Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


38. Chapter 37: Birthday

“Lizzie! Wake up!” Paula screamed at me the following morning. I opened my eyes and saw everyone was in the room.

“Happy birthday!” They all yelled in unison. Suddenly I had a present thrown at me by Harry.

“Open it!” He instructed. I nodded and ripped the wrapping paper off to find a box. I opened the box to find a gold charm bracelet inside with various charms.

“Thanks, Harry.” I thanked him and gave him a smile. The bracelet was beautiful. I slid it onto my wrist.

“This one is from me.” Paula said and passed me a present. I opened it and found a box of different coloured nail varnish.

“Thanks!” I replied and she passed me another present.

“This one is from El.” Paula told me. I opened it and found hoop earings with stars in the middle. I would have to thank her later.

Then Liam passed me a present. I opened it and found loads of guitar picks. I raised my eyebrow at him.

“I don’t have a guitar.” I told him. Then at that moment Niall came running in with a guitar. It was beautiful. The wood was light brown and it had diamonds (fake, of course) running up the fret board in the shape of flowers.


“The picks and guitar and from me and Niall.” Liam told me.

“Thanks, you two.” I thanked them both.

Zayn then passed me a present and I opened it immediately. It was a necklace with the boys’ initials on it. HLLNZ.


I knew I wouldn’t receive a present from Louis but to my surprise I did. I opened the present. There was a medium sized pink make-up bag and inside was tons of make-up.

“How did you know I like make-up?” I asked him.

“We went out for nearly a year, I think I would know what you liked.” Louis said and gave me a wink.

“Thanks.” I said. I pulled my phone out and sent a text to El.

Me: Thanks for the earings ;) they’re beautiful.

El: It’s no problem J

I locked my phone and put it in my pocket. I climbed out of bed and gave everyone a hug. I then grabbed Liam’s present from under my bed and passed it to him.

“Happy birthday, bro,” I told him. He looked at me and smiled.



“I think we should all start packing, we leave tomorrow at ten.” Harry suggested. We all went into our rooms and started packing.

“How the hell am I going to take the guitar with me?” I asked.

“Niall takes his, you can carry it on I guess.” Paula said and shrugged.

“Okay. I thought you get charged if you take extra hand luggage?” I asked.

“Nah, management pays extra so we can take extra on with us if needed.” Paula explained.

“Brilliant.” I mumbled and continued packing everything. 

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