3 squared

Lily,Lola and Lucy were triplets who each had a interest with the styles triplets Harry Edward and Marcel expect from Lily who could not stand Marcel. But when they meet again they one of them fall for the other but who is lying to get closer to their triplets?


1. Chapter 1

Lily's P O V
 Lucy my on of my triplet  sisters (who is a perfect goody two shoes) and I ran around the halls looking for our other triplet Lola (our mum and dad like l I guess.) "she better get back now or we will be late for English." Lucy said looking down at her diamond watch which she got on her last birthday, our family is super rich we have loads of money not bragging or anything. For my birthday I got a car even though I am 15 I ride it around my super huge garden which we used to have a huge party every weekend and eat a bunch of pizza. 
Me and all my friends and sisters climbing trees in my house then jumping into my pool then going and hiding and making tents binding from our parents then having a huge sleepover. 
Sometimes I wish we could be five again and everything to be easy and Lola to run of with her boyfriend in the middle of a lesson! "THERE SHE IS GET HER!" Lucy screamed and I saw Lola and her boyfriend Edward by the tree in the school field, we both ran as fast as we could I tripped over a bump In The ground and fell into Lucy we stopped sharply and looked around "Hey get off me you lazy nipple." I laughed she is the worst at insults she should get a award for it. We carried on running to them We finally approached them and stopped them during their make out session which was the second most disturbing  thing my eyes ever saw. "Oi Lola get your away from Edward and come to English with us or I pull you by your greasy hair!" I yelled at her. Edward and lola stared at me for a while then continued to snog (that means make out sorry I'm British.) 
"Ed where have you been?! We have been looking everywhere for you!" I turned around and it was Ed's brothers, his a triplet too it was Harry who spoke, he was by fair the best looking I had a huge crush on him for 3 years but then he went out with Lucy and I got over him because he was dumb enough to date Lucy "the best singer in the world" that's what she calls herself but I know that's not true Harry Styles is. I told him to audition for the X factor he is next year so is my sister but she won't win so. Behind Harry was his other brother Marcel, he is a geeky  un popular kid who is always to shy to speak to anyone in our year apart from his brothers. Lily and Lola always try and make my go out with Marcel but I would never in a million years go out with him! All he is interested in is his job he is a marketing guy or whatever I don't really care to be honest he is irrelevant to me.
"Harry baby I missed you so much!" Lily ran into his arms and they kissed, she only saw him at lunch it's been 15 minutes since that! Everyone was kissing and it made me feel awkward so I just walked off because I was almost late for English. 
I ran down the field and someone was calling my name I turned around and it was Macel I stopped and he ran into my back, I grunted and asked in my annoyed voice. "WHAT! Do you want!" I turned around and he was standing cleaning his glasses with his big hands which I have to admit made my feel weak at the knees. 
"I I was wondering if " then he sneezed and wiped his nose on his hand which made me gag.  
"If you want to go to see a movie some-" "no" I walked off and he stood there for a while then came back to me while I was walking.
"But but wh-" 
I walked off and he jumped in front of my and stopped me.
"Please Lily I really like you, I'll do anything!" He looked at me with his green eyes that made me sigh.
"Marcel I'm sorry but, I don't like you that way. We are too different. Your a year older Then me and you have a job that you need to be dedicated to. I have to go, bye." I lied but it was nicer then just saying "I hate you cam get outta ma face before I call da rape police." Which was my first option. I kissed him on the check and left to my class.

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