It is Malfoys and Hermiones sixth year at Hogwarts. Malfoy has been asked to kill Dumbledore by the end of the year. During the year Malfoy realizes his love for Hermione Granger, but can he ever love a mudblood? Hermione feels the same way, but she knows if Harry and Ron find out she will loose her two best friends. Will they find a way to be together? Or will they never talk again..?


1. King Cross Station

Hermione rushed to the barrier, knowing that her Mum and Dad cant go through she had to say goodbye a quickly as possible, she was already running late because Crookshanks had gone chasing a mouse.
"Bye Mum! Bye Dad" Hermione said hugging them both,her once bushy brown hair, now just wavy, blew in her Mums face.
"I do wish you would get this cut a bit shorter darling." Her Mum explained, "Now did you pack all of your books? Your notes you made over the holidays? Have you-"
"Mum I have, I really need to go now, Bye love you!" Hermione yelled. She got all her belongings and ran to the barrier.
Platform nine and three quarters was already packed with witches and Wizards saying goodbye to their Mothers and Fathers. The Hogwarts express was already there, blowing steam out of its funnel. Hermione looked desperately for Harry and Ron, but couldn't see them in sight. She was just about to turn around when she bumped into Malfoy.
"Cant you just watch where you are go-" Malfoy stopped in mid sentence.
"Oh, sorry Hermione, didn't see you there, um see you later.. CRABBE! GOYLE! HURRY UP! WHAT IS TAKING YOU SO LONG?" Malfoy stormed off the same direction as Crabbe and Goyle. Hermione had no idea what had just happened. Had Draco just been kind to her? Hermione felt a tap on her shoulder, she let out a small gasp and saw Ron and Harry smiling at her.
"What did that twat want?" Asked Ron.
"Oh nothing, come on lets get a good compartment" Hermione said walking toward the Hogwarts Express.
Harry and Ron looked at each other, suspicion written on their face.    

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