He's Possessive

Everything just went down hill, I never thought that I would find myself being sold to some man. Who would have ever believed that a parent would ever sell there own daughter?


9. Try

He hadn't said anything for a few long moments which made me looked up at him, he had a new look in his eyes that I couldn't quite pinpoint. It seemed like he was happy yet shocked, happiness swam in his light brown pools that he called eyes. "You are serious?" He asked looking over my face, trying to see if I was just lying to him.

"I'm tired." I said beginning to whimper a little which suprised me. I couldn't cry but I could surely pout. "I'm tired of being stranded and upset all of the time. I feel depressed and bored being in the same place for the entire day. I'm going to lose my mind here." I explained.

"Why don't we go for a walk?" He suggested taking my by surprise. Did he mean outside or around the house. I hadn't been outside in days.

"Outside?" I blurted out, looking up at him.

"Of course where else do people usually walk?" He asked me opening the door of the room and looking at me as if he was telling me to go through the door. I didn't hesitate to move, he followed me out of the room and down the hall then we reached the front door. He decided to take his chance and stand in front of me to open the door leading me outside.

I wasn't sure what it was that I expected to see but it wasn't this. Maybe I expected fields of beauty, flowers, green grass.. The grass was green but it wasn't that beautiful outside.

Looking around I realized that it must have just finished raining before we came outside, the wind blew but somehow it still felt humid outside. It was dark from the clouds covering the sun and when I stepped I could hear the squishing of water in the grass, that was when I didn't step in mud. I found it a good thing that I was wearing boots when he took me.

He shoved his hands in his pockets as we walked and looked down at where he was stepping, he said nothing yet so I didn't say anything either. I looked around through the thousands of trees surrounding us trying to see a way to remember this path, I could possibly use it later. The more I tried the more impossible it seemed. All of the trees looked just the same, then finally we hit a clearing.  He turned and faced me leaning against a tree behind us.

"Why did you bring us out here?" I questioned with a sigh.

"To prove to you that there is nothing." He said looking into my eyes, I looked down a bit intimidated. "You are not going anywhere." He said shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Believe me, my hope is already all gone. I'm going to die here and that will be it. I will not be rememebered.." I said biting my bottom lip. 

"You aren't going to die." He corrected me making me roll my eyes. "You will be remembered if that does happen, by our children." He said making me feel sick.

"I am no-" I stopped myself remembering that I had promised not to fight him. "You want to have children?" I asked him in disbelief.

"Yes, who doesn't want to? That basically what we are here for. To just pass on our name through history." He said with a small shrug.

"Having children is a beautiful thing." I stated. "I mean you could practically imagine it. Looking down at your baby girl in your arms, she stirs in her sleep with a soft smile on her lips as you hold her. The suddenly she looked up at you with her large eyes and smiles at you softly making your heart melt." I continued on looking up at him. He smiled at me now obviously pleased with the image that I put in his head.

"Yes, that is a beautiful thing to think about." He said with a soft smile on his lips.

"Then just think of it, you finally get to take her home. You walk her up to her nursery and she looks aroudn the painted walls impressed as you rest her in her crib." I said with a half smile. Looking up at him. "Then suddenly you come back to check on her and she is gone. The only thing left is a pile of money to replace her and you know that you will never see her again." I said frowning up at him. His face had turned to pure unkindness as he looked down at me now. "Does that hurt you to think about? If someone were to take your daughter? If you found out some pervert had been watching her every since she was in the womb?" I asked in a bit of a yelling manner.

"Shut up! Shut up!" He said shaking his head quickly.

"No! You think about it! For once think of someone besides yourself. It leaves you heartbroken doesn't you?" I yelled at him.

"You don't speak to me like that!" He commanded grabbing my shoulders.

"Why shouldn't you be able to think of the situation like this? You deserve everything that you have heard!" I yelled into his face and he pinned me against the tree, seeming as if it was taking all of his strength not to lose his temper. For a moment it even looked like he was going to hit me.

"Because I am sorry!" He yelled at me. "I have thought about this many times and I wish I could take it back! I thought this would work out but then I realized that the best part of watching you was knowing that you were happy! You aren't happy like this but I can't turn back now!" He yelled. Balling up his fist that were on either side of me.

"Then take me back. Turn yourself in. Tell them the story." I said looking up with him with pleading eyes. Something inside of him had softened I saw it in his eyes. He was going to do this for my happiness.

A/n: Decided to give it to your early! :)

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