Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


2. Chapter 2: Questions

"Wait!" They called out again. I turned to face Kathy. 

"Maybe it's important. She sighed and stopped. Harry and Liam - I think it's Liam - came running towards us. When they reached us Harry put both me and maybe-Liam next to each other. 

"You look like you could be related. Maybe this is your lost twin sister." Harry said happily to Liam. 

"Lost sister?" I asked shocked "I have a lost brother. My Dad took him and my Mum took me. I never met my Dad." I stammered. 

"Maybe this is your sister." Harry said shocked and ran his hand through his hair. 

"I'm Liam." Liam said. 

"I'm Lizzie." I replied. 

"Is that short for Elizabeth?" He asked and I nodded. 

"How comes you know my name?" I asked. 

"My Dad told me. Didn't you ask your Mum for my name?" he replied. I shook my head. 

"It upset my Mum too much to talk about it so I never asked." I told him. At that moment Liam grabbed my hand and stared at the ring my Mum gave me when I turned sixteen. 

"You got his when you were sixteen? I got the same. My Dad gave it to me. He said both my Mum and him agreed to give me and my sister them so if we met each other we knew we were related." He explained. I felt my eyes widen in shock. He was definitely my brother. 

"How's Dad?" I asked. 

"He's good. Married now. I have a step-mum. She's okay though. How's Mum?" He asked. 

"She died of cancer two months ago." I told him. He looked at me in shock. I was immediately fighting tears. 

"Oh." Liam's expression fell. 

"I live with my aunt Jenny now." I told him. He nodded. 

"Why didn't you come to live with Dad?" He asked. 

"My Mum gave my aunt custody of me before she died. My aunt is my god-mother." I explained. He nodded. 

"Oh." He murmured as the bell rang. "It's nice meeting you. How about we meet up after school?" He suggested and I nodded and smiled at him. 

"Sounds great," I replied and followed Kathy to our next lesson which was chemistry. 

"Ugh. I hate chemistry. My Dad made me pick it." Kathy moaned. 

"I love chemistry. I was going to pick it at my last school but then my Mum died and I had to live with my aunt as you probably heard." I muttered. 

"I'm sorry about your mum." She apologised and gave me an apologetic smile when I turned to look at her. 

"It's okay. You don't need to apologise." I replied as we reached the classroom. The teacher was waiting for us at the door to greet us. 

"There is a seating plan on the board, we have a lot to get through this term and if you already know me I do not allow talking in my lessons at all." She grumbled. Ugh. She's one of those teachers. The ones that are strict and don't know the meaning of fun. I know school isn't about fun but sometimes you can't learn when you're bored shitless (excuse the language. Couldn't think of another way to put it). 

"You must be Elizabeth Payne. I hope you get along with Mr. Styles." She said slyly. I was already beginning to hate her. She obviously had no sense in fashion either as she resembled a clown, bright red trousers with a bright green blouse. Her make-up resembled a clown to with bright red lipstick and bright blue eye shadow. 

"Good luck." Kathy whispered as she turned to go to her seat. 

"You too," I replied and sat in mine. I was shortly joined by Harry. 

"Ugh. I hate Miss Georges." He grumbled. 

"I don't know her and I hate her." I whispered. I glanced up and saw she was still at the door. 

"She looks like she just hopped off the circus bus." Harry joked. I gave a little giggle. 

I knew I would start to hate chemistry. It was obvious. Miss Georges was well, a moody cow and I sat at the front of the class next to Harry Styles. Ugh. Worst. Lesson. Ever

By the end of the lesson I found out that the nerdy boy next to me was a snitch and was obviously a teachers' pet. Brilliant. He told on me and Harry when we were talking. At least he didn't hear Harry's comments about Miss Georges. I now had to spend five minutes of my break time with both Miss Georges and the one and only Harry Styles who was beginning to get on my nerves with all the flirting and questions about my past life. 

"I'll save you a seat. You can meet some of my friends." Kathy whispered as she left the classroom to head for the canteen. 

"I hope you two have learned from your lesson." Miss Georges barked at us. "There is no talking in my lesson whatsoever. Do I make myself clear?" I noticed her voice was hoarse already. By the end of the day she won't be able to speak. She shouts way too much for it to be healthy. 

"Yes, Miss." Harry and I said together. I tried my best not to roll my eyes and earn myself more detention. 

"You will now practice sitting in silence. If either of you make a sound, whether it's a giggle, cough or sneeze. You both will start the five minutes again." She threatened. Wow. She definitely was strict. Hopefully she didn't teach the year seven's. They would be petrified of her and probably would end up bunking the lesson. 

Thankfully, Harry kept his mouth shut for the five minutes. Near the end I was close to sneezing but I managed to stop myself. I just wanted to be out of here. Miss Georges let us go, failing to come up with an excuse to keep us in longer. I knew she already hated Harry and was probably looking for an excuse to hate me too when she saw a new student had joined the class. That's probably why she stuck me next to Harry. 

