Hidden Bright Side {Liam Payne}

Liam was the most popular kid in school, as well as the meanest. When he is hit with the reality stick, he decides to change his ways and become a.. Er- Geek. Things take a bad turn for him and he becomes the most bullied kid in school. Will he survive his new life or will he go back to the old ?


2. Fix the Broken

As the bell rang, Liam played the whole scene off like it never happened and walked with his group over to the lunch room. It was like he didn't notice me, even after all we've been through, but who could blame him, we never speak anymore.


After he was out of sight, I walked over to the kid he had just beaten up.


"Hey, Stevie. Come on, I'll get you cleaned up, as long as you promised to tell no one this happened, got it?"


He was still scared, but I tried my best to give off a good vibe. I helped him up and led him to the boy's bathroom. Most of the guys knew who I was and my role, so it was a casual thing for me to be in there.


I reversed my backpack so that now I was wearing it on the front side of me and grabbed out the first aid kit I kept for days like this. Opening it, I grabbed out the gauze for his bigger wounds  , wrapping them around the bruises on his stomach. I applied alchohol to his open cuts and then wrapped a more skin like color of gauze around them. Bandages weren't nescessary when Liam was involved. Mainly because they weren't flesh colored, and I couldn't manage to put foundation on them.

After fixing up his body, I began applying the make up to his face, to cover up his bruised cheek. I brushed his hair, fixing it to the fluffy way he had it before.


"There you go Stevie, next time they try this on you, just show them this ticket. Then, they won't even lay a finger on you." I handed him the small piece of paper with Liam and my name on it. No one really knew how to open it though, except for Liam. Whenever he sould try hurting someone he already abused, they hand them the paper. Liam was the only one who knew to unravel the paper, and whenever he did, inside was another picture of us. I never knew why these papers made him stop, but they just did.


"Gen, if you know these tickets would help everyone..."




"Gen, I can't believe you're actually going to do this. You're jumping off a plane, just so you can raise money for that charity you want to start. Wow, you're so helpful it's turning you insane."


"Liam, stop being such a wimp. Now you're either coming with me or you're not. I could careless." I said, teasingly.


"Genny, you know I can't say no to you when you sound like you're going to be mad... Give me the parchute." He looked down gloomful, but reahced his hand out to get the elastic that would later save him from falling to the Earth's surface.


We ended up jumping, and obviously we made it out alive. It helped rasie 5K dollars for my chiarty, and it's still going today. That was about two years ago and was one of the last times we did something big together.



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