Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


16. Old Times Sakes

"His name seriously sounds like some kind of disease though!" We burst out laughing. I gave his arm a little push.


"Liammm! That may or may not be true.. But it's nice!" 


"SO you admit it does!"


"I'm admiting nothing." I crossed my arms, looking the other way in a dramatic way.


"Knowing you, then I know this is your way of admitting it." We both laughed again as he opened the door.


Being the oblivious person I was, I hadn't noticed Archades was standing right in the doorway. Liam walked beneath Archades' arm, jumping onto my bed. He lay flat on my bed, making me laugh for some reason at his odd posture. 


"Genny, what the heck happened to your room?" Archades asked. 


Liam immediately erupted, now sitting up. We had both just remembered yesterday's encounter. Liam had given me a really guilty look. 


"Um.. No idea." I replied, playing off. I tried walking around him like Liam did, but he had both arms out this time. 


"Don't walk here. You don't have shoes on. I don't want you to get cut." 


I rolled my eyes. I'll admit it, Archades was a good boyfriend and all, but the moments he tries to act like a father figure towards me. I hated it. 


In my world of oblivion, I hadn't realized my feet were off the ground.


"But I dooo!" I heard Liam shout. I opened my eyes and saw Liam carrying me. It obviously wouldn't be Archades. His body type was too small to carry me. 


"Liam! Oh my god! Put me down!"



"Never my dear! It is the last day this haunted house is open! You're going in!!" Liam said, still carrying me, even though I had began hitting him beside his head. It didn't affect him, curse my small hands. 


"But Liam! I'm gonna dieeee!" 


"Gosh Genevieve. You need to calm down. You're not gonna die. I'll be right here." He tried comforting me. 


Finally getting inside, he put me back on the ground. I tried running back, but Liam had quickly reattached his arms onto my waist.


"There's no going back now Genevieve. The only other entrance is the exit. You have to go with me through this, pleaseee." 


I knew he was right. I'd seen him go through this before and you can only go out through the back. I let out a sigh. 


"Good girl. You know I love ya Genevieve?"


"Yeah, yeah yeah. I know. Now give me a hug." 


He opened his arms wide, wrapping me into a hug. 


"Ok, I think I'm good now."


"Are you sure, I can hold you hand if you want." He smiled softly at me, offering out his hand. I gladly accepted as we continued through the haunted house. 




"Excuse me..." Archades coughed out. 


Liam and I had been lying in the bed next to other laughing at my short terror. I guess we had forgotten Archades was still at the door. 


"Come on Archades! Join the fun!" Liam said, motioning Archades towards us. 


"No thanks. You know, if you guys aren't ready to start the project, we can always reschedule. Maybe after Genny fixes her room?"


"Boo, aw ok. Are you sure Archades?" I asked, giving a false pouty face.


"I'm sure. Anyways, have a nice night you two. I'll see you in school tomorrow." 


Liam carried me back over to the door to  where Archades was. 


"Aw, ok. Let me walk you out Arch." I gripped onto his hand, leaving Liam in my room for a quick moment. 


"Bye Arcahdes, love ya." I gave him a kiss on the cheek when we reached the bottom of the stairs. 


"Bye Genny, love ya too." 


I let him walk a few steps away from my house before I closed the door. 


"Dad, can you drive me and Liam to the movies!" 


I screamed, running back upstairs. 


"Sure! Let me get some pants on first!" 


"Oh my god Dad.." I mumbled silently. "Ok! Thanks!" 


I reached my room, finding Liam there, awaiting to carry me to my bed. 


He easily lifted me up and starting tickling me. My wheezing had kicked in, signaling him to stop. 


"Sorry Genevieve. Forgot about your breathing probs."


"It's ok Liam. I miss hanging out like that. Now. Since Arch is gone, are you ready for the movies."


"Indeed I am Miss Genevieve. Let's go!" He lifted me off the bed, carrying me out my bedroom.



Sorry I haven't updated in such a long time guise! It's winter vacation here and I've been catching up on sleep! Hope you like the chapter! Love yaaa- Lanna x 


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