He's Possessive

Everything just went down hill, I never thought that I would find myself being sold to some man. Who would have ever believed that a parent would ever sell there own daughter?


11. Death

I felt good inside something made me feel that I had accomplished what I had been trying to ever since I had been brought here. I looked up at him and smiled then suddenly felt my cheek warming. I was shocked that he had actually touch me, he said that he didn't plan on doing any damage to me yet his hand met my cheek roughly.

Tears filled my eyes not because I was upset or anything, it was a reaction to how hard he had hit me. He threw me down on the bed next and hovered over me for a moment. I began to shake under him in complete fear. This was it for me. "Please don't hurt me." I begged him looking up at his eyes. They didn't soften but he did remove himself from on top of me. He pulled on his hair before running around the room and throwing all of my things together.

"How dare you? You lie to me? Who knows they could already have the house tracked down by now." He said grabbing my arm and making me follow him. He left my things in the hall and went into his room to get his things. He picked me up trowing me into the back seat along with our things and went back into the house for a moment.

I took this as my chance to try get out of the car but he had the child lock on so I went out by crawling into the front seat and getting out through those doors. I reached the door knob and tried touching it but imediately met the heat from it. What was he doing inside?

He soon swong the door open only missing me by a few inches and I saw that he had set the house on fire, I was somewhat thankful that no one else was in there and looked up at him screaming. "What is wrong with you?!"

"You made me have to do this. Blame yourself for this. I wasn't the one that called the police was I? No it was you and your big mouth." He yelled at me walking around the garage to the car and starting it. He hadn't opened the garage door.

"Liam! You are going to kill us you can't have the car running in here!" I yelled. He didn't move as he leaned against the car staring at me. After a few moments it started to take effect on me. The atmosphere was no longer clear I couldn't see anymore and my eyes burned. I couldn't breath properly without coughing and soon he was coughing too. I realized what his plan was now. He was going to kill us. "Liam I am sorry!" I called ou through my aching lungs.

"No you aren't. You are nothing but a liar." He commented. I fell down to my knees coughing gasping for air until I thought of an idea. I crawled to the door trying to open it but it was locked. Liam was bent over in pain trying to breath and that was the last image that I had.  

The house was burning and the people inside of the garage were dying, not even from the flames but because of a running car in the closed space. Liam Payne sickened me. It was said to think that I was going to have to die with hate in my heart.

My last wishes? I think that I would just wish that no one in the world would have to suffer life I was suffering. That no child would ever end up kindapped or raped or murdered by anyone.

I didn't even find those kinds of things interesting before this but now I wish that I had paid more attention when they gave us those talks about telling an adult when you felt that you were being watched.

I even wish that I could have been born into another family so I would have been destined for this.

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