It is Malfoys and Hermiones sixth year at Hogwarts. Malfoy has been asked to kill Dumbledore by the end of the year. During the year Malfoy realizes his love for Hermione Granger, but can he ever love a mudblood? Hermione feels the same way, but she knows if Harry and Ron find out she will loose her two best friends. Will they find a way to be together? Or will they never talk again..?


6. Potions Class

Hermione, Ron and Harry were walking to their potions class with Professor Slughorn.
"You should hand that book in Harry!" Hermione was saying desperatly, "You don't even know who 'The Half Blood Prince' is!" Hermione was trying her hardest to make Harry hand that potions book in, it had giving extra information, but Hermione didn't trust it, for all they know it could be jinxed.
"Whoever the Half Blood Prince is, I thank him, I'm actually enjoying potions now" Harry said "Its helping me Hermione." Hermione didn't care if it was helping him or not, it still could be dangerous, she was just about to say that when Ron butted in.
"She only wants you to hand it in because you are doing better than her, she has to be top of the class."
"That is not true Ronald!" Hermione said feeling slightly hurt.
"Just please hand it in" Harry ignored her, but Ron didn't.
"Hermione! You don't always have to be top of the class! You don't always have to be a know it all, let Harry be good at something at least!" Hermione could feel her eyes tearing up, she turned and ran to the girls toilets.
"Tad harsh Ron." Harry said
"I know, but she needed to be told."

Hermione sat in the girls loo all potions lesson,, crying and stopping then crying again. She was confused, she loved Ron, but she like Draco as well, what Ron had said to her hurt her, a lot. She had seen Draco on the way, he yelled her name but she ignored it. She couldn't stand speaking to anyone at the moment she wanted to be left alone.
"Hermione?" It was Ginny "Hermione, Harry told me what Ron said, don't take it to heart, he didn't mean it. He is jealous of you that's all." Hermione sat in silence, she knew that Ron meant all those things, she could tell by the look in his eyes. She unlocked the door, her eyes red and puffy.
"Come on, don't be sad for the match tomorrow, Gryffindor versus Slytherin!" Hermione smiled, she walked out of the loos with Ginny, laughing and betting at how well Ron was going to play, secretly she was wishing he would play amazingly.

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