He's Possessive

Everything just went down hill, I never thought that I would find myself being sold to some man. Who would have ever believed that a parent would ever sell there own daughter?


15. Mania

I had only spent a week at Simon's house and I was already starting to feel like I was going insane. His mother was always asking if I was alright and telling me that I can always talk to her about anything or any person that I want, hinting to me that I could talk to a therapist if I would like to.

Simon didn't really seem to want to let me out of his sight. I think that everything has taken to biggest toll on him. I can tell that he worries about me getting taken again but I didn't.

Who gets taken twice?

Today was like every other morning with him, we were walking to school and he was looking around at the people that surrounded us in the town. People walking their dogs, parents taking their children to school and cars driving past us. Every few people or so he would turn to look at me, looking for any sign of discomfort.

I finally looked up at him and sighed softly. "I thought that I told you not to worry about me." I said smiling lightly at him. "I am fine. I think that you are going to end up stressing yourself out."

"I'm sorry. I just thought that I was helping you." He said biting his bottom lip and blushing softly.

"I understand. You are forgiven." I said with a laugh.


When we reached the school, he walked me to my locker letting me switch out my books before he gave me a goodbye hug telling me that he didn't want to be late to his next class. He always liked to be early which didn't surprise me.

School was the worst part of my day, walking down the hallways people stared at me. Teachers never really called on me in class and moved me towards the window thinking that I wouldn't pay much attention in class. They always did look at me when they spoke though.

I sat in my chair sketching into a journal of mine but quickly panicked when I realized that I was drawing Liam. I realized it when I saw that I had sketched his birthmark. I quickly ripped the page from my journal and crumpled it up then looked up to see that I had caughten the attention of the teacher and a few of the students.

I cleared my throat and shoved my journal into my back pack. I shoved the paper into my pocket standing up. "I'm sorry I need a moment.. Can I please go talk to the counselor?" I said already making my way away from the desk.

The teacher gave me a nod and I rushed throught the door. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to feel but I felt worried. I worried that this news of me having a freak out in class would spread, I worried that someone may have been looking over my shoulder during class and saw the sketch. I worried that Simon would hear about the situation.

When I was just about to make my way past the office an officer stepped out of it. I was glad that I hadn't passed it yet or they would have seen that I was just trying to leave. "Amber." He said. "Just the person I was looking for. We were about to call you out here. We need to show you something." He said making my stomach turn.


We sat in a room, grey in color. Only a single table was in it. A man came in and sat down across from me setting down his notepad in front of him. The officer was right behind me so I knew with those four eyes I couldn't seem nervous. "We didn't spend too much time at the scene, you're taker was smart but he wasn't that smart. He was able to wipe off everything that he touched on the inside of the car and the handle to open the door but he didn't clean off the window. He touched it multiple times."

"Can we please stop calling him my taker? He isn't mine, I don't want him to be." I said folding my hands in my lap together.

"Sorry." The man said looked at me deeply in the eyes. His stare was hard and intimidated me.

"What did you get from the window? Finger prints? Were you able to narrow it down?" I said trying to sound generally interested.

"His name is Liam Payne. He is only older than you by a few years. We are still looking in on him, trying to find everything that we can. Old family houses, pictures from vacations, relatives we think he could go back to any of those places." He told me.

"Well I hope you find him." I said giving him a smile. "Then I think that I can finally feel completely safe."


A/n: Thank you for reading! :) If you like the dark/possesive thing then you should chek out my other story 'Bad For You', lets reach 27o comments this time.

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