Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


7. Chapter 7: Forgiven

I wasn't getting my car back until the weekend so running away is out. There was nothing left that I could do. While I thought of something I decided to do my homework and get that out of the way. 

I felt guilty that I dumped Harry. There was nothing else I could do. I couldn't go back to school. I was stuck here. I couldn't face school and face Kathy, Harry and Paula. Paula hates me. She blames me for everything. Even though it isn't my fault. I can't help it if Kathy hates me and keeps threatening me. 

After I finished my homework I slipped it all into my school bag and switched on my laptop. I hadn't added anyone from my new school on Facebook yet. I didn't want to. No one knew I had Twitter which I was thankful for. 

I logged into Twitter and Facebook and wrote a new Tweet. 

@LizziePayne - Too much drama -.- 

I got a reply from my old friend Jess. 

@JJess - @LizziePayne how is your new school? Anyone nice? 

@LizziePayne - @JJess it's alright. Met One Direction. The first girl I met was nice then turned into a right bitch. Threats and everything. 

@JJess - @LizziePayne you can sort her out right? You have 1D on your side, you should be fine. She's probs well jel  that you're pretty and she aint. 

@LizziePayne - @JJess thanks Jess. Miss you. Text me? 

@JJess - @LizziePayne sure. 

I minimised Twitter and scrolled through the home feed on Facebook. Then my phone buzzed in my pocket. 

Jess: Hey! 

Me: Hey! I dated Harry Styles. 

Jess: No way! You're kidding me! Dated? What happened? He cheated? 

Me: I'm not kidding. No, I dumped him. Way too much drama for me to handle. My friend, Paula who hates me now told me to just leave and dump Harry. She's pissed that the bitch, Kathy, made up a rumour that her boyfriend, my brother, cheated on her. 

Jess: Your brother?! You found him! What's his name! You don't need her. Just go back to school and own that place. You don't need bitches standing in your way.

Me: Liam Payne. Yes the Liam Payne from 1D. 

Jess: No way!  Seriously, I think you should say sorry to Harry and ask for forgiveness then go back out with him. We have to have a double date sometime! 

Me: I date him I get threats. Kathy already smashed my Mum's car because I was with him. She also made up a rumour that I'm a slut XD 

Jess: Pathetic. Don't worry. Date him and be happy. Ignore her. She's just jel he likes you and not her. 

Me: She is jealous. Anyway I gotta go. Bye x

Jess: Bye bye x 

I locked my phone and slipped it into my pocket and the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs to get it to find Harry standing there. His eyes were red as if he had been crying. Had he? 

"Hi." I mumbled and stepped aside. "Come in." 

"Hi." Harry said as he walked in. I shut the door behind him.

"What do you want?" I asked. 

"Why are you dropping out?" He asked me. 

"I'm clearly not wanted there." I told him. 

"I want you there, so does Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. Ignore Paula she's just upset and she felt really bad about what she said." Harry explained. Harry took my hand and I didn't pull it away from him. 

"I'm sorry I ended it." I apologised. 

"It's okay. Do you wanna forget that happened?" Harry asked and I nodded. He then leant his face close to mine until our lips met. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. Our lips moving together in sync. 

I pulled away from him when my phone buzzed. I pulled my phone out and saw it was a text from Liam. 

Liam: Can I come round? Is your aunt home? 

Me: She will be home in half an hour. So yeah you can come round. 

"Liam's coming round." I told Harry and looked into his eyes. I slipped my phone back into my pocket and wrapped my arms around his neck again.  "I'm sorry about everything." 

"It's fine. I understand." Harry whispered. He kissed my forehead. "Promise me you will never leave me again." 

"I promise." I kissed his cheek. I pulled away from his hold and took his hand. I dragged him into the lounge and pulled him onto the sofa. I took a picture of us together on my phone and put it as my phone's background. The doorbell rang at that moment and I jumped up to get it. 

"Liam!" I said happily when I found him standing on the doorstep. "Jenny isn't home yet, she should be here soon." I told him and he nodded. 

"You and Harry together again?" He asked when he saw Harry sitting on the sofa. 

"Yeah." I replied. Liam pulled me into a hug. 

"Thanks, Liz." He thanked me and pulled away. I sat next to Harry on the sofa and Liam sat next to me. I switched on the TV and we chose a film to watch. 

