Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


59. Chapter 55: Unreal

The boys were out to spend some time together, so I was left with Paula, Perrie, Aimee and El. I asked them if they wanted to see the house and help me paint the baby’s room.

“Why yellow?” El asks.

“It’s a nice bright colour.” I reply. She nods and dips the paintbrush into the paint.

“I’m engaged to Zayn.” Perrie announces. I turn to look at her and pull her into a hug.

“Wow! That’s amazing!” I exclaim. I pull away from the hug and continue paint the walls.

“Wow, there’s going to be so many weddings!” Paula says. “I’m hoping Liam will propose soon.”

“I can always ask him about it, if he isn’t I can try to persuade him.” I offer.

Paula shrugs. “It’s fine; really, I want him to propose when he wants to, not because his twin kept pestering him.” I laugh and nod my head.

“I’m hoping me and Lou get married soon, hopefully before I have the baby.” I say as I dip the paint brush into the paint.

“You should talk to him and start arranging something!” Aimee says.

“Yeah, I’ll talk to him later.” I reply. I wasn’t sure whether I should push the wedding, in case Louis never does stop using drugs. I don’t want to waste money on a wedding if I’m going to end up leaving him. I sigh.

“Is something wrong?” Perrie asks.

I shrug. “I guess so; I don’t know whether I should say.” I whisper. I drop the paint brush back into the pot and sit crossed legged on the floor.

“You can tell us, we can keep a secret.” El tells me.

“I know. It’s just it’s about Louis, not me.” I say and run my hand through my ponytail.

“He’s using drugs, isn’t he?” Aimee sighs. I nod slowly. “I remember him using when he was sixteen, I can’t remember him stopping though.”

“So this isn’t a first?” I say and Aimee shakes her head. She frowns.

“Maybe he’ll change.” Aimee shrugs and turns to the wall and continues to paint it.

“Hopefully, maybe the threat I gave him will make him think.” I say. Perrie raises her eyebrows at me.

“Threat?” She asks.

“I told him that if he doesn’t stop I’ll leave him.” I say.

“That’s understandable. Especially since you’re expecting.” Paula says.

“We’re here for you.” Aimee says and sits down next to me with the brush still in her hands. I nod and look down at the floor. My phone started to vibrate in my pocket and I slid it out and answered it.

“Hello?” I say.

“Liz, it’s me, Liam.” Liam says, I noticed his voice was shaking.

“What’s up?” I say. Butterflies filled my stomach.

“It’s Louis. He’s had an overdose.” He says, his voice cracked and I could tell he was crying. Tears fell down my cheeks.

“Is he okay?” I ask. Stupid question.

“No. Not at all. He’s . . .” Liam pauses and he sniffs “He’s d-dead.” Liam ends the call suddenly and I knew he was probably breaking down in tears. Like I would be any second now.

I drop the phone and it clatters to the floor.

“Lizzie?” Someone asks. “Liz?” I tear my eyes away from the floor and see that everyone is staring at me.

“Lizzie?” Perrie asks. “What’s wrong?” Their faces were all filled with worry and concern.

“It’s Louis.” I sob. I bury my face in my hands. I felt like I was breaking into a million pieces.

“What about him?” Aimee asks. Concern fills her voice. I look up from my mascara covered hands.

“He . . . He’s d-dead.” I sob and felt myself break again. It feels so unreal. Suddenly I’m pulled up from the floor and pulled into a hug.

“Everything’s gonna be okay.” Someone says.



“Are you sure there isn’t anything I can do?” Perrie asks. Everyone has left; Perrie is just waiting her for Zayn and Liam.

I shake my head. He couldn’t be dead. This has to be a prank. This can’t be real. Even when I checked Twitter, it was all there.

R.I.P Louis Tomlinson. My thoughts are with his family and fiancée.

RIP Louis. Heaven has gained another angel. Sleep tight.

 You get the idea. It was painful to read, but I kept reading every single Tweet. It was like I was trying to make sense of it all. It couldn’t be real, could it?


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