Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


15. Study Dates

Thursday afternoons meant that I didn't need to go to a tennis practice today, but it did mean that I would now be alone with Archades and Liam. I hadn't really talked to Archades all day, probably because Liam was so attached to me for the last few hours. 


Walking down the street, we formed a line. Archades in the front, myself in the center and Liam behind me. From time to time, Archades would slow down his walking so I could catch up, but I would only walk slower. Liam would do the opposite and walk faster, but I'd still be ahead of him. It was a pretty awkward. 


The three of us finally reached my home after what seemed like forever. I put the key in the whole, turning the knob and opened the door to a dark house. 


"Guess my dad is probably asleep.." I said, placing my backpack in its' usual place. 


"Or he could be in the kitchen.." Liam commented, pointing towards the light around the corner. He adjusted his bow tie before putting his backpack next to mine. Archades did the same as me and Liam made our way to the kitchen. 


"Hi dad." I quietly said, knowing he wouldn't really pay attention.


"Liam!" He began, ignoring my greeting. "Good to see ya again Liam! What happened to you yesterday?" 


Liam and my father continued conversing. I watched the two laugh as I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Archades. His face looked confused. He hadn't spoken, but I could already hear him asking 'What the heck is your dad talking about?


"Arch, could you pleaseee go upstairs and set up our project?" I asked before he could say something. 


"Sure thing babe." He gave me a kiss on the cheek and turned around, going upstairs. 


"So what's with you Liam? What's with these costume changes?" I heard my dad say as I rejoined their conversation once again. 


"I've just been going through somethings. I've found my piece of happiness again and thought maybe I should try making her happy since she makes me so happy." 


"That's very sweet Liam. So I'm not seeing Archades. Are you and my daughter together now?" 



"Not again dadddd..." I whined, shoving my dad a bit. 


"Woah, calm there Genny, I'm just joking here." 


"Sure you are dad. You say that every time Liam comes over."


"Hey, it wouldn't kill ya to give the boy a chance. I mean, he's the only guy you talk to and he's the only one of your friends I get along with." My dad lectured, while patting Liam's head as if he was praising the poor boy on being a good friend.


"He's my only friend dad." I rolled my eyes at my dad's many attempts of trying to get me a boyfriend. "I mean like, dad, I get it if I was at home all the time being completely unsocial, but I'm not. I'm always out with Liam and when I'm not I'm doing some extra curricular thing."


"I think I should just go now...." Liam joined in, slowly backing out of the kitchen.


"No Liam, you stay." I walked back to him, pulling him by his arm.


"See, you two are so cute."


"Oh my god Dad."


Before I could explain to my dad, Liam decided to answer.

"Um, no sir. Sadly, your daughter is still going out with the Archades fellow."


"Still Genny?"


I rolled my eyes. "Liammm.... Daddd."


"Calm down Genny. You two go upstairs and do whatever you need to do. I'll be down here if you need me."


"Thank you Mr. Walker... Oh and I forgot to ask, could you give Genevieve and I a ride to the movies later?"


"Sure thing Liam! I think it's about time we get Genevieve out of the house."


"Daddddd." I whined again. The two of them simply laughed at my minor embarrassment before Liam gripped onto my arm and led the two of us upstairs.


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