Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


29. Chapter 28: Fresh Start Again

I sat on my bed in my flat. I was starting another fresh again. This time I had no family close by. Liam was away in America, he’d already emailed me pictures. My heart shattered whenever I saw a picture of Louis.

Paula and Liam were still together, lucky. Liam managed to drag Paula with him on tour. I wish I was in her place. Instead I’m stuck in a flat on my own.

I shared a flat with Jess. We got into the same university. It was nice to know at least one person. We were going to be in the same literature class, she wanted to become an author but I wanted to become a song writer, hence why I took music and song writing classes as well.


The first week flew by, I made several friends too.

“Dan definitely likes you.” Jess informed me. “He spent all lunch staring at you! Then he asked you out and you turned him down, why?”

“I’m still getting over Louis.” I told her.

“He seems to have moved on.” She mumbled and held up the magazine she was reading. I looked at the front cover. It was a picture of Louis holding a girls hand. The girl was pretty, she had blonde hair but her eyes were hidden under sunglasses. Seeing him happy with someone else made my heart break in two.

“Fine, I’ll text him.” I gave in.

“Has Louis text you since five days ago?” Jess pushed.

“Nope,” I sighed. “Liam emailed me last night. Before they’re touring in Canada in a months’ time they’re coming back here for a week. He promised me he will visit me.” I told her.

“That’s great! At least your brother stays in touch.” Jess sighed and closed the magazine she was reading. She threw it on the coffee table. “I doubt that Louis loved you. It’s been two weeks since you two broke up and he’s already shagging someone else.” I shot her evils. I pulled out my phone.

I sent a message to Dan –

Me: I’m free tonight if you want to go out.

Dan: Great! I’ll pick you up in two hours!

I turned to Jess. “Going out with Dan in two hours,” Her face lit up.

“Great!” She said enthusiastically. “Remember to kiss him.”

“Jess! I’m not kissing him!” I snapped.

“Fine, fine.” Jess gave in and rolled her eyes. “You really do need to get over Louis, though. Maybe you should stick with non-famous guys.”

“Yeah,” I sighed. I opened up the messages from Louis.

The last one he sent me said:

Louis: America’s great. Wish u were here tho. I miss u xx

I didn’t bother replying. I sighed and decided to reply.

Me: That’s great. Miss u too xx

I locked my phone but seconds later it beeped.

Louis: I see u haven’t seen any gossip yet. When u do, I’m really sorry xx

 Me: I know u have a girlfriend now, Jess told me. I’m really happy for u xx

“Texting Dan?” Jess asked and peered over to glance at my phone screen. I moved the phone so she couldn’t see it.

“No. Louis.” I mumbled.

“He finally text you?” She asked. She raised her eyebrows. I nodded.

“I had to text him first though.” I told her. She nodded and continued texting someone on her phone.

Louis: I’m sorry. I’ll explain 1 day. Promise. Have you met any1 yet? Xx

Me: My friend (he’s a boy, dw) likes me. We’re going out in 2hrs xx

 Louis: Great. Have fun ;) xx

I locked my phone and groaned. I got up and went to get ready. I really only wanted to be just friends with Dan. I still love Louis.

Dan picked me up exactly when he said. I left the flat reluctantly and followed him to his car.

“Do you like pizza?” He asked me.

“Yup,” I replied. He gave me a warm smile before opening the car door for me. “Thanks.” I climbed into the car and Dan shut the door. He walked around the car to his side and climbed in. My phone beeped.

I checked my phone.

Louis: Love u. Delete this txt when u get it xx

Me: Love u 2. Done, delete this one 2 xx

I reluctantly deleted the text and sighed.

“Is that your secret boyfriend?” Dan asked. I hadn’t realised he was reading my text. I felt uncomfortable.

“No. He’s just a friend. We broke up two weeks ago.” I told him.

“Why did you break up?” He asked.

“He’s on tour.” I told him.

“He’s in a band?” He replied and turned on the car’s engine.

“Yup, he’s in One Direction.” I explained. I suddenly felt like I was being interrogated.

“Louis? Wow, you’re lucky. How did you meet him?” He asked.

“My brother is Liam.” I explained. He nodded.

“Explains everything,”

By the end of the night, it was obvious Dan wanted to be more than friends.

“Dan, you’re a great guy. I think it’s best if we stay friends.” I told him. He frowned.

“It’s fine.” He mumbled as I got out of his car.

“Thanks for tonight though.” I thanked him before walking into the building. I climbed up the first flight of stairs before unlocking the front door and walking in. I locked the door behind me.

“How was it?” Jess asked as she ran to the front door.

“It was alright. I just wish it was Louis instead.” I admitted.

“You’ll get over him.” She assured me with a smile. “Think about it, in two years’ time you’ll be with some other band. You’ll be famous! You’ll date lots of fit men then.”

“I guess.” I walked past her and went into my room.

I stripped out of my clothes and pulled on my cream pyjama shorts, I then pulled on my white tank top.  I removed my make-up and then went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I then returned to my room and curled up in my bed. 

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