Harry offered to walk me to the canteen after I asked him how to get there. I was still learning my way around the school. 

"Here we are." He said and left me to go and join his friends. I spotted Kathy almost instantly as she was waving at me. I walked over to the table where she was sitting and like she promised there was a seat saved for me. 

As I sat down Kathy opened her mouth to speak. "How was detention?" She asked.

"Boring," I replied quickly. I felt a little embarrassed that she was saying this in front of her friends. I didn't want to seem like a trouble maker and not get approved by her friends. I glanced around the table and saw all of her friends turning their noses up at me in disgust. The worst thing just happened. I earned myself an unwanted reputation. 

"Well, Miss Georges is strict. I saw Harry walking you here. That is something he never does for a girl. Did you agree to have a one-night stand with him or what?" She snickered. Now she was turning into her friends. The nice girl I met was long gone. 

"No. I'm not that dumb. He was just showing me the way to the canteen." I told her. I felt hurt by her comments and I wished my Mum never died. 

"Yeah. Right." She sneered. I wanted to get up and leave. The only thing stopping me is the consequence of that action. Would they laugh at me for leaving? 

My day got better when Liam came over. 

"Hey, Lizzie. I want to talk to you if that's okay." He said. 

"Two timing now, are we?" One of Kathy's friends snickered. 

"He's my brother." I mumbled and stood up to face Liam. "C'mon, let's go."  

We went outside and found a table to sit at, in clear view of the canteen. 

"I came to save you. I saw they were upsetting you." Liam murmured. 

"Thanks." I replied shyly. I was thankful that he saved me. "They're all convinced I'm going to sleep with Harry." 

"Oh. Just ignore them." Liam told me. I nodded. 

"Now I guess I have no friends." I sighed as I buried my face in my hands. Tears threatened to pour out of my eyes. I wouldn't allow them to. Not today. Not now. 

"You have me and my friends. They're very nice. They won't hurt you, especially Harry. He knows I will kick his ass if he upsets you in any way." Liam promised. I looked up and he gave me a warm smile. 

"Thanks. I would sit with you but that will only make the gossip worse. I came here to not earn any unwanted reputations. Now I have ones I never dreamed of earning. At my old school I had no bad reputations. Everyone knew I was nice and friendly. I had loads of friends too." I told him. 

"The reputation will go when people find out we're related. There's no way Harry would try anything on you. He has a sister and cares about her a lot and won't let anyone hurt her. There's no way he would hurt his friend's sister." He promised. 

"Is Kathy always like that? She was so nice earlier, showing me around and being friendly. Then I got detention and she promised to save me a seat." I mumbled. 

"She does that to everyone new. She befriends them and then finds any excuse to give them a bad reputation and upset them. If they seem nice enough she lets them join her little group of bitches." Liam explained. 

"Oh. I guess I was that unlucky mouse that fell for the trap." I murmured. 

"Uh-huh." He sighed. We both heard the bell signalling next lesson. I just wanted to go home. I couldn't fake an illness because it would be obvious I was lying. Plus I'm sure Kathy would make fun that I took the coward's way out. 

"I have maths now." I grumbled. I like maths, just Kathy is in that lesson. She's in all of my lessons. 

"Same. I will walk with you." He told me and I nodded. Hopefully he was in my maths class. He would be there to stand up for me if Kathy picked on me. 

We walked to maths in silence. People stared at us. Maybe the thought we were together. Before we reached the classroom, a girl with black hair skipped in front of Liam. 

"Your new girlfriend?" She said as she shot evils at me. Liam shook his head. 

"This is my sister." He told her and she laughed. 

"Of course. Like I believe you. You lied to me!" Her voice started to get louder and tears formed in her eyes. Wow. The over-clingy-ex-girlfriend type of ex. 

"I'm not lying. She's my lost twin." He told her but it was no use. She slapped him and stormed off to the girls' toilets.

I walked into the maths classroom with Liam following behind me. Like English, you can choose where you sit. So I sat next to Liam. I knew that if I sat next to Kathy, as she was the only person I really knew at this school, I would just receive insults all day. That would make my life more depressing than it already is. I'm sensitive enough as it is, I don't need bitchy girls being why I cry at night. 

The maths teacher was nice, I can't remember his name but I knew I would definitely love this lesson more. He was quite old, not old old, just close to retirement old. I was nervous when I first saw the teacher, scared he would be just like Miss Georges. I can't stand that woman. 

I talked to Liam a little during the lesson and got to know him better. He then wanted to come home with me after school to meet Jenny but I had to break it to him that she wouldn't be home tonight but I promised he could come over tomorrow after school. That was the last lesson I had for today and I couldn't face lunch. I wanted to go home. The good thing is that I can go home now if I wanted to. I have a free period last after lunch. I don't see the point in staying. 

"Bye Liam. I guess I'm going home now." I said and gave him a little wave. 

"I don't have a lesson last but we all spend it in the music room, you can join us if you want." He asked me and gave me a wink. 

"Sure." I replied. 

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