One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


21. Zayn Malik One Shot



I wrote this for all the Zayn girls out there like me who were devastated about the Zerrie engagement!! Hope you all like it!!:)


"You have to tell him y/n," Danielle said to you over the phone. "But he’s engaged, he’s happy again. I don’t want to ruin that," you sniffled. "Y/n, I know he was happy with you and I know he is happy with her now but I saw him after the breakup, I was there. He was a wreck and I still believe there’s a part of him that loves you." "I can’t do it Danielle, it’s been almost two years." "Just tell him, if not for his sake but your own. If you tell him at least he’ll know how you feel and you won’t be keeping it all to yourself." "You’re right. I can get in contact with Niall, we’re still close so maybe I can go out to see him an use it as an excuse to see Zayn." "Do y/n because I know I would do anything to turn back time and make things work with Liam." "I’m so sorry. Here I am talking about my problems when you have bigger one’s." "It’s fine, I took out the dress I bought for the premiere last night. I was so looking forward to wearing it but now I won’t get to," she sighed. "I’m so sorry Dani." "Just you go and tell him. Let me know how it goes." "Thanks, i’ll call you soon." You hung up and stared at the screen in front of you, the title of the article making you hurt even more.

You had met Zayn at school in Bradford and when you were both 15 you started dating. You had even moved to London when he was on X Factor to be closer to him and you got to go to college there. In June 2011 you got pregnant and in December you had a miscarriage, it tore you both apart. You were always told that losing a child either brings two people closer together or tears them apart, unfortunately it tore you apart. Zayn was on tour at the time and he couldn’t be there to comfort you, he wasn’t there when you needed him the most and it caused you both to break up but you still loved him an to this day you still do. Niall, he was your best friend, he’s the only one you stayed in contact with and you knew it was the only way you’d get to see Zayn again, to tell him the truth.

When you called Niall he agreed to have you fly out to New York where they were staying and the next day you were on a flight across the world. When you landed Niall was there to pick you up from the airport and you drove to the hotel catching up since it had been a while since you last saw each other. “I’m guessing you heard about Zayn,” he said. “Yeah, i’m happy for him I guess but it’s hard, just knowing he’s happy with someone else.” “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” “It’s fine Niall, I think I might go see him when we get to the hotel actually, congratulate him.”

Niall told you which room was Zayn’s and you walked towards it, knocking on the door. When there was no answer you talked. “Zayn, it’s me, y/n, I want to talk to you.” The door opened and he stood looking at you. “Y/n? What are you doing here?” “I want to talk Zayn.” “Come in,” he said standing aside. You walked into his room and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I want to just cut to the chase. I love you Zayn, I always have. When we broke up I was heartbroken and I haven’t been the same since. Everywhere I looked I saw you and then you were in the papers with Perrie and that’s when it hurt the most. Only 6 months after we broke up you were with someone else, I was still mourning our daughter and there you were out on a scooter with your girlfriend. I hit rock bottom Zayn and only now after hearing that you’re engaged have I gotten the courage to tell you how I feel.” “I was heartbroken too y/n, and I still love you, a part of me always will because you were the mother of my first baby. I mourned for months and I wondered if you would ever come back to me but then I met Perrie and I felt happy, for the first time in so long I felt happy and I thought I deserved that y/n. You deserve to be happy too but it’s not going to be with me.” “I get that, I just wanted you to know how I feel Zayn, I wasn’t going to give up.” “I got this for her,” he said pointing to his side. “What a t-shirt?” “No, this,” he replied pulling his t-shirt up at the side to reveal a small heart with a halo on top if it. “It’s beautiful.” “I still have our matching tattoo.” “So do I but Zayn we need to get rid of them, you’ve moved on and you can’t have a reminder of an old relationship. No matter how much I wish it was me that had walked down that red carpet, that held your hand at the premiere, that you got a tattoo of and that you proposed to and no matter how much I wish it was going to be me saying I do, I have to move on, for good now.” “Y/n i’m keeping it, I want a reminder of you because at one stage you were the only good thing in my life and you were my first proper love, I don’t want to ever forget you. I want you to be happy. “And I want you to be happy Zayn, no matter how much it hurts me I want you to be happy with her because you deserve to be happy, to have someone who loves you, it’s just upsetting that it isn’t me.” With that you walked out of the door, leaving him behind because you finally knew he loved her, he was going to marry her, that he had moved on a long time ago and that you had to move on too. No matter how much it hurt.

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