Long Lost Twin

My name is Lizzie, my Mum recently died from cancer so I was forced to live with my aunt. That also meant moving schools and making new friends. I did have a Dad but I never knew him. Mum did, they split when I was born. He took my twin and Mum took me.


18. Chapter 18: It's Over

It was lunch now, me and Paula are convinced that Jazzmin is just using everyone. Especially Louis. As usual Jazzmin sat next to Paula and then Louis sat next to Jazzmin. 

"Hey, Liz. Do you wanna come to the music room last lesson?" Louis asked me. I looked at him. 

"Sure." I replied. I could go home now if I wanted to. "Paula, what do you have last?" I turned to face her. 

"Biology." She replied. "Why?"

"Just wondering." 

The bell rang and I followed the boys to the music room, thankfully Jazzmin wasn't joining us as she has biology with Paula. 

"I think Louis is falling in love with you." Liam whispered into my ear. 

"Really?" I asked him and he nodded. 

"He's remembering a lot. Soon he should remember everything that happened." Liam explained. 

"That's great." I said smiling. 


As I was about to climb into my car I heard yelling and the voice sounded familiar. I turned around and saw Louis and Jazzmin arguing. 

"What do you mean we're over?" Jazzmin screamed. 

"You lied to me! You must have known one day I would figure out you were lying to me. I dumped you, that was it. No more second chances. It's over." Louis yelled back at her and stormed off to his car. 

I climbed into my car and drove home. Jazzmin had to know it was coming one day, she couldn't have believed he wouldn't ever remember. 

I wasn't at home long before Louis appeared on my doorstep. 

"Hey, Lou." I greeted him and invited him inside. 

"Hey. I broke up with Jazzmin. We broke up ages ago. She lied to me about us still being together. I also have great news. I remember our date and being interrupted by Harry."

 "You remember!" I half screamed. I threw my arms around him and hugged him. "That's great!" He hugged me back and we stood there like that for several moments. 

"That's the way you described the first date with your boyfriend, you weren't two timing were you?" Louis asked me and pulled away from the hug so he could look at me. 

"I wasn't two timing I promise. The thing is . . ."I began. 

"I'm your boyfriend. Is that it?" Louis asked. I nodded and looked at the ground. "Why didn't you tell me? That means I cheated on you."

"You couldn't remember, I kinda took that as we had broken up because you were with Jazzmin again." I admitted. 

"I really am sorry, can you forgive me?" He asked and I nodded. 

"Of course. You didn't remember, it's not your fault. Do you remember why you lost your memory?" I asked him. 

"Nope. Not yet." He sighed. "Were you there when it happened?"

"I can't say. I'm sorry. You'll remember one day." I told him and he nodded.

"I understand." 

"I'm sorry I can't tell you." I apologised. 

"It's fine." Louis then kissed my cheek. "Will you go out with me again?"

"Yes." I replied and he then kissed my lips. I kissed him back. I pulled away. "Jazzmin is gonna kill me when she finds out we're dating." 

"She won't, I'll make sure of that." Louis said with a wink. "I know this seems strange, but I think I love you." I felt my heart do back flips. He loves me? 

"I think I love you too." I replied. 


Louis picked me up in the morning like he promised and took me to school. People stared at us as we walked into the school holding hands. I haven't felt this happy in ages. Miracles do happen. We sat down at our usual table before lessons started. 

"You two are going back out?!" Paula asked me. I nodded. "Shit. Jazzmin will probably kill you." And as if on cue Jazzmin strode up to the table and sat down next to Paula. She glared at Louis. 

"Hi, Paula. Hi, Liz." She said cheerfully as if to show Louis she didn't care. Why was she still here? I don't want to sound bitchy, but I really don't like her. 

"Hi." Me and Paula said in unison. We exchanged confused looks. The bell rang, saving both Paula and I the trouble of talking to Jazzmin. 

Louis walked me to my English classroom and gave me a hug goodbye. I was gonna miss him for the next two lessons. 

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