He's Possessive

Everything just went down hill, I never thought that I would find myself being sold to some man. Who would have ever believed that a parent would ever sell there own daughter?


3. He Wants To Know

I woke up this morning with a pain holding my head tightly together, wrapped around my brain. I had fallen asleep on the floor without even a blanket to comfort me.

I refused to, I refused to sleep on the bed he gave me. I will not eat his food, I will not come out of this room. As long as I am here I will never, couldn't if I even tried, be happy.

I stood up from the bed and looked at myself in the mirror that stood tall from the head of a dresser. I looked at the girl that stood before me, was that even me? Her hair was messy, looked dead even. She looked pale and her eyes were red and swollen from crying. She looked so.. broken.

I jumped when I heard a knock at the door and ignored it going and sitting in the corner on the floor. I pulled my knees to my chest as the knocking became more intense. "Open the door. Hazel. Open the door." He said. I froze completely. What?

He stopped knocking for a moment and the next thing I knew he was kicking the door, he was going to break down the door, the only privacy that I had. I quickly got up walking to the door and opening it. I only stared at him.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" He asked me, his fist balled up.

"What did you call me?" I asked him.

"Hazel, that is your name. Have you forgotten that?" He said looking at me as if I were stupid. It offended me but I didn't let it bother me too much.

"I never told you that.. No one calls me that anymore." I stated.

"Well I thought I would address you by that name. Since no one is too familiar with it that is what you will go by, for when we go out in public." He explained. That gave me hope, it was as if my heart had smiled.

"We will go out in public?" I asked him hopeful.

"When I can trust you." He said walking into the room and looking at the bed. "You made the bed back?"

"I didn't sleep in it." I said softly, I wanted to talk about this going out in public. A way to escape. "You can trust me." I said.

"Are you kidding?" He said. "I'm not an idiot, you can't trust anyone." He said to me. "I know you will just try and get away from me."

I looked down, I wasn't going to deny it. "Why am I here? Why couldn't you just be a kind man and give my father money just to help us?"

"Why don't you go by Hazel?" He asked me in return, I gave him a frown.

"I asked you a question first." I reminded him and he made himself comfortable in the center of the bed. "Because, Hazel was my mother's name." I explained with a sigh. "Amber is my middle name, so I just went by that. Your turn."

"What happened to your mother?" He continued on with his questions.

"You know this isn't fair. You get to learn about me and I don't get to learn about you." I said with a sigh and leaned againt to wall with my hands holding each other behind myself.

"I will tell you about myself when the time is right." He said. "No go on."

"I can't say that I remember exactly what happened considering that I was so young.. My mother was getting tired of my father I suppose.. After she had gotten out of the hospital, after giving birth to me on the way to the bus to get home she asked my father to hold me for a moment while she dug out money from her purse.. He looked down at me to entertain me momentarily and when he looked up she was gone. She had disapeared in the crowd of people around him." I said softly not looking at him anymore. "Atleast, that was what my father told me.. When I was in the 7th grade."

He stood up walking to the door, maybe he was uninterested in the sad story of my relationship with my mother. He put a hand on the doorknob and turned to me. "Dinner is ready if you are hungry." He said before walking through the door, but not before he paused. "Call me Liam, instead of sir.. Or Mr.Payne." He said before closing the door.

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