Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


7. Sparkle

"Hey Liam." I spoke, not too eagerly.



"Um.. Hey Genevieve. Hey Archades." He looked down to the ground, kicking around pencil shavings, since his legs actually reached the ground when he sat on his desk.


"Do you wanna join our group?"


"What's the point? I'm failing this class already." I pouted my lip at his sadness. So unlike Liam.


"Come on Liam, turn that frown upside down. You know I'm always here to help."


"Were..." I heard him mumble out, coldly.


"Come on Genny, he obviously doesn't care."


"No Archades. We need three people in our group and I choose Liam." I let go of Archades' grip and let him walk to his desk as I continued conversing with Liam.


I stared at him for a while until he finally looked up. He stopped looking up once he almost made contact with my face. I was nervous he was focusing on my non-existent chest area, but realized he was looking at my locket.



"That necklace is gorgeous," Liam said, as it caught his attention. He ran into the jewelry store that we were about to pass by.


We were obviously in the mall right now, going on one of our annual 'dates' as friends. We'd already venture throughout the whole place, but for some reason this store caught his attention, even though it was usually just a background prop to him.


"But Liammmm, we have to go before my dad picks us up." I stood outside the store hoping he'd come out. I was surprised he was still in there after 10 minutes and trailed into the store. Before I could say anything, I was caught off guard by Liam clipping something around my neck.


"Isn't it just beautiful on her?" He asked the stranger behind us, who I'm guessing was the store clerk or so.


"Indeed it is Mr. Payne. I'm glad you liked your purchase."


Liam walked out of the store, leaving the necklace on my neck.


I looked at the necklace while admiring it's beauty until I realized the clerk said purchase.


"Liam... How much did you pay for this?" I asked, trying to get it off. He rushed behind me, holding onto my hands before I could.


"No no no. Don't you dare take that off. I bought it as a gift for you, so don't you go, turning around and making me return it because I won't."


I rolled my eyes and tried to make a run back to the jewelry store, but he had me off the ground by this point.


"Genevieve, stop. Your birthday is in two weeks and this my early gift to you, understand?" He pointed his finger at me. Like a child, I attempted to bite it, but failed.


"Ok Mr. Payne, whatever you say." I said, mocking the kiss-up clerk. "But thank you. I love it." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and we continued on to the front gates.



This day was maybe 9 months after we met. The shopping became ad annual thing after three months of becoming friends, but after that shopping trip, his mom suggested I keep in charge of the money whenever we went out to avoid anymore crazy purchases.


His eyes sparkled as a smile unwillingly escaped his lips.


"I can't believe you still have that.." His voice deepened.


"Well of course I do, you spent $750 on it." I played with the heart shaped jewel, fumbling my fingers around. The fumbling ended up opening the locket and a piece of paper fell out. I attempted to pick it up, but Liam reacher down before I could. Without permission, he opened the paper. His smile grew wider as he read it, and each time a smile would pop out, he'd try to hide it.


His eyes finished scanning the paper and he handed it back to me. As I read, I felt a similar smile appear on my own face. I had completely forgotten that this locket was the one I had put the poem in.


"I can't believe you still have that too." My fingers moved around the chain, trying to find the clasp part. Seeing my struggle, Liam got up, but instead of helping me take it off, he held onto my hands like he did that day.


"I told you not to take it off." A giant grin appeared in my face at the fact that he really did remember.


I apprehensively listened to him and tried getting it open from the way I was looking at it. Liam caught on to what I was looking at and placed his hands on my shoulder.

It was a picture of him inside the almost forgotten locket.

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