperoni!" I squealed. 


"And it still fits?" He grabbed it off the hook, throwing it at me. His ways of flinging clothes across my room still hasn't changed. 


"Well let's find out." I put the hoodie over my head, to find it was still was warm as when Liam first gave it to me. 


"I can't believe that still fits you, let alone the fact you still have it." 


"Well, it was pretty big when you gave it to me. Do you want it back?" 


"No, it's ok. It is your favorite, isn't it?" 


I smiled again. "Yes it is Liam, yes it is." 

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