I heard the door open and Jenny called out "Hey, Lizzie!" 

"I'm in the lounge!" I called back and she walked in. 

"Oh wow." Jenny said. 

"This is Harry, my boyfriend and this is Liam." I told her and she nodded. 

"Nice to meet you both." She said and raised one eyebrow at me. "Well I have dinner to cook. Do you boys want to stay?" She asked. 

"Yes please." They both said in unison. 

When dinner was ready we all sat around the small table in the kitchen. Jenny was going to eat hers in the lounge with Joe. 

"Wow. Jenny is a great cook." Liam said in between mouthfuls. 

"Yeah. You should be here when she cooks roast on Sunday." I replied. 

When Harry and Liam went home, I sent a text to Jess telling her everything that had happened tonight. 

Jess: Wow! Harry Styles. Girl you are one luck bitch. This Saturday, we're going on a double date. I don't care if you're busy or if Harry is busy. You both will be there. 

Me: OK. I'll ask him. 

I then sent a text to Harry. 

Me: Hey, Harry. My friend Jess wants to go on a double date with us and her boyfriend. Are you free on Saturday? 

Harry: I think I'm free but I could get called in for rehearsals or something. 

Me: OK. Try and be free otherwise Jess will bite my head off. 

Harry: Haha OK. I'll be there. I promise. 

I couldn't wait for Saturday. A date with Harry, even if it is a double date. Plus I get to see Jess again. I hope Mark, her boyfriend, is nice to her now. When I last spoke to her they were going through a rough time. He was lying and being abusive. 

Me and Jess have been friends our whole life, we were neighbours for ten years until her parents split up and she moved. We still stayed friends even then. 

"Hey, Harry." I said when I climbed into his car the following morning. 

"Hey, beautiful." He replied and I blushed. "I love making you blush." I scowled at him. 

"How many girlfriends have you had?" I asked him. 

"Not many. Mainly one night stands." He admitted. 

"Kathy told me about that." I sighed. 

"I haven't had a one night stand since the beginning of the summer holidays." He promised. 

"Why do you have them anyway?" I asked him. It's the one thing about boys I don't get. 

"Relationships are too complicated." He grumbled. 

"Then why are we together if they're complicated?" I asked. 

"Because you're different than most girls. You don't seem like the jealous over-protective type." He replied. 

I walked to English on my own. Harry had a meeting with the boys. It was lucky that I was starting to remember my way around the school. Kathy didn't bother me at all in English. It was like she was plotting something big or she had just simply given up and moved on to a new boy. Though she did have this evil-like smirk etched on her face which scared me slightly. It was like she knew something I didn't. I walked out of English as soon as the bell went and made my way to chemistry. 

Miss Georges wasn't in today and Harry didn't appear. So I sat on my own all lesson listening to some awful supply teacher prattle on about something we had already covered. I have never felt so bored in my entire life and my life isn't all sunshine and rainbows so that's quite shocking. 

I couldn't help wonder where Harry was, or Kathy for that matter. She wasn't in chemistry either. 

I walked to the canteen on my own and found Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Paula sitting at our usual table. No Harry. I slipped my phone out of my pocket for a text. Nothing. I sighed and slipped it in my bag. I was starting to feel frustrated. Where was Harry? 

'Having a one-night stand with some girl' a voice echoed at the back of my mind. I pushed the voice away and sat next to Paula. 

"Hey. I'm sorry about yesterday." She mumbled. She was clearly embarrassed by her actions. 

"It's fine." I mumbled. 

"At least you're in." She sighed. 

"Liam, how was the meeting earlier?" I asked him. 

"What meeting?" He replied, clearly confused. Something fishy was going on. 

"Harry said you lot had a meeting this morning. He wasn't in chemistry either." I told him. The boys all looked at one another in shock. Probably wondering what the hell was going on. I didn't know what was going on either. "Don't worry then. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding." 

"Something doesn't seem right." Paula mumbled. She looked around. "Kathy isn't with her clan of bitches. Was she in Chemistry?" I shook my head. "Be right back." and Paula was gone. 

I walked to maths with Liam, he didn't know what was going on either. We sat in silence all through maths trying to figure out what was going on. 

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