3 squared

Lily,Lola and Lucy were triplets who each had a interest with the styles triplets Harry Edward and Marcel expect from Lily who could not stand Marcel. But when they meet again they one of them fall for the other but who is lying to get closer to their triplets?


2. Chapter 2

Lily's POV
I woke up by the sound of thunder and lighting which did not put me in the best of moods.
I Jumped out of bed and went into my bathroom I closed the door and brushed my teeth. 
"HEY IT'S MY TURN TO GO FIRST!" Lucy yelled banging on the door.
Oliver is Lucy's boyfriend they have been dating since last October and she sees him everyday. 
I was just about to speak to her but my phone rang it was Lola.
"Lily you need to hurry up and get to work. Everyone is waiting for you!" 
"Ok I'll be right there."
I hung up and finished brushing my teeth and braided my hair from the front of my head then put it into a pony tail then got my keys and phone and walked to the oh apartment door.
"Lily are you forgetting something?" Lucy said as she was about to walk into the bathroom. I shock my head. "Your sill in your pyjamas!" Lucy said laughing. I looked down and chuckled and remembered that I had to go fast and ran to my room and got out my work clothes I picked out last night I couldn't wait to get to go work. 
I put on my red lipstick, mascara and brown eye shadow, I didn't look like a tart though it looked nice. Then I put on my black high heels on and left and got a cab. 

Last year in September me and my sisters moved to New York all the way from our home town Holmes chapel Chester in England. We don't pay for our flat our dad does. Last year our mum and dad divorced and our mum moved to Finland and married some rich guys who's really nice. 
I got out of the cab and payed the man and walked in. I am the people at the desks where you make calls and stuff. As soon as I walk in a see my sister Lola who also worked here she waved and me and I waved back and walked over to her on my way there a man gave me some water to give to my boss because he was thirsty. My first job was to give water to my boss. Existing. I walked and tripped on paper and fell onto my face and the water went all over the floor. Then a man with a really nice and expensive camera walked past. Before it could tell him the floor was went he slipped into his back and broke his camera. Lola looked at me with shock and put her hand over her mouth to stop laughing. I put my head down onto the floor. I was so embarrassed. I got up and helped the man.
"I'm so sorry, I tripped on paper."
"Yeah whatever just get the camera."
I bent down about to pick up the camera that was scattered all over the floor and a man came over to me and stood waiting for me to look up which I did after a minute.
He point to the door and shock his head telling me to leave. I put my head down and walked away to the door and left.

I am such an idiot, I was only in there 5 minutes and got fired. I started crying and sat down on a bench and called Lucy and told her what happened.
"Oh my god Lily you are so clumsy. How did you manage to do that you weirdo." 
I laughed because I love my sisters so much and even when I make a absolute nob of myself.
"I gotta go bubba love you."
"Love you too." 
I locked my phone and put it back into my bag. I put my head in my palms and shock my head. I got up and walked to the side of the road and called a taxi.
I got in and gave him my address.
I got out of the car and gave him money. I walked into my apartment building and got into the lift (elevator) and pressed the number 56.
I got out of the lift (elevator.) and got out my key and the door opened and I saw that our flat door was open. Lucy was with olly for lunch and lily was at work. 
door was open. Lucy was with olly for lunch and lily was at work. 
I walked in and saw ollys and Lucy's stuff on the floor and I heard Lucy moaning. God. I walked in and went into my bedroom and slammed the door really loud so they knew that I was hear and they would stop. But they didn't so I put my head phones on and listened to little things. I remember when I was I year 10 and he was in 11 and his brothers. I miss marcel sometimes. I remember all the times he used to send me notes and always was nice and I was horrible to him.  If I could have one wish it would be to see marcel and tell him how sorry I am for being such a bitch. I closed my eyes and reflected on all that happened to me today and slowly drifted off to sleep. 

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