He's Possessive

Everything just went down hill, I never thought that I would find myself being sold to some man. Who would have ever believed that a parent would ever sell there own daughter?


7. Never

I looked up at the man that sat in front of me in shock and disgust, how dare he say that? He kidnapped me, how does he not seem to understand that? When has it been heard that a person would kidnap another then expect love in return? He was a selfish man, I hated him. "You want me to love you?" I said with false laughter. "How could anyone love you?"

"Is that meant to offend me?" He asked raising an eyebrow, he looked nothing but serious and I wasn't sure what he wanted for me to say.

"You are a monster! You kidnapped me! You took me away from all of the chances that I had. I could have had an amazing career and amazing life ahead of myself!" I shouted, feeling like I wanted to cry. I stood up began to walk to his door but her grabbed me pinning me against the wall by my wrists.

"Career? You and I both no that you would have been getting nowhere. If I didn't step in you would have been with your father, yes. You would have also been living on the street, people would talk about you at school if you even stuck with that. You probably would have not been able to get a job and you had no college to even consider college an option." He reminded me through his teeth.

He was scaring me yes but I wasn't going to make him think this was okay. "I had help. Someone was helping me find a job, they were helping me in school and helping me find and pay for college." I said looking down.

"You aren't going home damn it!" He yelled in my face, making my tears finally fall over. He let go of me and I fell to the floor hugging my knees and sobbing. My face was hidden from him, I didn't want to look at him. I hated the man.

I thought about school for a moment. The people were nice to me but they mostly knew about my situation. When I was younger my father became unemployed, word got around fast when he began looking for a job.  

In the past year, I found a teacher that was really inspired by me some how. She wanted nothing more than for me to go to college and it seemed so amazing. I would have been able to make money, even more than my dad had ever made. I would have been able to take care of me and father properly.

I worked hard for it all but it turned out like this. "What did you have planned anyways?" He muttered. It was now that I realized that he was sitting in front of me on the floor.

"What?" I sniffled, wipping the tears from my cheeks with the back of my hands and looking at him now.

"What did you want to become?" He asked me.

"I had a lot in mind." I said honestly then thought for a moment of what I really wanted. "I wanted to be a teacher, I think mostly. I always thought about trying out all things." I said softly.

"Why?" He asked blankly.

I thought about it for a moment, still hugging my knees. "I want to be able to impact someones life like my teacher did for me." I said with a small blush. It must have seemed stupid to him but it was true for me.

"I didn't go to college." He threw out just for me to think about.

"In all honestly that only makes me want to go more." I said. Kidnapping girls didn't seem to be a way to get far in life. He did have a nice house but I would prefer to be able to make myself happy not depend on someone else for that.

"I'm sorry." He said taking me by surprise. "I'm sorry that I took you.." He admitted.

"Will you take me back?" I asked looking up at him, a small smile appearing on my face.

"No." He said with a sigh.

"Then I can't say that I forgive you." I said standing up and walking to the door.

A/N: School has started for me.

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