Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


24. Chapter 23: Dad

I sat in the car with Louis, he refused to tell me where we were going. He parked outside a house and got out of the car. I opened the door and climbed out. I followed Louis up the path and before we reached the front door, Liam was there.

“Hey, Liz!” He called out with a huge grin on his face. I smiled at him.

“Hey!” I replied.

“Dad wants to finally meet you, so I asked Louis to bring you round.” Liam explained. I nodded and followed them both into the house. “Dad! She’s here!”

Liam’s dad, our Dad, walked down the stairs. His face lit up when he saw me.

“Elizabeth?” He asked and I nodded.

“Hi.” I mumbled. Dad pulled me into a hug.

“I’m so happy to finally see you!” He said.

“Same. I thought I would never get to meet you.” I replied. I pulled away from the hug. I could see where Liam got his looks from; he looks almost similar to Dad.


We spent nearly all day at Liam’s. I wish I got to meet Dad when I was young. Life would have been less complicated then. Plus when Mum died I would have been living here. Don’t get me wrong, I love staying with Jenny, it’s just living with a parent is better in ways. I feel bad whenever Jenny gives me money for things. She’s more of a sister to me.

Around four, Louis took us back to his before his mum got home. Tonight was Louis’ night to cook dinner and I promised I would help him. In other words stand there and watch him cook.

“Liz.” He began when he started cutting up carrots.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“I remembered something, well I think I did. Harry and I got into a fight the same day I asked you out. He got pretty upset. Then I can’t remember anything after that, is that when I lost my memory?” Louis informed me.

“Yeah, it is.” I replied. “You wouldn’t remember this because you were unconscious, but that’s when I got stabbed. Harry stabbed me.” Louis dropped the knife on the cutting board and stared at me.

“Harry stabbed you?!” He gasped. I nodded.

“Every night I see the whole fight again, the bit that scares me the most is when I see you on the floor unconscious. The dream ends when Harry stabs me.” I admitted.  Louis pulled me into a hug.

“I wish I could remember. I could kick his ass.” Louis muttered.

“Liam already kicked his ass.” I told him. Louis pulled away and carried on cutting the carrots.

“Good.” Louis grumbled.

I continued to watch Louis cook, it was entertaining. I didn’t know how to cook, but Louis promised to show me how to one day. He said everyone can cook. It looks easy but confusing at the same time. 

When dinner was ready, Louis’ mum and dad were home and we all sat at the table and ate in silence. I think it had to do with the argument this morning. There is no way I’m going to risk being caught sleeping with Louis again. 

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