Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


12. Looking for Answers

"So what did you come here for?" I asked again, avoiding his questions.


"Genevieve, I know you heard me."


"Well... I don't know. I don't know if I have feelings for you. I've thought back to so many of my memories, I even have these.." I stopped to pull out my box of envelopes containing the tickets I'd give to his victims. "I've realized I friend zoned you alot. But I don't know. Maybe, I guess. I don't really know what would've happened if you had stuck around for the party after I introduced you and Archades-"


He interrupted me as he searched through the tickets, opening each and everyone. "So that's where these come from! These freaking things have been ruining my life for the past two years! You've completely ruined me Genevieve!"



"Why would you do that to me?!" He ran out of my house, slamming the door.


I wanted to go after him, but Archades didn't let me.


"But Archades, I have to. He's my best friend. I can't lose him."


"If he was your best friend, he would be happy that you're happy." He tried comforting me. He brought me onto the couch as I gently sobbed, wrapping his arms around me.



But, he does make me happy... I thought to myself.


At that moment, I sprang out of his arms and ran out the door.


My goal for the moment was to find Liam, but I guess he had already left.


"Genny! Genny!"


"Liam?" Wishful thinking had me nowhere as the voice calling me was only Archades.


"No, it's me. Please, don't run out like that. It's late and I don't want you to get hurt."


"Listen, Archades. That's really nice of you, but I can't. I care too much about Liam, and he's obviously really upset about me going out with you. I really like you, but I need to know what's up with Liam before I give it another go." I gave him a pity kiss on the cheek. He smiled sadly. I felt bad, and guilty.


I was the one who asked him out in the first place. I looked at him as I held his hand. He walked me back to my house.


"I really hope you rethink this Genevieve, cause I really like you too. Good luck with the Liam thing though."


"Um.. Thanks Archades. I'm really sorry. Goodnight." I closed the door quickly before running upstairs to call Liam.


34 texts and 12 calls later, there was still no reply.


I kind of just watched him sit there in front of me. His face was turning red and I could see his veins pipping out. I really didn't know how to reply to this. Instead, Liam gets up, his feet stomping the ground.


I watch him as he knocks down all the things on my desk and tears down the papers on my wall. I let him out at it. I knew well enough not to mess with him when he was upset. That meant it probably wasn't a good time to tell him that if he hadn't changed, me and Archades would't be together.


He began throwing things though, giving me a small scare. Most of the objects were aim towards me, resulting in me hiding under my blanket with millions of pillow toppled over me.


I could see something large fly across my head, making me scream.


I think that snapped him out of it. I unraveled myself out of my sleep stuff. He stared into my eyes as I stared back. The look of guilt and shock plastered his face.


"Oh my god..." He whispered. Within seconds, he fled my room in pure terror of the mess he made.



I looked back out my window again as I watched him run down the street. I could hear his mumbled sorry's as he ran, they echoed.


"It's ok Liam... I forgive you." I said, knowing he still wouldn't hear me.

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